Turning My Youtube Gold Play Button Into an Ant Farm

Man, there was once a time where I told myself that if ever this channel were to receive this inconcievable milestone award, I would treasure it, hang it on a wall and keep it forever in mint condition to admire as a trophy piece. The Youtube Gold Play button awarded to Youtube channels reaching 1 […]

My Ants Are Learning

Oh man! My Yellow Crazy Ants are showing some alarming signs of learning, and I’m not sure what to make of it! Behold the Hacienda Del Dorado, the massive terrarium and home of our yellow crazy ants, a colony you have voted to be called the Golden Empire. Initially, I knew ants were intelligent creatures, […]

My Giant Ant Terrarium Evolved Life

There’s something about ant keeping that really feels like having a God’s eye perspective. An ant keeper has the unique opportunity to watch and nurture a contained world from its humble beginnings, and grow that world into something magnificent, fruitful, and abundant over time. This has been my experience as keeper of the Hacienda Del […]

Ants vs. Kraken (Water Monster)

And so AC Family, I think you know what’s next. Our next step was to introduce a great aquatic creature into these waters, to feed on these fallen ants, swallowed by the pool, and AC Family, I know you will absolutely love the creature I’ve chosen for the job! Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and […]

A Massive Ant Terrarium “Hacienda Del Dorado”

[intro] Oh boy! AC family, I have some news. The Golden Empire, our yellow crazy ant colony, is still battling with mites! We’ve tried the lemon therapy, and after four weeks The mites are still around! and so, we are ready to enter our next phase To help our Golden Empire here win their war […]


Greetings, AC Family and welcome to another ant video. Week after week, this channel gives you ant lovers, a taste of how amazing the world of ants is, but this week, I wanted to try something we’ve never before tried! Today, we are going to show you what it is like to “be” an ant, […]