Visible Farmer Episode 4: THE ACCIDENTAL FARMER / Ketut Bassett, organic farmer, Carnarvon WA

Hi, I’m Ketut Bassett. A biodynamic organic farmer.We grow more than 20 types of tropical fruitand I truly love what I do.– Very clever. –– I can’t do that. –I grew up in Bali doing rice with my family.– You have to teach me how to do a cart-wheel. –As a young girl, no, I […]

Farmhouse visits Stephen Walter from Burrum Biodynamics

you’ve probably heard the term biodynamics it’s a spiritual, cultural and ethical approach to food production and nutrition. First developed in the nineteen-twenties, the biodynamics movement encompasses thousands of gardens, farms and vineyards in all shapes and sizes across the world and Australia. And to really understand how I biodynamic farm works you’ve got a […]