Bats and Agriculture

[Narrator] This is Passport to Texas. Millions of Mexican Free-tailed bats are back in Texas where they will bear young and eat tons of pesky insects. [Meg Goodman] The Mexican free-tailed bat in particular is really valuable for agricultural purposes.
 [Narrator] Meg Goodman is a bat biologist. [Meg Goodman] Current research has shown that these […]

This Binge-drinking Tree Shrew Could Probably Outdrink You

This episode is supported by NordVPN. Right now, NordVPN is offering SciShow viewers a chance to set up your own Virtual Private Network and start protecting your internet experience with 77% off a 3-year plan. Use the code “SCISHOW” at [♩INTRO] Humans are far from the only animals that drink booze. But, like us, […]