Tropical Permaculture Fruit Forest Feeds Off Grid Family

Alright! This is John Kohler of Today we have another exciting episode for you, and this is super special, exciting episode for you guys because I’ve been waiting literally for years to do this episode at my friend’s place. And this trip to Maui I’m actually doing it for you guys, this is definitely […]

Passive solar greenhouses in Mongolia to defy cold winters (short version)

Volvo Trucks – Improving productivity with self-steering sugar-cane harvest truck

Brazil grows more sugar cane than any other country in the world. However, every year about four per cent of the crop is lost as young plants are run over and the soil is compacted by trucks and tractors. Today we have studies showing that productivity losses in the sugar-cane plantation if you trample the […]

Desert Food Forest Chop-and-Drop

[Narrator] We need to have a good look at this canopy, because it’s going to change. What we’re going to do with the cooler weather, and a tiny bit of rain last night, we’ve had some good rain already. We’re going to start cutting these trees here. This is Leucaena, there’s a bee actually, feeding […]

Vaibhav Adjustable Cultivator in Sugarcane farm

6 Tyne 6 Feet Adjustable Cultivator in Sugarcane farm used for Inter Cultivation Manufacturer: Vaibhav Agro Industries, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Ph:(0241)2777535, 9420703399

Transpiration in Deciduous Forest

Now we have a question from Nikolas, “In many climates there is as much “or more rain in the winter season. “What happens to the 48 plus percent, “of rainfall the trees transpire, “and the 25 plus percent, “that evaporates off the leaf surfaces, “while the deciduous forest have no leaves, “and aren’t transpiring?” Well, […]

AgroCognitive’s workshop for the top 6 Venezuelan sugar cane processing factories

Fundacaña, our strategic research, development and technology transfer ally opened its doors to speak to different sugar central’s directors about the benefits that AgroCognitive will bring to agriculture and the advantages of Dash as a payment method to Venezuelan and Latin American agriculture A meeting where technical cooperation agreements were achieved for the training of […]

How to grow Banana Tree Part 2 : Banana Farm Management | Agribusiness Philippines

This portion is brought to you by Tatak Excellence: ‘Yan ang Magaling! In the Banana Industry, you have to get as much advantage as you can to be competitive. So grab a seat, and learn the management practices of Dizon’s Banana Farm. There are two types of seedlings: suckers which sprout from a mother plant, […]

Turning Sugarcane Into Candy Canes | HTME

This episode is sponsored by Squarespace. It’s thanks to their support that our videos like this and more are possible We just launched our new website on Squarespace and really impressed you can check out the link in the description If you need a website yourself get 10% off. We’re going to Squarespace comm slash […]

An Urban Food Forest and Therapy Garden

– Now we’re going to show you two more case studies, Lana and Angelo. Now they’ve started off as my students, with no previous experience and now I’m very pleased to say, they’re my friends and my colleagues in permaculture. Now if there’s one thing I want you to take away from this video, and […]