The Regenerative Farmer – David Marsh

For 2/3 of my farming life I was going hell-for-leather with my foot on the accelerator trying to throw enough money around in agronomy to grow enough stuff to make a profit and that was seen to be success. Industrial farming has led to the loss of 70% of organic carbon in soils worldwide. The […]

How to Best Build Soil to Increase Profit When Organic Farming

Alright, this is John Kohler of growingyour, today I’ve got another episode for you; i’m traveling, i’m here in Warren Vermont; I think. Almost standing in the middle of nowhere and I have no idea of where I am, I followed my GPS to get here and where i’m at is the Kingsbury Market […]

77-Year old Pole Vaulter Credits Farm Life

[Music] [Walton County, Georgia/Produced by Ray D’Alessio] [Ray D’Alessio] Each morning, Cook Holliday makes the short walk from his house in Walton County to this, by definition, a pole barn. But it’s not just a pole barn in the traditional sense. You see, at the tender young age of 77, Cook Holliday is an accomplished […]

Super Spreading! | John Deere 8235R & 4640

good morning everybody Ryan here we are in the 8235R and today for the first and only time we are putting the 8235R on a manure spreader so we’ve got two spreaders here we’ve got the Kuhn Knight Pro push 160 now I’ll talk about it more once we get down there and Andrews in […]

Farm Monitor – January 4, 2020

[Announcer] This is Farm Monitor. For over 50-years, your source for agribusiness news and features from around the southeast and across the country, focusing on one of the nation’s top industries, Agriculture. The Farm Monitor is produced by one of the largest general farm organizations, the Georgia Farm Bureau. Now, here are your hosts, Ray […]

Agricultural Sciences

[Bryn Behnke speaking] So, the agricultural sciences program here at Blinn is actually on all four campuses. So we have an actual ag complex here on the Brenham campus, but we offer classes in Bryan, Schulenburg and Sealy as well. We offer classes in everything from wildlife to ag economics to the marketing of ag […]