A day in my life at the Alpaca Farm

So, I’m currently on my way to work And for everybody who has just been really interested for whatever reason about my alpaca job. This is going to be a day in my life at the alpaca I guess. So, here we go Okay, we have arrived. So, here is the aplaca farm Awe, look […]

About termite damage to structural timbers

These are eastern subterranean swarmers. These are the caste of termites that people see when they have a termite problem. Termites live a cryptic life and the only caste you’ll see outside of the galleries are the swarmers or slates. Termites swarmers differ from carpenter ant swarmers, or any other ant for that matter, as […]

Am I in a Farmers® Commercial? Rock and Wreck

[Farmers Bell] ♪ We are Farmers. Bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ (Man) Whoa, the Farmers jingle. Excellent! Wait,wait, wait. Play that again. ♪ We are Farmers. Bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ We are Farmers. Bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ (Man) Yeaaahhhh! (Burke) Seen it. Covered it. At Farmers Insurance, we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing […]

A Vertical Farm Grows In Newark | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

Here we are at AeroFarms. This is our ninth farm and the largest vertical farm in the world. We define vertical farming as layer upon layer of plant growth. What we could grow in one acre, it takes a 130 acres to grow in the field. We use 95 percent less water to grow a […]

Managing Your Timber – SITE LAYOUT

NARRATION: How your timber sale is managed is an important factor in maintaining the integrity of your property. The layout of the site, the roads, the log landings and skid trails are all essential to prevent erosion. And stream bank exclusion zones are to be delineated to insure minimal damage to our water resources. Jason […]


– [Narrator] Doublespeak is using language to deliberately obscure the truth. The term was inspired by author George Orwell’s dystopian 1949 novel, “”1984,”” and is similar to two core means the government used to control individuals, doublethink and newspeak, where words and phrases were removed from language. Under the totalitarian rule of Big Brother, languages […]

No Till Farming Presented by Tobin No-Till

[Tobin No-Till Seeding Technology] My name is Noel Tobin, I am the Managing Director of Tobin No Till we design and manufacture disc planting machines in Central West NSW. It’s a great pleasure to bring you my thoughts on No Till farming. My observations are formed purely on what I see farmers doing. I have […]

THE FOREST (YELLING AT GAMES) – The Forest Funny Moments & Glitches

We are in a plane Who are you Let go of me Service sucks on this plane Son, we are going to die. You are going to die a virgin. What the fuck are you looking at? Oh my god my hands are dirty Why are you not wearing pants? Bunnies! I am clean! Lufthansa […]

Maramureș, Romania: Traditional Farm Life

At the fringe of the country, tucked next to the Ukrainian border, is Romania’s most isolated region, Maramures. Maramures is fiercely traditional. Its centuries-old ways endure. Horse carts are commonplace. The men wear distinctive straw hats. The women are tough as the land. People work the fields, as they have for generations. Village roads are […]