Eggplant greenhouse has no pests at all just by using Arin Fertilizer

in our Eggplant cultivation this year, as you see the leaves are very big and healthy and there are no sign of illness on the leaves

Buboy and Teresa get stuck in the middle of the forest | Starla (With Eng Subs)

Oh no. The road here is closed. Where does this road go to? I know there’s a route there that can take us home. – That sounds fun! Let’s go! – Ready? Wear your seatbelt. Teresa. – Yeah? – Where are we? Do you still know where we’re going? I don’t really know where we […]

Microsoft Azure-Powered Agriculture IoT Technology

(cheerful music) – We have a solution here from our research team that we’re also starting to scale out around precision agriculture it’s called FarmBeats. And it really consists of a few core elements. In-ground sensors which for any crop are 8-10 variables are necessary to really ensure the health of a crop and so […]

Forest Fire Families

In 2003, I moved to this area from Jakarta. At that time we rarely saw fire. Then forests were being cleared, peat being drained. So now the forest, which conserves water, has disappeared. In the dry season, the water dries and evaporates easily. Before, when the forest was still intact, the soil could conserve water […]

Using Drones in Agriculture

This is The Rundown. I’m Hari Sreenivasan We’re having a conversation about drones with Professor of Biological Agriculture of Engineering, Dr. Ken Giles, joining us from UC Davis. Thank you so much for being with us. Happy to be here, thanks Hari. Ok so we’re talking with you because your research focuses on let’s say, […]

Summer Aquaponic Greenhouse

Hello Everyone, I’m a bit overdue with an update on the aquaponic setup in the Harbor Freight greenhouse. Cucumbers love the heat. These older leaves have some brown spots from aphids but the rest of the vines have grown up into the cross braces and make a really nice canopy area. This year I’m only […]

Biodiversity in our Forests

Our forests and woodlands are sanctuaries for many of our wildlife. In a world where there is increasing pressure on and loss of species of our plant and animal kingdom these places are becoming more and more important. To catch a glimpse of a red squirrel on a woodland walk is a precious moment because […]

The Future of Agriculture

The Future of Agriculture In conventional agriculture plants are raised as in a flower pot. Soil is shredded and aerated, growing plantlets are supplied with plenty of fertilizer and any unwanted organism is removed. Our crop plants have been adapted to such conditions by intensive breeding and are depending on them. This way, cheap food […]

Your Family Tree Explained

This is you, this is your family tree and this is Your Family Tree Explained. You have parents, and your parents have parents. These are your grandparents, who also have parents – your great grandparents. Keep adding parents, keep adding “greats”. For every “G” in the name there is one generation in between you and […]