Ridiculous “Obama Plantation” Prostest Held In Front Of White House

Ridiculous “Obama Plantation” Prostest Held In Front Of White House

why do you know to randall terry missus and all of their former crazy
tree this is a holdover level there’s a higher breaks
in the crazy tree non-preserved albert it is a smaller
group was the honest but there is a very well-known pro-lifer denny’s doesn’t
have a national stage they’re going back to us but what he does is absolutely atrocious they did a protest
in for a white house and is about as bad a protest have
seniority about racial overtones i mean it’s overdoses undertones over the issue
remy about race uh… but he pretends that it’s about
abortion let’s watch and see if that pretending
does any good burger huh from portland demography geographical mcmaster smear there and on the nation’s revisits my
pattern details on that some with these people
in six and yes they were trying to motivate the dollar and share that they have several men in a while
the mass periodic that is with the baby the drug trade about park blockbuster customer data about
neighbors he was that that power money hill billboard with our money abortion is the greatest have on the
face of the other right now novellas i think i think the publicity rhetoric of the
innocent this is a crime against god and a m we need to send a message to the
president but the president panel not complying will not go out of your intention to
kill pianist work so they can to help raise but they are compelling custody
accomplices password unrealistic okay are you then let me know if you have a good
evening money grandma ross perot was involved in a moment and when i met him poorly on the department of health and i
think that we need the money laundering pattern we’re going to be into the better how huh are and then it goes on a show was a
little baby dolls inside the casket and unusual pictures of center etcetera anne king case you missed it uh… yes
they tied a little bombers plantation and remember as much as they hated bill
clinton is going to do similar things abt talking about bill clinton’s
plantation i remember them having bill clinton with
people between bill clinton mass you think there might be a racial
component here jr i’m just i’m just grasping here i don’t know that stretching a little bit i mean you literally have a two guys in
a while a mass whipping people and and and and chains it what is it not cleared of other than
the fact that he’s they say he’s killing babies according to them not bad enough they gotta make it appear in the black
man is now is leaving the white does the rest of it was a heinous enough she didn’t know what they’re trying to
peel to it with some coffee and i get back to you
on that god psych you know i don’t know what to do with it

100 thoughts on “Ridiculous “Obama Plantation” Prostest Held In Front Of White House

  • Stupid things? These are observations made by scientists. Out of the hundreds of Nobel Prize winners, only a maximum of 3 winners were Christians. So many stupid people were Christians such as George Bush, hillbillies, and you.

  • Scientific experiments can be repeated and they will have the same results, unlike things in the Bible. Nobel Prize winners have gotten their prizes because they have put forward theories and they were proved, they are not trash, and their experiments are 100% true I guarentee, but you can't say the same about the Bible.

  • They fail every time. Ha, that's the funniest thing I've heard all day. Give me an example of when the theory of evolution has failed. Now lets look at all the times science has succeeded, and put holes in the God hypothesis. That's happened a lot. Pathetic 16 year old, learn your facts before you make accussations, I can't wait to hear about your failure when you try to get a career.

  • What facts do you have? None. A scientific theory does not mean a hypothesis like the Bible, GRAVITY IS JUST A THEORY, isn't it obvious that gravity is real, well so is evolution. You are to ignorant to facts.

  • If nothing created God, then God doesn't exist because something has to create him, if he came from nothing how could nothing create an omniscient, omnipotent being that can do everything? Also if God decides everything that happens, that means we have no free will because God would have decided all of my actions, and God would have made me an atheist, there are so many flaws in Christianity.

  • You didn't answer my question. Why did God decide to turn me into an atheist. Why did God create the theory of evolution if God made everything? Also why call him a God. In the words of Epicurus – "Is God willing to prevent evil but not able? The he is not omnipotent. Is he able to prevent evil but not willing? Then he's malevolent. Is he willing and able? Then whence commeth evil? If He is not willing nor able to prevent evil why call him a God?" I expect a legit answer.

  • You still didn't give me an answer about evil, and everything I asked about in my last comment. I want an answer. You spit out baseless things. Why can't God make me stop believing in evolution if he exists? Why can't he get rid of the devil? Also if you think african americans are horrible people, why did God create them. And don't tell me they were made to be slaves because they aren't black slaves right now. Answer these questions, especially the ones in my last comment. I bet you can't.

  • If african americans are so bad why doesn't God get rid of them? Firstly, because they are not bad people, second of all, because God doesn't exist. Why can't God get rid of the devil? You still haven't answered my questions. Answer them, you just avoid these questions, but I want a real answer. The Bible makes no sense and does not answer these questions, I have read it.

