Beautiful Bavarian Forest National Park

Hey everyone! Dana here, and we are up and out of the house and on the road at a pretty ungodly hour for a Saturday morning, but that’s because we are now off on a day adventure to the Bavarian Forest National Park. We made it! It took us about two hours to drive from […]

The Forbidden Forest | 360 Video | Wizarding World

Thank you for all of the support you’ve given our film. It’s a privilege to be a part of this new era of magic. We all hope that you have a brilliant time celebrating and reliving the magic of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. Sort of makes me want to be a wizard.

Minecraft: SkyFactory 4 – AUTO ENDER DRAGON FARM?! [27]

Yes,so you guys know that movie how to train your dragon, right? Well dont let them watch this video. We murder a lot of dragons (??WHY??) Hey, what’s going on guys?! SSundee here and welcome to, Crainer This episode is going to be insane. I have ma-, I have made something on this server I’ll […]

Farming in Brazil

We are an American family of seven living, working and loving Brazil. Welcome to the adventures of Our Brazilian Life. We have awesome neighbors who invited us to their farm in Valencia Bahia for the weekend. We got to see the picking and drying process of black peppercorns and cocoa beans. They also grow cloves, […]

The Farming of Bluefin Tuna | Foodbeast Doc

Bluefin tuna is one of the most coveted fish among sushi lovers. Because of the popularity of trendy foods – like poke, spicy tuna rolls, and sushi donuts – fish purveyors have had to look for alternatives to wild-caught fish just to meet this crazy demand. We are here in Japan where an organization called […]

Germany’s Traditional Wood Construction – Wood Nails & Timber Framing

Do not climb on the wall. What? Yes, those wood sticks are designed for me to climb. I am climbing up there to say hello. Uh yeah, I am climbing there. Actually there’s a story behind those wood sticks on the wall. In the past, Germans didn’t have a metal nail. How did they build […]

Farming the Sea – Full Episode

Major funding for this program was provided by The Bachelor Foundation, encouraging people to preserve and protect America’s underwater resources. The oceans were once an abundant resource, holding what seemed to be a limitless supply of seafood. But today, roughly 80 percent of major marine fish stocks are either depleted or overfished. The worldwide seafood […]

The Flying Farmer

– [Female] This Great Big Story was made possible by Singapore Airlines, a great way to fly. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] With more than 300 million farmers, agriculture in China is a vital industry. Yet one man chose to break with convention and traded his tractor for a dream. He wanted to fly. Lacking any […]

Avatar Mountains! Zhangjiajie National Forest

We have a very late start this morning because I am slow. We asked for a good place to eat and the woman at our hostel was like “I’ll take you there!” So she brought us here, so we are going to eat here. I don’t know what Sizzling Crystal Powder is but it sounds […]