Extreme |Agricultural| Machines That Will Blow Your Mind ▶10

A new combine for a new era of farming. Designed to be automated in operation, the IDEAL combine already setting industry standards for efficiency and output. The harvest strategy itself is set by an easy-to-use touch-screen tablet, allowing the operator to select preferences for minimizing grain damage, loss and material other than grain (MOG) in […]

Meet the 2017 GFB Excellence in Agriculture Winners

[Skye Pennino – 2017 GFB Excellence in Ag Winner] This past year has, has been amazing. You know, starting off in January with the discussion meet, making it all the way to the final four. And I guess the greatest thing that has happened, I guess to me personally through it is, people have started […]

Low Price Agricultural land for sale – Andhra Pradesh Registration

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Agriculture Included in Recent Climate Conference

[Atlanta, GA/John Holcomb ‚Äì Reporting] It’s a word that you hear all the time these days: climate change, and no matter your beliefs or stance on the topic, discussions are happening on it. That was the case in Atlanta recently as the Georgia Climate Project hosted a conference to discuss Georgia’s future in regard to […]

Massey DM Series Mower Conditioner Review

My name is Cam Guy from Everything Excavations & Ag. We specialize in civil constructions and agricultural contracting for the medium to large farms. In past years, we’ve run numerous brands of mower conditioners. This year we spoke about taking the next step and moving on to the new range of the Massey Ferguson mowers. […]

The Agricultural Value Chain

How does my food go from farm to table? How are agricultural and food businesses connected? The agricultural value chain illustrates the series of steps that convert raw materials to consumer purchases. The value chain begins with natural resources: land and water. In addition to responsibly tapping natural resources, the agricultural industry plays an important […]

UNOH – Agricultural Equipment Degree 2019

New Holland Agriculture — DuraTank 3400S Manure Spreader

01:00:46 JORDAN MILEWSKI: Hi, I’m Jordan Milewski with New Holland Agriculture. I’m here with our all-new DuraTank 3400S side discharge manure spreader. The all-new DuraTank series spreaders feature 31 key product improvements over our last generation 3100 series spreaders. I’d like to take a moment of your time to walk around this machine and review […]

Agricultural and Food Science Technician Career Video

Advances in food and agriculture science are designed to bring healthier conditions and better production value for crops and farm animals and result in new—or better food on our tables. Agricultural and food science technicians help scientists in these fields to conduct research, run lab tests, and keep records. Their specific duties differ: Agricultural technicians […]

Agricultural Equipment Technology

>>Jake, student: Being that this program is sponsored through John Deere, you get to deal with all their new technology, all their new information right away. It’s one of only 14 of these programs in North America and after you’re done, you’re skilled and the dealership that you’re already working with, there’s a good chance […]