Let the Dysfunctional Plantation-Based Red States Secede!

I the Tea Party is nothing new this you know I’ve all the messages there is all itchy prizes brain is this guy was staring does Chikara border changes guess said no I was the exam ellios some guy with China naming aces reggie party runs it now there’s nothing new about this the activism […]

Official Clip ft. Jason Spencer | Ep.2 | Who Is America? | SHOWTIME

Erev tov. My name, Captain Erran Morad. Today, we learn defense from radical Islam terror. Picture the scene. You are chained to a radiator, naked with a bag over your head. All of a sudden, terrorists break in and kidnap you, completely ruining your birthday party. Yalla. What we waiting for? Let’s go. My name […]

FULL DOCUMENTARY: Mississippi’s War: Slavery and Secession | MPB

♪♪ (Thunder crackling) Mississippi, of course, was a real storm center of opposition to the abolition of slavery, to the election of Lincoln. With the election of Abraham Lincoln, Southern states began to leave or secede from the Union. (music swells, thunder booms) A new confederacy was being formed, a second American Revolution loomed on […]

The Democrats’ “progress” from slavery to the new plantation

Student: I’ve seen that there’s in some way a false equivalency. You’re talking about this notion of, “You work, I eat.” But in the former scenario of the slave, that’s depriving someone of social mobility by basically taking all their labor for the benefit of someone else, whereas in the latter scenario, I assume you’re […]

Creepiest Houses You’d Never Enter Even If You Were Paid

When is Thanksgiving? Colonizing America: Crash Course US History #2

Hi I’m John Green, this is Crash Course US History, and today we’re going to tell the story of how a group of plucky English people struck a blow for religious freedom, and founded the greatest, freest and fattest nation the world has ever seen. [Libertage] These Brits entered a barren land containing no people, […]

Follow Me Around- Deana Rose Farmstead| ~CheeryRed~

Hello! Hi Hello everyone. My name is Jade. Welcome back to my channel, CheeryRed. Today we’re going to be doing a “Follow Me Around.” Today we’re going to a place I’ve never been before. This place is called the “Deana Rose Farmstead.” Sooo let’s go in and check it out. Apparently these guys are about […]