Are indoor vertical farms the future of agriculture? | Stuart Oda

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Joanna Pietrulewicz So if you live on planet Earth and you’re one of seven billion people that eats food every day, I need you to pay attention, because over the next three decades, we will need to address one of the most critical global challenges of our generation. And I’m not […]

Demons, Toothbrushes and Timber – the Jackalberries of Gonarezhou

You’re walking through the African bush and you come across a tree that looks like it’s been burnt, with this characteristic charcoal grey on the trunk, and you think to yourself “I wonder what that tree is”. Well that, my friend, is Diopsyros mespiliformis, the Jackalberry. Howzit guys, I’m Gus the African Plant Hunter. If […]

Scottish Adventure Part 2 | The Oldest tree in the UK (and possibly the world!)

We’re going to the world’s oldest tree which hang on, it’s in Fortingall and it’s a Yew and it is here! oh wow! Goodness… We don’t fully know how old it is but the Woodland Trust they said about between 3,000 and 4,000 years old but other people think it’s upwards of that and can […]

#TeamTrees – How Do Trees Grow – Kids STEM

Let’s plant a seed and watch it grow. This is going to be a looong video! Just kidding. That didn’t take very long at all, did it? We did speed up the video a little bit. It takes about 60 to 90 days for a short little flower to grow to full size. Now imagine […]

Forest Medicine: Stories Happen in Forests

My name’s Alison Czeczuga, I’m the Global Sourcing and Sustainability Specialist at Gaia Herbs. Gaia Herbs is a vertically integrated herbal supplement manufacturer. We don’t just have a responsibility to shareholders, but we have a responsibility to people and communities and ecological communities as well. I’ve always had an affinity for nature, and I’ve always […]

How To Graft Avocado/Buat Alpukat Cepat Berbuah

I will graft avocados from local varieties, like the beginning of the video , I grafted avocados in a neighbor’s garden, These are the shoots I used which have flowered this is so that trees can flower or fruit quickly I use the ones near flowers and fruit, the neighbor’s request, that is, from trees […]

Rare Plant Survey on Thailand’s Tiger’s Nose — Plant One On Me — Ep 137

– [Narrator] In the last episode of “Plant One On Me”, Doctor Piyakaset showed us the botanical wonders of the Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens. From the rare limestone plants, to the towering palms of the tropical rainforest house. But you learn so much more about a plant when you can observe it in it’s natural […]

How one tree grows 40 different kinds of fruit | Sam Van Aken

100 years ago, there were 2,000 varieties of peaches, nearly 2,000 different varieties of plums and almost 800 named varieties of apples growing in the United States. Today, only a fraction of those remain, and what is left is threatened by industrialization of agriculture, disease and climate change. Those varieties that are threatened include the […]

How many trees are there in the world?

how many trees are there in a forest what about a country how about in the whole world the answer we now know is that our planet is home to 3.3 04 trillion trees that’s actually almost eight times more than we thought as previous estimates only based on satellite pictures but now we have […]