  • Why doesn't God get rid of him now? Evil would have ended a long time ago. I know the answer – because he doesn't exist. And again you didn't answer any of my questions, and I expect an answer. I assume you can't answer them because there is no religious answer, it only makes sense without an intelligent being.

  • Why do it at a time of his choosing, isn't there enough suffering already, why let it continue? I would refuse to worship someone who let all this evil exist for so long, but he doesn't exist so I don't need to worship him.

  • I can't question his ways if he does not exist. That would be like questioning Voldemort's ways, or James Bond's ways. You still have not answered my questions.

  • How can you be so certain? You haven't put forward one good argument of God's existance. The only reason why you believe in God is because your parents raised you to be Christian and you were not rational enough to reject that belief.

  • Am I? I disbelieve in God because of the facts I have seen. You believe in God because of your Christian background. You haven't put forward one good argument and you still haven't answered my questions.

  • Barack uses religion when it helps to push his agenda. Barack says his healthcare vision is neighborly referring to Biblical wisdom, yet the Bible says to not show partiality to the poor, but to do justice to all. He says he won't inject religion into politics, but if he happens to (which goes ignored) it somehow is only a portion of something that will help sell his ideal. Obama sells the opposite virtue to the people that the Bible teaches. He is a snake.

  • Trust me, God has NEVER been proven right. If he was, I would believe in him. Evolution HAS been proved over and over, and is considered a fact. It's sad that only over 40% of America believes in facts.

  • Again, you are just saying random things from the Bible, you aren't putting forward actual arguments. Evolution IS a FACT, I am not making that up, it has been observed and is a fact. You do not believe in evolution. You do not believe in facts. Creationists do not believe in facts. If you do not believe in facts you should be locked up in a mental hospital. All religions are flawed.

  • No, that's where you are wrong, well actually you are wrong everywhere. Ask anybody with any knowledge about evolution and who is unbiased, they will say evolution is known as a fact. Evolution is also a theory, you just don't know the meaning of theory. GRAVITY IS A THEORY. How many times do I have to tell you? GRAVITY IS A THEORY, it is also a fact, just like evolution. THEY ARE BOTH FACTS. You are ignorant to facts. Pathetic.

  • You are also an ape. I would hang out with an African American any day rather than you. They are much better people than you, you are a white trash hick who lets his life get run by a fictional wizard. And when you said "you need to give your life over to Christ Jesus" you just proved how bad religion is. Giving your life to someone? I would rather think freely rather than be controled and told what to do by someone doesn't exist.

  • Stop saying baseless comments. Scientists speek truth backed up with facts. Priests speak lies backed up by a book written thousands of years ago by peasents who weren't even witnesses to it. Priests also rape kids.

  • No, I just wanted an URL because if it seems like something that is legit I will actually look into it with a real book or something more legit.

  • Evolution has been backed up by facts way more times than the Bible has. You are impossible to argue with not because you are good at debating, but because you spew random nonsense without any knowledge at all, and you are completely irrational. The Bible is just a hypothesis, evolution is a fact, the Bible is only a weak hypothesis, I don't even think it even is good enough to be called a hypothesis.

  • Tell me this – If God created everything, why would he create the theory of evolution? The only reason why people have religions is because we evolved to try to understand where we came from. Science only became powerful a few decades ago, but before that we couldn't think of scientific theories, so we thought of false lies and wrote the false Bible.

  • It is impossible for God to create everything and create freewill, because if he made everything he would have made all of my decisions, therefore I do not have freewill if God exists.

  • No, you do not understand what I am saying. It is impossible to have a God that created everything and for us to have freewill, because if he made everything he made my decisions, I would not have freewill if a God created everything. Do you understand? If you don't, please read through what I said a few more times. AN OMNIPOTENT GOD AND FREEWILL ARE INCOMPATIBLE.

  • Are you really that stupid that you can't comprehend what I am saying? Please, read over my last 2 comments again until you understand. Don't reply until you understand how freewill and an omnipotent God don't work together.

  • Stupid scientists? Why don't you try to get a Ph.D and become a research scientist or professor? Your lack of intelligence is astonishing, and it cannot compare to the brilliant minds of scientists. If it weren't for science, you wouldn't have the Internet for you to say irrational comments. Obviously you still can't understand that freewill and an omnipotent God are incompatible.

