Kemosabe’s Tree Fort

[Jessi offscreen:] What’s in your basket? Jessi: Keep going. Keep going. [Kemosabe vocalizing] Jessi: Come get it. [Chewing and lip-smacking] Jessi: Beep! There you are. What do you think? [Kemosabe vocalizing throughout] You have whiskers. That’s a finger. Good boy, buddy. I know. It’s okay. What’s in there? Good work, buddy. Here. You see how […]

How to draw Banana Tree

How to draw Banana Tree

How Sustainable Farming Can Be Better than Organic Agriculture

Alright! This is John Kohler of Today we have another exciting episode for you, and still on vacation in Maui. We’re going to share another cool organic farm with you guys. So where we’re at today is, we’re next to my friend Ryan’s place. There’s a few cool things about Ryan. Number one, I’ve […]

Reef Rescue – Sugar Cane Farmers – Great Barrier Reef

It’s a cane farm, we produce approximately 150,000 tonne of sugar cane and we do legume fallow crops. We’re laser levelling all our ground, we then … bed format, two meters. We’re only going to be working 50% of the ground in the future. Instead of using harmful chemicals to the environment we use Round-Up […]