Lichens: Corals of the Forest

[Narrator] Do you see them? Look closely. There’s at least 20 different species here! We’re talking lichens. Although we often glaze over lichens when talking about biodiversity, their presence, usefulness, and impact on the environment is vast. But not everyone passes them by. Lichenology is for people who appreciate the little things in life. [Troy […]

Controlling Algae in Farm Ponds

Hello, my name is Todd Sink and I’m the Fisheries Extension Specialist with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. As you can see here it’s spring time in Texas most of the trees are beginning to bud out and most pond owners are once again getting back out to visit their ponds, and many of […]

Ice and fire: How burning forests can help melt ice sheets

On the western edge of the Greenland ice sheet there’s a stretch of dirty grey ice known as the dark zone 400km long and 100km wide this dark zone is melting somewhere between double and ten times the rate of the white ice around it For a while, scientists thought it was a frozen relic […]

Will biofungicide prevent all crop problems in greenhouse?

The answer is PRO-MIX Biofungicide is designed to help with root disease. PRO-MIX with Biofungicide does help with suppression of root disease caused by Alternaria, Fusarium, Pythian and Rhizoctonia. It doesn’t necessarily help with foliar diseases like powdery mildew or downy mildew and doesn’t help control algae as well. There is some suppression against a […]

What Is Eutrophication | Agriculture | Biology | FuseSchool

Eutrophication is the process that can happen in a water body, like a river or a lake, when too many nutrients are added to the system. Eutrophication starts with fertilizers, which are rich in nutrients like nitrate and phosphate, are washed into the river or lake system. This leads to an increase in nutrient concentrations […]

Why Don’t We Have Functional Biofuel Yet?

Over the last several decades, we’ve poured billions of dollars into biofuel research…so why can’t you fill up with it at the gas station yet? Where are the biofuels?! After all, the gas you put in your car is essentially an ancient biofuel: it used to be organic matter—mostly algae, actually—that over millions of years […]

Changing Agriculture

When I heard that iWi was growing algae in the desert, I was like, ‘That can’t be real.’ Turns out iWi farms are very real. iWi brings sustainable farming to remote, arid lands using zero fresh water. Join the tribe at