You’ve Never Seen a Barn Conversion Like This Before

(light music) – We live in a 80-year-old barn that was on my parents’ property that we have converted. When my parents first bought the property, there was horses in here, and we used to come in the hay loft to climb around. We put up a basketball hoop, so we would kinda hang out. […]

Primitive Technology: Build a stone dam to trap fish and cook fish in the forest of survival

Build a stone dam to trap fish and cook fish in the forest of survival

✔ Minecraft: How to make a TNT Tree Trap

HOW TO MAKE A HOW TO MAKE A TREE TRAP Hello you! Today I’ll show you another trap! It’s easiest with an observer block It’s most effective on your lumberjack friend. I’ll also show you a version without the observer block. Just imagine this is the bottom of the tree trunk. Just in case you […]

Reclaimed Windows Greenhouse Build #1 (how to build a greenhouse)(recycled window greenhouse)

I’m going to build a greenhouse. If you haven’t been following, I started out building an aquaponics system where the greenhouse is going to go. Now I’m going to switch gears and start building the greenhouse. I’m using as much reclaimed, repurposed, scrap wood, whatever I can find to put this thing together. I don’t […]

How to Make a Christmas Tree

How to Build: Redwood Forest in Minecraft! (Redwood Forest 3/3)

What’s going on everybody it’s the one and only 1kwa and we are back once again with another how to build tutorial this week I’m joined by Pluto and we’re gonna be teaching you how to build a redwood forest So let’s hop over to Pluto and get started How’s it going everyone welcome back […]

Aquaponics System – $75 – How We Easily Build Aquaponics Garden

Click Link In Description to Learn how to make your own

How to Build Hoop Houses : Greenhouse & Hoop House Irrigation

Now we are going to talk about options for irrigating the hoophouse. Of course there is no rain that comes in here which is a blessing because the rain brings crop damage and diseases however you are responsible for every drop of water in this hoophouse. Come March and April the hoophouse uses lots of […]

Minecraft: 8 Micro Farms YOU WILL NEED!

[ProleteR – Can’t Stop Me Plays] Hello, everyone. This is Mumbo and welcome back to another Minecraft video and this one. We’re going to be doing something incredibly useful. We’re going to be building a whole bunch of different micro farms now the idea behind a micro farm Is that it’s absolutely tiny so you […]