Agricultural Sciences

[Bryn Behnke speaking] So, the agricultural sciences program here at Blinn is actually on all four campuses. So we have an actual ag complex here on the Brenham campus, but we offer classes in Bryan, Schulenburg and Sealy as well. We offer classes in everything from wildlife to ag economics to the marketing of ag […]

Meet the 2017 GFB Excellence in Agriculture Winners

[Skye Pennino – 2017 GFB Excellence in Ag Winner] This past year has, has been amazing. You know, starting off in January with the discussion meet, making it all the way to the final four. And I guess the greatest thing that has happened, I guess to me personally through it is, people have started […]

Agricultural Science at Oregon State University

Oregon No other place matches the density of its diverse agricultural, environmental and social landscape. As the founding College of Oregon State University, for more than 150 years we have lived out our land grant mission to serve this state and its people through our research, our teaching and our outreach. We are scientists. Our […]

Vertical Farming – Does agriculture need to change?

The world is facing some major problems food security, water security species loss climate change Vertical farms have been proposed as part of the solution to these global problems But is it just another overhyped technology, with great claims but lacking in practical application? this video and go to explore these global problems, in context […]

Agriculture and K-9 Intervention Saved this Veteran’s Life

{Sad Dramatic Music] [Chris Dorsey/Founder, Warrior Farms] You know, I had… I was self-medicating with alcohol. I’d pushed my family away, failed relationships. I was in the middle of a custody battle for my son. So I was sitting’ there with my 45 in my hand and on my bathroom floor, ready to take my […]

Agriculture Included in Recent Climate Conference

[Atlanta, GA/John Holcomb ‚Äì Reporting] It’s a word that you hear all the time these days: climate change, and no matter your beliefs or stance on the topic, discussions are happening on it. That was the case in Atlanta recently as the Georgia Climate Project hosted a conference to discuss Georgia’s future in regard to […]

A gift for students – The Jordan Agricultural Research Center

[music]>>Dr. Joseph Castro: We are emphasizing our agricultural programs here on the campus and in the Valley, and the Jordan gift is going to help us to strengthen those programs and make them among the best in the nation.>>Dr. Sandra Witte: The Jordan gift is an amazing story. It’s a story of building relationships with […]

The Agricultural Value Chain

How does my food go from farm to table? How are agricultural and food businesses connected? The agricultural value chain illustrates the series of steps that convert raw materials to consumer purchases. The value chain begins with natural resources: land and water. In addition to responsibly tapping natural resources, the agricultural industry plays an important […]