Sketchbook Tour · Inktober ’19 · Inspiration, Reference and Making a Zine

Sketchbook Tour · Inktober ’19 · Inspiration, Reference and Making a Zine

Hi my loves and welcome to today’s video. A flip-through of all of last month’s Inktober
drawings. I asked you guys if there was anything you
wanted to know about this project, so I’ll be answering some of the most popular questions
as we go. So the theme that I went for this time around
was Greenhouse Essentials for Potion-Makers and Spell-Casters. A few people were a bit confused, asking where
I found the theme or the prompts list, and so I thought I’d just clarify that that this
was something that I came up with myself, and so it was my own personal project without
a list of prompts. I actually came up with the idea the day before
the month started, so didn’t have a huge amount of time for preparation. In the lead-up to inktober, I actually already
had an idea of what I’d be drawing, I thought of doing something like haunted or cursed
or evil plants, like a werewolf bramble or a vampire ivy, making the plants look like
they had this affliction or just a spooky theme. And as I was coming up with what I could draw
for each day, one of the things I thought of was ghost moss, which is something you’ll
see I actually drew later on in the tour. And I imagined that as a light moss in a bottle
or jar, which suddenly made me think of potions. And so that’s where my new idea for this years
theme came from. I started from scratch and tried to think
of different things you might like or need in a greenhouse and how I could spookify them. So a lot of it was plants that I combined
with spooky elements as I’d already been planning on doing. But I also thought about practical greenhouse
things like grow-lights and water-butts and misters and humidifiers and how those could
look or function in more of a supernatural sense. It really pushed me to use my imagination
and get creative with some problem solving, and as I said before, the more I did, the
easier it got and I started to create this little world in my head and the people that
would be using these things. In terms of outside inspiration, I’ve been
watching a lot of history videos on YouTube recently, short documentaries about the Victorian
era, and I really like the old journals and guides they used to have- and the illustrations
in them- so that’s where that kind of vintage look came from and the tone of the captions
I used. So that I hope should answer the questions
I’ve had about the backstory, the ideas and themes. People also wanted to know to what extent
I planned my drawings, if I knew what I was going to do from the beginning or if I decided
each day what I would draw. I don’t think I’d be able to manage coming
up with an idea everyday. The way I keep up momentum during challenge
like this is taking away some of the decision fatigue or decision paralysis from as early
as possible. So when I came up with this idea, I decided
on every drawing I would do- as in what each thing would be- and then I started putting
them in order of which I wanted to do first and which ones might look good next to each
other. I knew what sketchbook I’d be working in,
so I made a rough sketch of the number of spreads and started mapping out what might
go where and how they vaguely might look. Nothing detailed, but it gave me a guide and
also helped me figure out how each thing could be laid out on each page, to make the most
of the number of pages I had. I would definitely do things like this again
because it really just saved me so much time every day not having to think about which
drawing I was going to do and how many pages it should be on and where the text might be
in relation to previous pages and how that might look in the scheme of things. Even though I was really flexible when it
came to sticking to the plan or just going with whatever felt right on the day, it was
nice to have that foundation there to start with and I was able to work on things as a
whole from the beginning. Okay, let’s see if we can quick-fire some
questions from Instagram. Did I use references? Some drawings were entirely form my imagination. For some I looked at different elements in
pictures. But nothing is drawn directly from one image
and I would say 60%, I didn’t look at any reference at all. Was it stressful? At times, especially towards the end, it just
got a bit exasperating, a bit monotonous. I missed using paint. That said, I do find something a bit relaxing
in the routine of a drawing challenge, knowing more or less what you’re going to draw every
day and how. Average amount of time spent on this per day? I would say maybe 45 minutes per page. As time went on, I spent a lot less time sketching
and planning. I think the first one took about 2 and a half
hours altogether because I drew it on a separate piece of paper and then tried to recreate
it in the sketchbook, just so it could be ‘perfect’, so I would know exactly what I
was doing. After that, I got more and more open to making
mistakes. Was that enough time or did you feel overwhelmed
by the pull of other projects? I allowed myself to make this the priority,
which was great at the time but not so great now. Now that it’s over, I do feel a bit lost. The inspiration I’d been building up last
month has been fizzling out and I’m kind of floundering around wondering what to do next
and… trying to remind myself how to paint. Process for idea generating fictitious plants? As I said, it just came down to thinking of
a plant, and combining it with something dark or spooky, and then thinking about how that
might work. Sometimes I thought of the name of it first,
or the function and then I thought about how it might look. Okay and finally, one of the most popular
questions, will there be a printed copy of this book for sale? And yes, there will be. It’s actually available for pre-order now,
so I’ll have that linked below. It will be available for the next 2 weeks
from now, after which, I’ll start sending them all out, and I hope that means everyone
that want one should get a chance to get one, without me having to keep them in the shop
year-round. And I think that’s about where we’ll leave
it! As we look through the book as a whole. Really hope you enjoyed this project as much
as I did, it’s one of my favourite art things I’ve ever done and I’m looking forward to
doing more like it! Thanks so much for joining me and I’ll see
you soon for the next video. Bye!

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