Sugar cane juice 世界遺産で飲むサトウキビ:Gourmet Report グルメレポート

Puddle How do you like it here? Nakijin Castle is fantastic Scenic Placement is good You will squeeze this Two I will do One more thing Second You were good to be able to experience Pleas Thank you You should buy this Sweet Good? Yeah This is water I add 10 times the water Hot […]

Ultimate Wasabi Guide ★ ONLY in JAPAN 究極のワサビ #28

This time we traveled to DAIO WASABI Farm in Nagano Prefecture It’s about 250km or 3hour drive or train ride from Tokyo Nagano is not only famous for the 1998 Olympics It’s also a top agricultural area and a place where Japan’s most notorious vegetable thrives WASABI The DAIO WASABI FARM is the largest in […]

Morita-en Mikan Orchard – Saitama – 森田園 – 4K Ultra HD 🎑 🇯🇵

Morita-en or in english the Mortia’s Garden, is an old family farm located north of Tokyo in the prefecture of Saitama and just a few km away from the city of Chichibu. Belonging to Mr Morita and his wife, this orchard has been growing oranges, citrus and other mikans for decades! Sold across the prefecture […]