Conoce la Ruta Silvestre de la Hacienda Santa Dominga en Tecate, Baja California

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100 Imperdibes De México – Hacienda Guadalupe Nominado 2016 Hoteles y Estancias

My name is Daniel Sánchez and I am Hacienda Guadalupe´s CEO. This is a hotel, a restaurant, and vineyard. The general environment of Valle de Guadalupe made us fall in love with it because of the life style that it projects, the wine culture. The hotel is designed in a certain way so that the […]

La Cocina de doña Esthela – Hacienda la Lomita, “Ruta del Vino, Valle de Guadalupe”

Going towards the Guadalupe valley it’s so gratifying that beforearriving any place you choose, the trip has already worthed it! Our first stop was Doña Esthela’s kitchen, her kitchen is concerning in all Baja California and all over the world since the British food website, Foodie Hub choosed her “Machaca (sheredded, seasoned dried beef) scrambled […]

Growbox® plant cocoon anti desertification plantation in Baja California Mexico

We’re here in Baja California, Mexico, where we planted in January 2016 10 Growboxx® plant cocoons with 5 Mezquites and 5 Cypress (Mezquites are var. Prospopis). We only gave water while we were planting, for the rest they never got any maintenance. Look how extremely hot it was here, this year. It’s now September 2017, […]