Vertical Farming | Aeroponics Greenhouse

Greetings to you friends, today I want to tell you about our greenhouse The first aeroponic greenhouse in Kazakhstan Aeropot cultivation nutrients to the roots of plants are delivered as an aerosol. Vertical planting without pesticides Organic products Full Automation “3030 Greenhouse”

Теплица “Дачная”, опыт эксплуатации 8 лет #деломастерабоится

Теплица в жару одевается в наряд невесты. Форточки и двери открыты круглосуточно.

hello hello hello everyone hello beautiful city izmaila you are on the channel of raisa goryachenko dacha garden garden flowers Today I want to show you and answer the question how do I reduce the temperature in a polycarbonate greenhouse which is already our ninth year and it works very well and for this we […]