Illegal Marijuana Farms Endanger Wildlife on California’s Public Lands | National Geographic

So two teams coming off separate points on the ridge, press out with it Okay, right where we’re at right now is what would be considered the lion’s den of marijuana cultivation in California or North America? This is also a prime area for a lot of threatened endangered species There’s a marijuana garden about […]

Urban, Farming, Farm, Family Farm, Mushrooms – America’s Heartland

Hi I’m Sarah Gardner. We leave the country behind on this edition of America’s Heartland to meet some people who do their farming… in the city. We hit the road to Albuquerque, New Mexico where some residents are getting close to the land with a community effort connecting consumers to their food. We’ll take you […]

Timber Big 5 FINAL

(Josh) Hi, I’m Placer County Agricultural Commissioner Josh Huntsinger and I’m out here on a beautiful day to talk about forestry. With me today is Mark Luster, he’s with Sierra Pacific industries and he’s going to talk to us today about all the practices and things they do to make sure we have a good […]

Who Cleans Up When a Wind Farm Retires?

Anybody from Wyoming will tell you the wind here is almost always blowing. But today, a familiar landmark along the Colorado-Wyoming border is still. The Ponnequin Wind Farm has been shut down and decommissioned by its operator Xcel Energy. Like I said, it was no longer in the best interest of our customers to keep […]

A Cultural Tale of California’s Citrus Industry

Telling the story of Southern California without the orange would be like trying to explain how Disneyland succeeded without Mickey Mouse or the history of modern aviation without the Wright Brothers. Southern California and the citrus industry once enjoyed a mutual symbiotic relationship that brought countless numbers of citrus farmers to the state in the […]

What Happened to Japanese-American Farmers? | AJ+

Before California was the land of bits, bytes and binary, it was filled with fields and people growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. My family’s history in this area dates back to pre-World War II, [I] had my great-grandfather in the area and my grandfather and my dad, and now myself. And the early stars of […]

How to File a Timber Yield Tax Return and Harvest Report

[Music] In this video, we will show you how to file a Timber Yield Tax Return and Harvest Report. We protect all the confidential information that you provide to us. First, go to the website, CDTFA.CA.GOV, and at the top click on “Login.” That will take you to the Online Services Portal. To file a […]

Backyard Modern Greenhouse, Grow house, or Aliens? 🌱🏠👽

We’re not professional contractors. In fact, we’ve never built anything of this size. The closest we’ve come is building a chicken coop a few months earlier. Before that, nothing. We considered building one from existing plans but decided to do our own because we already had this existing slab to fit it to. We know […]