Strange Fruit: The Cross and the Lynching Tree

6 thoughts on “Strange Fruit: The Cross and the Lynching Tree

  • I feel moved to comment. I think you do have something to say but the seemingly endless introduction compelled me to click away before listening. It could be that I tired of sermons after a long night but this sermon did seem to drone on and on without saying a thing which is the opposite of speech.

  • The story of The Cross and the Lynching Tree had to be told. True Christianity is about love through Christ. It's time for black and white Christians to heal and give up prejudice and racism.

  • Blacks and whites can be prejudiced. Prejudice with power is racism. The sin of some whites. We need to put prejudice and racism behind us. God calls us to love one another.

  • I'll sum all this up, majority of the world has been deceived by Satan. Because even so call Christians, cannot accept most high true identity, that it describes ibn the King James bible, also the true Identity of the Hebrew Israelites that is scattered across the four corners of the earth, and the other 10 tribes in Africa, as well as the name they gave the so call African American. Just read Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 68, basically the entire bible. Everthing else is erelative.

  • It has never been proven that religion can solved any of humanity's problemsReligion is very passive especially Christianity. Christianity has nothing to offer black people it is has always been the slave master favourite tool for controlling black people.

  • Trans American slave trade blacks owned black slaves still sell them today a big business and bell professor black never had to study to get his place , black privileged , they forced blacks on whites in segregation too NAACP , government pushed em on us poor whites

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