RADARSAT Constellation Mission: Agricultural Science from Space

Canada has a rich legacy in space-based monitoring. It was 1995 with the launch of RADARSAT-1; 2007 with the launch of RADARSAT-2, and in June 2019, all things being good, we’re going to see the launch of the RCM mission. And what we’re going to see is that three satellites are going to be put […]

Investing in Agriculture: Dairy Cow Comfort

[Positive, upbeat music with guitar starts.] Male Narrator: To understand the importance of research into cow comfort… …you need to understand a day in the life of a dairy cow. She eats. She chews cud. Gets lots of sleep. Visits the milking parlour. Spends time with her herd… …and she wants to be comfortable. Comfortable […]

Agriculture Then and Now: Food Accessibility

[Upbeat music.] [Upbeat music.] Female narrator: Then. Preserving the summer’s harvest was essential to surviving Canadian winters. Some folks had root cellars to store their fruits and vegetables for up to six months. Others canned, dried and pickled their food to make it last. But, freshness and variety were often lacking once the dark, cold […]

Agriculture Then and Now: Soil Preservation

[Upbeat music.] [Upbeat music.] Female narrator: Then. Farmers used a mouldboard plough to turn the soil over, making it loose… …and airy for good root growth. It was a popular farming practice but made soil less fertile over time. Top soil could be washed away by rain or blown away by the wind… …creating the […]

Canadian Agriculture: A Strong and Growing Sector

[Upbeat, orchestral music starts.] Narrator: The Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector is strong and growing. Our farms grow a wide range of products. The common element? Smart, hard-working farmers and their families. 97% of our farms are family-owned. We have close to 12,000 business locations processing everything on your shopping list… …from bread to soups, […]

Agriculture Then and Now: Milking Cows

[Upbeat music.] [Upbeat music.] Female narrator: Then. Farmers used a stool and a bucket to milk their cows by hand. Cows had to be milked on schedule, one at a time, twice a day… …every day, for six to eight months of the year. One cow could produce about 1,000 liters of milk per year. […]

Biovigilance: A holistic approach to agriculture

[Upbeat electronic music fades in.] Narrator: Every year, horticultural crops are affected by diseases and invasive organisms… …that affect their health and productivity. These pests incur losses for agricultural producers and they have an impact on everyone’s grocery bill. Researchers at the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Research Centre in Quebec… …are working with the horticultural industry to develop […]

Agriculture Then and Now: Harvesting Grain

[Upbeat music.] [Upbeat music.] Female narrator: Then. Farmers used a simple scythe to harvest their grain. They could cut an acre a day. Then they had to thresh it. An average farm was small and it fed about five people… …mostly the family living on the farm. Now. With a combine harvester, farmers can cut […]

Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Narrator: Collaboration is at the heart of farming and food. In this spirit, your federal, provincial, and territorial governments… …created the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. [Upbeat piano music.] Find out which programs work for you. [The upbeat piano music fades out.]

The View from Here: Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector

[Upbeat guitar music starts] Female narrator: The outlook from Canadian farms continues to be very positive. Farmers are more efficient and innovative than ever… …using increased precision and automation. And they’re taking significant steps to protect the environment. No-till practices are up 16% since 2011… …preserving soil and water on 48.2 million acres. Net greenhouse […]