Locus AG UN COP25 Climate Change Conference Roundtable

I just wanted to say that we’re actually a B Corp and we’re very proud to be here. Just focused on what we’re talking about today, we are a company, we’re only three years old, but we’re building nature-based solutions, non-GMO, organic, but built in a way that’s very cheap for farmers to use, but […]

How to save water in the agricultural sector – interview with inventor Pieter Hoff

Welcome to Top Names every Tuesday night from Freedomlab in Amsterdam. The guest is Pieter Hoff. Pieter, you’re from Groasis. Well I am a music lover and I love Oasis. Even without knowing what exactly you are doing, I am a fan. Well that’s nice to hear. We have a caller, Roel pick up your […]

Why I Switched to Vermeer, Indiana Edition | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

Hello I’m Steve Riley. We are in southern Indiana in a little down called Deputy. Which we’re about 45 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky. A lot of people call it God’s country, but it’s very hard to make it dry hay here. It can happen but the windows of opportunity seems to be so short […]

Agriculture Park Open in 2019

Agriculture Pathways

Northwest ISD Career and Technical Education offers four agricultural pathways: Agricultural Sciences Agricultural Design and Fabrication Floral Design Veterinary Medicine The Ag Science pathway gives you many different opportunities. You get to work in the greenhouse. You get to work with animals. You get to prepare for your future career. Careers associated with this pathway […]

AgriCULTURE – Crawfish Farmers in South Louisiana

I started about sixty five years ago when I first bought this piece of property I started off with three acres of crawfish which I would do manually without a boat and of course I progressed through the years and a few years later I got the 20 acres still, still doing it without a […]

Modern Agriculture – Cognitive Agro Control

Grain loss in Russia exceeds 1 million tons annually 99% of losses during grain harvest is human error This September Cogntive Technologies in alliance with Soyuz-Agro implemented Cogntive Agro Control – a full-fledged automated system of grain control harvester storage hopper losses during unloading grain in the field truck losses during reshipping grain grain elevator […]

Hard Cider | How to Brew Everything

hard cider is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juices of apples Since it’s made from fermented fruit hard cider can technically be considered a type of wine and is legally often defined as such In the U.S. there are generally three classifications of Apple beverages: Apple Cider which is usually the straight non-alcohol […]

Satisfying Agriculture Machines and Harvesting Processes You Need To See

The G1015 roller wrapper sets itself apart with its ultra compact and sturdy design. The two rollers ensure that the bale is rotated evenly. The standard program control including joystick can be used to control the roller wrapper with no effort at all. It provides transport, wrap and stack with one device. This Guaresi Tomato […]