[4K] Mountain rat, yam and dark, survival in the forest, episode 14

Squirrels usually move through the vines An old banana tree will give us a lot of water in a long time Small rain A yam vine If lucky, we will can have a delicious breakfast Their tubers are usually deep inside the ground but this time is different They’re really buttery So delicious It has […]

Shawnee State Forest in 4K | Backpacking with 3 Survival Bushcraft Firestarting Methods

[Andrew narrating] While living at his cabin in the woods surrounding Walden Pond, Thoreau noted that if all people lived as simply as he did thieving and robbery would be unknown. When we first started Adventure Archives, we wanted to discover what the outdoors could teach us about ourselves and our society Why did nature […]

[4K] Farming and hunting, survival in the forest, episode 16

It is currently the beginning of Spring Many kinds of tuber plants starts growing This place has so many yam vines Their tubers are on their stem They will grow if they are exposed to moist soil They can be harvested at the end of Autumn A few strange fruits which are often eaten by […]

A Bit Cluttered…No Time Like The Present! – Welker Farms Inc

people sometimes wonder what do we do it gets cold outside or not else co-working I’ll show ya it’s cold it’s snowing and it’s just cleaning to do this is in the very back of our shop the guys when I seen the video right now and then this room was intended to be like […]

OH MY GOD IT’S COLD Aquarium Greenhouse Update

yeah yeah yeah yeah you can’t it’s time to get to work you can’t fish tanks bringing to you with my first video of 2018 how’s everybody doing happy freaking New Year I hope you’re doing well the flames coming in because it’s cold so I gotta tell you I always like to recap what […]

“Great Apes” – Amazing Gorillas and Birds in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda 2019 (4K-Video)

Kihihi airstrip Beki from Great Lakes Safaris Buhoma visitor’s information center That’s the sliverback and there is also three adult femals and then some babies Meeting with the porters Approaching the Muyambi gorilla group The silverback Muyambi Silverback Lodge in Buhoma Variable sunbird (cinnyris venustus igneiventris) Female northern double-collared sunbird (Cinnyris reichenowi) Northern double-collared sunbird […]

Wolverine’s Berserker Rage – Forest Fight Scene | Logan (2017) Movie Clip 4K

Move out! Let’s go, let’s go! Run! Run! Corre, Jonah! Run! I want you to breathe. It’s just a flesh wound, baby. There she is. We got her. Back it up! Contain her. Get behind me! You took all the medicine. It’s wearing off.

My New Favourite Ant Farm of All Time

We ant keepers usually have that one dream ant colony, that one species of ant that fills an ant-loving mind with excitement and wonder. I’ve owned dozens of species of ants in my life time, but there is one species that stands out in my mind as one of my ultimate favourites, and at one […]

Making the Ultimate ANT FARM TERRARIUM in a Bottle | Terrarium Challenge feat. Serpadesign

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been pretty obsessed with vivarium-making! Together, we’ve created some pretty gorgeous set-ups, and each one pushes my terrarium-building skills a little bit harder. This week, I’m set to try something I’ve never truly done before, and in my mind, I knew it was going to be hard, but I […]

New SKULL ISLAND Ant Farm for Ghost Ants | Halloween Special Pt. 2

But suddenly, I came across something that I wasn’t particularly thankful for… Later that day, I spotted this. Oh no! The Dark Knights! Last week, as I was busy facing my fear of the formidable maggots which decided to join the feeding frenzy in the Selva de Fuego, Amazonian kingdom of my Fire Ants, something […]