♥ Masha and the Bear (Маша и Медведь) – Forest Heroes (Episode 7)

Let’s see what is happening there! Come here, see! What are they doing? Look closer! Where are you going? Don’t worry, our friend will help us! Hey wait! Miska, we scared them well!

Top 10 Widely Believed Animal Facts That Are Completely Wrong

Animals have fired our imagination like nothing else. We love hearing facts about them and spreading them around, an activity that has become altogether more easy since the arrival of the Internet. The problem is, some of those so-called facts aren’t really facts at all – they are myths, misconceptions, misunderstandings … whatever you want […]

Illegal Marijuana Farms Endanger Wildlife on California’s Public Lands | National Geographic

So two teams coming off separate points on the ridge, press out with it Okay, right where we’re at right now is what would be considered the lion’s den of marijuana cultivation in California or North America? This is also a prime area for a lot of threatened endangered species There’s a marijuana garden about […]

Why Be A Farmer or Rancher?

Hi I’m Mike. Why do people choose to be ranchers or farmers? Isn’t it a lonely, back backbreaking, monotonous, tedius, low paying, dull job? Well today, I am here to share with you, why I do this year after year, why I left a 6 figure corporate job to do it, and why I still […]

NEW ACTION MOVIES 2016 FULL MOVIE Magical Forest and Animals -Tropics in europe (Special #4)

“Plants and animals of Europe” is intended for all nature lovers. wild growing species of animal plants, occurring in Europe up to the Urals, inclusive. Currently, there are about 10,000 species of ferns in the world, which is a small number compared to their prehistoric diversity (it is believed that there were about one million […]

Sustainable Farming in Extreme Conditions (Stiefvater 2/3)

You guys have extreme events. You showed me a picture of wind damage. What extreme events do you see here and how do you in your operation account for that over time? As I keep going with my no-till and the cover crops I think that’s kind of leveling the playing field a little bit. […]

Dog’s Dying To Follow His Grandma He’d Rip Off Vinyl Greenhouse To Escape(Part 2) | Kritter Klub

A grandmother who saved Bal Bal dying from the accident Bal Bal loves his grandmother so much Bal Bal, so pretty Don’t follow me anymore I’m worried he might get hit by a car again if he follows me Follows me even if I say don’t It’s cold today Though I feel a bit lonely […]

Do All Cows Have Horns? and Other Agriculture Questions

Hi I’m Mike, ranching, farming and agriculture in general is a mystery. 48 percent of americans say they never seek information about where their food was grown or how it was produced. Today we grapple with that, as we take a look at a few agricultural questions, that may just surprise you, on our Wyoming […]

The End of Animal Farming | Jacy Reese | TEDxUniversityofMississippi

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: David DeRuwe Before we dive in, I want to ask a couple of questions. First, how many of you are vegetarian or vegan? Okay, a few – around maybe 5%. If we asked all US adults, it would be around 5, maybe 10%. Now, how many of you have seen at […]

The Farmer In The Dell | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

The farmer in the dell The farmer in the dell Hi-ho, the derry-o The farmer in the dell The farmer milks the cow The farmer milks the cow Hi-ho, the derry-o The farmer milks the cow The farmer feeds the pigs The farmer feeds the pigs Hi-ho, the derry-o The farmer feeds the pigs The […]