  • Wow, your lack of intelligence really amazes me. I strongly suggest that you get an education, because you really need it. Scientists are not dumb, they are some of the smartest people on the face of the planet, don't tell me that Steven Hawking is dumb, he doesn't believe in a God and he is probably the smartest person alive, his IQ is likely more than double yours. Einstein didn't believe in a God, and he is likely the smartest person ever. It's obvious that scientists are not dumb.

  • Haha, dismiss the truth? Are you really that stupid? That's pathetic, scientific experiments can be repeated and will have the same result. Einstein and Hawking are/were the greatest minds ever, and you would have to be the most ignorant idiot to reject that.

  • What proof do you have? None. The only reason why you believe is because you were raised to believe in that religion. Only 1 out of 12 children escape their parents religion.

  • I just asked you what proof you have and you said because it's true. How is that proof? You could just as well say the Tooth Fairy is real because it's true.

  • That is not proof. You are an imbusile if you think that the statement "God is real" is proof. That is pathetic. You clearly have no reason to believe in God and you are completely irrational. Your lack of proof is pathetic. That is not proof. Give me proof that God is real, I bet you can't, and I don't want a reply that says "because the BIble is the word of God" or "God is real" because that is not proof and you are an idiot to think that it is proof.

  • That is not true. Everything exists because God didn't create it. How could something be made from nothing that can do everything and knows everything. It's impossible. I think an explosion at the beginning of time is more plausible.

  • No, you still haven't even given me proof that God exists. But then again, you never know, maybe I am possessed by Satan and I am trying to get you to sell your soul to me.

  • The lies of science? Evolution is a fact, ask any unbiased person who knows about evolution and they will tell you the same thing. It is sad that 44 percent of the population believes Earth is only 6000 years old. You are part of that idiotic 44 percent. It's sad that only around the same amount of the population believes in facts, and evolution is a fact.

  • Apparently you don't know the definition of theory. That's just sad, and pathetic, what kind of idiiot doesn't know the definition of theory. According to The Oxford Dictionary a theory is eme or system of ideas or statements held as an explanation or account of a group of FACTS or phenomena; a hypothesis that has been CONFIRMED or established by observation or experiment, and is propounded or accepted as accounting for the known FACTS. There now you know that a theory and evolution are facts.

  • If you think that is what a theory is, then maybe you need to read the definition from my last comment which comes from the Oxford Dictionary. Your definition is made up, mine is from a credible source.

  • No, are you really that stupid? Do you really have to read that definition of a theory a third time? A theory is a FACT. Also you are wrong when you say evolution says it just happened. Evolution doesn't happen by accident, we mutate over time to have useful traits, not by accident. Also you are a hipocrite, because an omnipotent, omniscient God is billions of times more complex than a living body, and you are so ignorant you think it just happened from nothing. Pathetic white trash kid.

  • They already are a lunatic fringe party – The only reason Bush was President is because the Supreme Court appointed him President in 2000. And Diebold rigged the voting machines 4 years later.

  • No. How could something always exist. That is impossible. These intricate systems exist not by an accident, and evolution didn't happen because of an accident, no Darwinist will tell you that. More than 40 percent of America's population believes in evolution because it is a fact, but around 40 percent of the population believes in Creation because they are ignorant to facts. Also Church is another word for a brainwashing institute.

  • No, please, before you try to argue with me about evolution being a lie, please educate yourself about the subject because these facts are not lies, and I don't want to argue with someone who can't understand that evolution is accepted as a fact and it is undeniable. Don't respond to this until you educate yourself about the subject.

  • What did I tell you? Educate yourself on the subject before you try to argue with me. Evolution is a fact. And the Bible is not by any means a fact. And evolution is not an atheist lie, it is a naturalist fact.

  • Really? So the people with the highest IQs in the entire world are retarded? Last time I checked, a high IQ means that you are smart. I guess if high IQs mean you are retarded and really low IQs mean you are smart, considering your low IQ you must be a genius. Too bad that isn't how IQs work.

  • Yeah that's true. It's impossible to argue with him because ever time I say a rational argument he just says "it's true because the Bible is the word of God."

  • Are you serious? You are actually saying the Bible is a fact? The Bible has NEVER been proven, NEVER. Evolution has been proven repeatedly, so much that most Christians accept evolution.

  • No, because God would have to be a fact for the Bible to be a fact, and neither of them are facts. If God or the Bible had been proven I would believe in him, but only evolution has been proven and that is why I believe in evolution. You can't deny evolution, it's so obvious most Christians accept evolution.

  • And what proof do you have of that? None. There are no atheists that believe in Creation, but there are many religious people who believe in evolution, so it is obvious that evolution is true because it is so obvious that the people who used to reject it now beleive it.

