German Shepherd in the forest/Owczarek Niemiecki w lesie

We’re in our favourite forest Very close to our home The mountain forest Without any wolves & bears Good place for off-leash walks Here! Here Major, here! Major goes own path Major! To me! There you’re Come here I see you Come on A happy Major in the forest So what now wolf? You’re in […]

Monkeys drink milk on the tree and eat duck meat

Monkey Sam drink milk on the tree

Playmobil Country Take Along Farm Stable Playset with Fun Animals Toys For Kids

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hi Guys! It’s Racetoytime! Today I’m going to show you another fun Playmobil Play set And this is the Take Along farm This play set comes with farm animal figures and some fun accessories Okay, now let’s open this Here’s the stable This is the Take Along play set where you can […]

Investing in Agriculture: Dairy Cow Comfort

[Positive, upbeat music with guitar starts.] Male Narrator: To understand the importance of research into cow comfort… …you need to understand a day in the life of a dairy cow. She eats. She chews cud. Gets lots of sleep. Visits the milking parlour. Spends time with her herd… …and she wants to be comfortable. Comfortable […]

ช้างงอน! ป้อนอ้อยไม่ทันใจ ถึงกับถูกเมิน

We feed the sugar cane slowly then she is upset. When leaving her alone, she may miss her mother. Hello!! Meet us at Elephant thailand chanel. Let’s see Oum-boon. She is here. My a little fat. We hurriedly woke up early to see her. Are you full? How many days are she away from his […]

Retriever Dog Loves A Tree SO Much And Even Eats It?! | Kritter Klub

OMG.. so mouth-watering… “Shall I give you some ramen? Ramen?” *Bites* You threw the bait and I went for ’em (the chopsticks), k? But hold on, what, she’s eating is chopsticks (SH00K) ‘Who cares about ramen..!’ ‘When you’ve got wood to chew on!’ -Bebe the doggo woodcutter- A suspiciously excited appearance from the back Brings […]

Learn Forest Animals for Kids | What Is It? Game for Kids | Maple Leaf Learning

What is it? What is it? I don’t know. What is it? What is it? Hey, let’s go. What is it? What is it? Please, show me. Are you ready? One, two, three. It’s a fox! Cool! What is it? What is it? I don’t know. What is it? What is it? Hey, let’s go. […]

Lost in the Forest | Halloween Special

things were never great but you learn to appreciate what you do have when you lose everything {muffled yelling} we barely have enough money to feed the kids and you book a vacation? [male voice yelling] I hate when they yell. what are they shouting at maybe daddy didn’t tidy his toys. you’re so dumb, […]

Forests Born of Fire

There is a rare and magical kind of forest in the American West. This forest is ephemeral, springing suddenly into being. We never know where it will appear next. It is the home to a unique community of plants and animals. This fleeting forest is as ecologically valuable as our treasured old-growth forests, and even […]