Lichens: Corals of the Forest

[Narrator] Do you see them? Look closely. There’s at least 20 different species here! We’re talking lichens. Although we often glaze over lichens when talking about biodiversity, their presence, usefulness, and impact on the environment is vast. But not everyone passes them by. Lichenology is for people who appreciate the little things in life. [Troy […]

Making More Mass Timber Wood Products for Buildings in BC

British Columbia has always been at the leading edge of timber technology and this new building code change is just another example of how BC can show its leadership in using mass timber in buildings up to 12 stories. We’ve created some amazing buildings and structures over the past 50 years and this will open […]

Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) revitalization

Hi I’m Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture for British Columbia. My goal as minister is to help create opportunities for BC farmers and food producers. This opportunity includes revitalizing our Agricultural Land Reserve. I’ve invited an independent committee to lead a public engagement process that will look at how we can revitalize the ALR. Creating […]

BC Forest Practices Board – Who We Are

What does BC Forest mean to British Columbians? It means roads, it means hospitals. it means an economy for the past 100 plus years. Commercial fishing, commercial hunting, timber harvesting, milling the logs that come from timber harvesting. We play in it, we recreate in it, we work in it. It’s whats sustained our rivers, […]

Let’s Protect Our Forest

There’s something special about a forest in the Pacific Northwest. It’s lush vibrant the air it just feels so alive and our minds can wander as we gaze up at the canopy of trees. The spirit of wild places may be one of the oldest we can choose to know. All we have to do […]

Jassi Sidhu’s mom and uncle extradited on murder charges – The Fifth Estate

-[Bob] For the two Canadians under those black hoods, this moment has been a long time coming. Accused in a murder in India almost two decades ago, they’ve finally been extradited from Canada, brought here to be tried in an Indian court. Their faces are hidden, but in Canada they’ve been publicly identified for 19 […]