Best of Living in Iowa 142

The Best of Living in Iowa is funded in part by the Gilchrist Foundation, founded by Jocelyn Gilchrist, furthering the philanthropic interest of the Gilchrist family in wildlife and conservation, the arts and public broadcasting and disaster relief. Funding for this program was provided by Friends, the Iowa Public Television Foundation, generations of families and […]

Man Restores Pilgrim Home from 1665 to its Original Glory

– [Doug] The restoration of these buildings has always been a passion for me. To take some of the legacy that we all have of these early homes and to make them so that future generations have a chance to come in and maybe see how these early settlers lived. The house here, the Pilgrim […]

Lost Buildings of Somerset: The Machine House

Welcome back to Somerset Place subscribers and viewers! Today we’re in the shop area of the plantation to talk about the Machine House in another edition of our Lost Buildings of Somerset series. We find the Machine House listed in the 1839 inventory as well as mentioned in at least one letter. From what we […]