Make Steel At M&C Map Episode #1 Farming Simulator 19 Mods

Hello and welcome to my new Series M&C Economy Map Lets Start!!! I own some low loaders basic to move the machine on the map Then I need semi trucks and a loader And A tipper Help Me Reach 1000 Subscribers Until Christmas :)))) I will move the machines at the mine 2 Check the […]

SENORITA x TIMBER (Dancercise 2019 9A)

Senorita x Timber 9A I love it when you call me señorita I wish I could pretend I didn’t need ya But every touch is ooh la la la It’s true, la la la Ooh, I should be running Ooh, you keep me coming for you Land in Miami The air was hot from summer […]

Nowt but a fleeting thing: a young farmer’s fight for survival

We’ll get a crack on and get them tied up and then we’ll get a cup of tea, yeah? Yeah. I’m nowhere near as hard a man as Dad is. I’ve got nowhere near his work ethic. When it’s as intense as running a dairy, an old-fashioned dairy, it’s too much, it’s too much for […]

2019 was second-hottest year on record, climate change to blame: WMO

20-19 was the second hottest year earned on earth since records began according to World Meteorological Organization the agency said on Wednesday that based on data the average global temperature last year was one point one degrees Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels mostly because of climate change it also expects to see some a much […]

Growing Food in the City – Urban Rooftop Farm in Downtown Toronto

>>ARLENE: we are at a quarter-acre rooftop farm at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. We produce ten thousand pounds of food each year that goes to the farmers’ market and to our CSA customers and it’s distributed to the food room as well which is where students can get food for free. When we started […]

Building A Room With Your Own Hands | DIY 2019-2020

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Murders in the forest of the dead sharks / 死んだサメの森での殺人 (2019)

Thank you for your financial support! Attention! This movie has scenes of very stupid and cheep violence. Movie has filmed with entertainment purposes only. It has not political subtext or insult someone else’s feelings. Terra studio with the support of A view creations Picture production studio present My name is Maks Fadeev. I was simple […]

Amazing Modern Agriculture Machines That Are At Another Level 👨🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍🌾

Amazing Modern Agriculture Machines That Are At Another Level 👨🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍🌾

Korea leads world in ‘connected’ 5G technologies in 2019 PT3

well all these are so-called fourth Industrial Revolution technologies are said to be powered by Artefill in artificial intelligence which is gained at much attention recently in fact that’s right so AI really is the lifeblood of the new industrial era and what AI algorithms essentially are are codes or instructions which are used by […]