What Happened To The Philippine Agriculture?

The Philippines is a small country, consisting of seven thousand six hundred and forty-one islands. Also known as the pearl of the orient the Philippines is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Their abundance in ecology allows them to reap the benefits of both a developing nation and an agricultural country. Their […]

How Student Debt Is Crippling Young Farmers And The Future Of Agriculture | NBC News

Quackers, quackers. You’d think I’d check my student loan payment monthly or my balance, but I don’t. It’s set on auto pay. It’s in the 190,000 range. I know that for sure. Oh, 210,000. It’s more than what do you thought. I don’t know why that number should freak me out but it doesn’t. It’s […]

Visible Farmer Episode 4: THE ACCIDENTAL FARMER / Ketut Bassett, organic farmer, Carnarvon WA

Hi, I’m Ketut Bassett. A biodynamic organic farmer.We grow more than 20 types of tropical fruitand I truly love what I do.– Very clever. –– I can’t do that. –I grew up in Bali doing rice with my family.– You have to teach me how to do a cart-wheel. –As a young girl, no, I […]