Ants vs Giant Millipedes

Greetings, AC Family. On this channel, we delve into the awesome and often shocking world of ants. But today’s video is just one of those videos that can be summed up in a four letter word – EPIC! AC Family, today I made the decision to take my chances and see what would happen if […]

Reconstruction and 1876: Crash Course US History #22

Episode 21: Reconstruction Hi, I’m John Green, this is Crash Course U.S. History and huzzah! The Civil War is over! The slaves are free! Huzzah! That one hit me in the head? It’s very dangerous, Crash Course. So when you say, “Don’t aim at a person,” that includes myself? The roller coaster only goes up […]

DEATH SPRITES: Creating a Frog Haven & Ant Hell

“Now where in Ant-Man’s quantum world am I?” the ant wondered, as she waved her antennae through the air, trying her best to smell what lay beyond. This all appeared very strange to her. Everything was just so unfamiliar. She thought she’d memorized these Hacienda del Doradan lands like the back of her pre-tarsus, but […]

Mushroom cultivation in telugu – Success story by Thanusri mushrooms

Hi my name is Prasanna My native place is Nimmakuru village The reason behind my training at Thanusri Mushrooms is for my self devolopement. If i have to go for Agriculture,being a female it may be difficult task,and if i have to go for Business i have to invest alot. I have studied upto degree […]

Amazing Lot For Sale in Hacienda San Joaquín – Vilcabamba.

Up here in Hacienda San Joaquin in Vilcabamba, in this really large and beautiful tucked away lot. You can see that retaining wall irrigation or not irrigation But drainage is already in in the back. And I’m kind of just walking the lot a little bit, really to just kind of turn around here. And […]

ಬಾಳೆ ಅಂಗಾಂಶ ಕೃಷಿ-Best Farm to Buy a Banana Plants in Karnataka-Banana Plants for Sale

Iam sharanayya swami. Welcome to kisanvarte We have seen growing of banana plants. A youngster from rural area of ranebennur Went to Bangalore and find out his own livilhood. Initially worked for cultivation of banana plants and later established his own nursery. From this he achieved something in his life. He is selling good quality […]

Marketing Weekly | Episode 10 | Week’s Marketing & Branding Concepts [Updates 2019] [Must for MBAs]

hi guys I’m GUNJAN & welcome to the 10th episode of marketing weekly the spaceship in this episode we’ll talk about really cool stuff going on in the world of marketing, we will start with LinkedIn campaign created then we see marketing for planet where we will talk about a very innovative product that is […]

Leonid Kharitonov’s solo concert in the Ostankino TV Studio, 1991 (full version)

Good evening, dear friends! The performance of Leonid Kharitonov The aria of Kutuzov from the opera “War and Peace” by S. Prokofiev Majestic, in the sunlight, mother of all Russian cities, you are stretched out before us, Moscow! A sorrowful, grievous hour is near, Shall the Russian army to withdraw from the sacred walls without […]

Meet The Team: Paul Orchard, M.D., U of M Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Center

My name is Paul Orchard, and I’m a professor in the department of pediatrics in the division of bone marrow transplantation. One of the things that I recognize for the families is that it’s not just a short term treatment that they undergo. That a lot of these kids are going to have lifelong issues […]

Stacey Pillath – Director of Nursing, Absolut Care of Orchard Brooke

I like to go above and beyond for the residents. I like to try to help them out and give them what they need. My name is Stacey Pillath. I work at Absolut Care of Orchard Brooke and I am the Director of Nursing. I’ve worked at Absolut Care of Orchard Brooke for six years […]