Making Beautiful, Simple Ant Farms

So AC Family, I felt it was time to revert back for a bit to some classic ant keeping, just ants and a setup. And it just so happens, that one of my most cherished ant colonies has been due for a very long time now for a new ant farm upgrade. It’s been awhile […]

My New Favourite Ant Farm of All Time

We ant keepers usually have that one dream ant colony, that one species of ant that fills an ant-loving mind with excitement and wonder. I’ve owned dozens of species of ants in my life time, but there is one species that stands out in my mind as one of my ultimate favourites, and at one […]

Making the Ultimate ANT FARM TERRARIUM in a Bottle | Terrarium Challenge feat. Serpadesign

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been pretty obsessed with vivarium-making! Together, we’ve created some pretty gorgeous set-ups, and each one pushes my terrarium-building skills a little bit harder. This week, I’m set to try something I’ve never truly done before, and in my mind, I knew it was going to be hard, but I […]

New SKULL ISLAND Ant Farm for Ghost Ants | Halloween Special Pt. 2

But suddenly, I came across something that I wasn’t particularly thankful for… Later that day, I spotted this. Oh no! The Dark Knights! Last week, as I was busy facing my fear of the formidable maggots which decided to join the feeding frenzy in the Selva de Fuego, Amazonian kingdom of my Fire Ants, something […]

Turning My Youtube Gold Play Button Into an Ant Farm

Man, there was once a time where I told myself that if ever this channel were to receive this inconcievable milestone award, I would treasure it, hang it on a wall and keep it forever in mint condition to admire as a trophy piece. The Youtube Gold Play button awarded to Youtube channels reaching 1 […]

My Fire Ants’ New Ant Farm

Let’s get fired up, AC Family! We’ve got some action for you today! When you own and care for an ant colony, overtime you develop a sort of understanding. Eventually it gets to the point where you almost know what your colony needs, when they need it, and how much of it they need. It’s […]

The Haunted Ant Farm (Halloween Special)

This is a tale, of curses and doom, A tale that takes place in the dark of my room Over in the corner, is a place so quiet, A mystical place for any creatures that try it, For within its glass walls, a secret it hides, I’m convinced there’s a ghost living deep inside, The […]

My Cockroach Farm

Greetings, AC Family! Welcome to the AntsCanada Ant Channel. If you have a fascination for nature, you’re in the right place. On this channel, we take a look at the amazing world of ants, and even explore pet ant keeping, as a hobby. But did you know that a big part of keeping pet ant […]

My Pet Ants Discovered Agriculture

OMG! I can’t believe it! I think the world is pretty familiar that ants are very intelligent and resourceful creatures, but this week, I believe to have filmed for the very first time on this open-concept floating island ant farm, I’ve created for my cute Pheidole ant colony, what has to be the ultimate demonstration […]

Ants Do Crazy Things For Sugar (feat. Fire Ants & Crazy Ants) | Ant Sugars Tutorial

Welcome everyone to the fire nation Let’s give some caramel chocolate to fire nation here. How was this colony named fire nation? Well, it’s thanks to you guys who voted in a previous poll that was set up in one of my past videos. So, fire nation it is! Now these red tropical fire ants […]