Make country chic home decor with the GO! Western Medley Die!

Howdy quilters! It’s Pam Heller from AccuQuilt. When I travel, I often hear the request for AccuQuilt to release either a Western or a cowboy-themed die. Well, quilters, we’ve listened. And here it is. Let me introduce you to the new GO! Western Medley die. This limited-edition die comes in special packaging along with that […]

🤔WRONG COLOR? ENTIRE New HOUSE PAINT REVEAL | Large Family Fixer Upper Empty House Tour!

(mellow music) – Okay friends, I know I’m gonna have to register a trademark of this hat because this whole week that we’ve been moving, I have made all my videos with me in this hat. Anyway, I can’t believe it. So, the painting is done at the house, the kitchen painting is done, all, […]

Make Steel At M&C Map Episode #1 Farming Simulator 19 Mods

Hello and welcome to my new Series M&C Economy Map Lets Start!!! I own some low loaders basic to move the machine on the map Then I need semi trucks and a loader And A tipper Help Me Reach 1000 Subscribers Until Christmas :)))) I will move the machines at the mine 2 Check the […]

Rabbit Farming

Agriculture is the last option of the people today. Most of the villagers are attracted by the city life. But many of them are not aware of the work tensions, time management, calculated life style and the necessity of expertise of the city people. In the villages wastage of working time for unrelated things is […]

Greenhouses Increase Income in Mozambique

Several small farmers are learning to get profit out of their land; they are financed, receiving equipment/assets and they are learning how to do more and better. iDE is responsible for the idea that is changing the lives of many beneficiaries. From this organization, thousands of farmers found what they never had: an opportunity to […]


hey guys welcome back to my channel tonight I’m doing a relaxing after dark clean with me I thought that this would be nice and relaxing for you guys and I haven’t done one of these in a really long time I don’t think I’ve done one in this house actually so I put the […]

Montana’s Changing Climate: Session 3 — Montana’s Climate Assessment: Agriculture

Hi. My name is Anna Tuttle. I’m the program manager here at the Institute on Ecosystems and I work with Bruce Maxwell for the Montana climate assessment projects that we’re on. Before I introduce Bruce I just want to make sure you guys have an understanding of this web layout in front of you in […]

Multiflora Greenhouses

– [Narrator] I’m a sucker for plants and tend to buy them even when I don’t need them. I find it difficult to walk past without picking up a plant and studying the name tag. To consider the possibilities of where I could squeeze it into my already crowded garden. For Multiflora co-owners Julie and […]

The Untold Truth Of Kesha

She may have risen to fame thanks to her catchy dance songs, but there’s a whole lot more to Kesha than just brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels. From a personal journey toward self-love, to publicly fighting the establishment, this is the untold truth of Kesha. “I’m not just one type of woman, I’m a […]

10 Ways We Might Colonize the Galaxy

One of the great questions regarding the future of humanity is what are we going to do with the Milky Way. The Fermi Paradox shows us that, so far as we can see, it’s wide open and ripe for the picking … if we can get out there. And while great distances and energy required […]