New Forest National Park – #MyPlacementStory

My name is Josie and I am studying Archaeology BSc at Bournemouth University. So on an average day I am either out in the field like I am now with the volunteers doing surveying. They are really fun, they are really nice. It is always a good day out when they are there. With the […]

VOS6-3 Full Episode – College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

[music]>>Kanesa Duncan Seraphin: In this episode of “Voice of the Sea,” we’re exploring some of the research conducted by CTAHR, UH’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources. We’ll learn about traditional farming practices and indigenous plants as well as chemicals in the aquatic environment and their effects on food fishes. We start off with […]

Unearthing the lives of enslaved Africans

The history and the present are all intermingled into one. We know for a fact that laborers and enslaved people preemancipation were living in these cabins, but we also know they were used as guest houses in more recent times, and then in some cases they would use as trash dumps in even more recent […]

Agriculture May Have Changed How People Speak | SciShow News

Thank you to Brilliant for sponsoring this whole week of SciShow! [ ♪ Intro ] Humans have been talking to each other for hundreds of thousands of years. And for the most part, researchers have assumed we’ve all been making the same basic sounds, no matter what language we’re speaking. We’re all working with the […]

Museum Talk: The importance of casts in the Victorian and Edwardian Period (Subtitled)

Hello everybody, welcome to this Gallery Talk at the Victoria Gallery and Museum. I’m Dr Alan Greaves and I’m going to set out a brief history of the exhibition and the materials in it for a few minutes Then we’ll wander round and have a question and answer session and be a bit more relaxed […]

Slave Quarters Excavation at James Madison’s Montpelier

What we’re excavating right now is the trash bin. This is the downslope trash deposit where slaves are throwing the broken refuse from the household. And it makes sense it’s downslope because it’s away from the yard, away from the house. Looks like we’ve got a little bit of a pin there. That’s pretty cool. […]

Angerona Coffee Plantation CUBA – 360 VR guided tour

If you happen to stop by Artemisa please stop by the Angerona Cuban Coffee plantation. One of the most important historical Cuban coffee plantations. In fact, the most important in the west of the country back in the 19th century. The coffee plantation was the property of Cornelio Sauchay, a German man who arrived in […]

Penn State Archaeology Field School

For In Motion, I’m Curt Parker Anthropology students at Penn State are gaining hands on knowledge on how an archaeological dig site is made, maintained, explored, and documented Obviously we all know it’s not Indiana Jones, you know, we’re in class and stuff You don’t really get a good sense for what archaeology is until […]

This Abandoned Medieval Village Holds a Grisly Secret

Barbara Heath Excavates at Thomas Jefferson Plantations

[MUSIC] [MUSIC] NARRATOR: UT Anthropology assistant professor Barbara Heath is using archaeology to try to give a voice to a community who would otherwise go largely unheard: the 18th century slaves of Virginia. HEATH: There’s been a fair amount of archaeology done in certain areas of the south, but there’s been much less archaeology done […]