  • If your going to make accussations speak with facts and numbers. If your going to talk about the Bible tell me what verse it is and quote it

  • acorn elected obama with a whole bunch of fake ballots. some of these people signed up 25 times, they even signed up paul newman , yeah, i guess he voted from the grave. so who really elected him, alot of people voting numerous times. criminal is the fact that they were paid with your tax dollars through acorn. lmao omg this is so ironic, and then acorn is caught on tape teaching people how to not pay taxes, which is where they get there money. how ludicrous is that, end all welfare now..

  • what if you were an ensign, and the captain's XO decided to trick him into steering towards the rocks – but then like, the crew mutinied, but by the time you're set up as the new captain, the ship had like, 2 seconds to turn, and you couldnt do it before it crashed.

  • Are you serious?! Clinton responsible for 9/11? so according to your "logic" if the US was to be attacked today it would be Bushes fault? give me a break. you'd blame Obama IMMEDIATELY or find some twisted way of blaming Clinton. Its not a question of whether you were dropped on your head as a baby but how many times.

  • lol you mean bush who got a memo a day or two before 9/11 that a incident is likely within days. But was on holiday….. In fact GWB holds the record for the most days off for a president ever! He presided over 2 unresolved wars and a huge market crash, not like he had nothing to do.

    Its not even a sign of modern times either, clinton just before him had the LEAST amount of holidays off ever, and he still had time for whores….. Bush should be charged.

    Look it up. Its all a matter of fact.

  • CmdrTobs: Don't forget Katrina! Bush refused to cut his vacation short by a couple of days, instead, holding fund-raisers and throwing a birthday party for McCain – while 1000+ drowned and a major American city was destroyed.

    When he finally acknowledged the problem, he sent ships from Virginia, but said they'd take 6 days to arrive (should have taken less than 36 hours)

  • who this dude is a total joke and a moron. He should a video and then made some stupid points not even regaurding the dang video!!! all he did was bring up bill clinton (They probably didnt do it because there were no Clinton masks) Obamas freakin white just as much as he is black!!!!!!! You made no point Turk and you should really quit making yourself look like a moron and just shut up.

  • This guy is aware we're suppose to have separation of church and state.

    What plantation is this idiot referring to?

  • @johannas58
    A "Young Turk", as stated in the second definition according to Merriam-Webster, is "one advocating changes within a usually established group".

  • @johannas58
    Separation of church and state an "opinion"? Is that what you're talking about?
    Wow. Just wow. Besides the fact that it's been upheld by the court multiple times, it's explicitly stated in the Treaty of Tripoli, and Madison and Jefferson were huge proponents of it. Yeah. Totally an opinion. XD

  • @johannas58
    Agreeing with Hithersunshine, Separation of Church and state isn't an opinion, it's specifically stated in several documents. (Also it's logical in most situations [99%-98%])

    What plantation is he referring to, the one that's next door to the 'death Panel' building? This guy is an example of stupidity at work.

  • @johannas58
    BurlingtonNorthernRy said, "This guy is aware we're suppose to have separation of church and state.", to which you said, "wrong!do your own research and find the truth. do not rely on others opinions…"
    It isn't logical to apply that to the second part of Burlington's message, so I'm assuming you're saying that separation of church and state is an opinion.
    I've done research using actual documents of the government; the constitution, treaties, you name it.
    It's not an opinion.

  • @johannas58
    By no means do I think I'm the smartest one around. Did I say anything to make you think I do? Or are you just pissed that someone's going against what you say?
    Try to stay rational and present valid arguments, please.

  • @ccdesmith Its because he can try, but a President only has so much power. Even if Bush said, You know what, let's stop abortion, he can't. The House and Senate must also say yes.

  • The thing with most pro-lifers is that they yell so much about killing babies, and how the govt uses THEIR money to pay for it. But they have no issues with the fact that a lot of those children, if kept, will get abandoned. A lot of them will spend their childhood in poorly funded foster care system. I don't see them rallying for the rights of abandoned children, I don't see them asking to raise funding for those poor children who already exist. They care so much more about the fetuses.

  • @polishdread I think even most Christians would laugh at you to say that the Bible has been PROVEN. By proven I mean all accounts are true. There is little evidence even for Jesus' existence. And don't get me started on the Old Testament, it has been pretty much been proven that parts of it are false (e.g. creationism, Noah's Ark).

  • @polishdread Evolution is known in the scientific community as something called a "fact", which easily contradicts creationism, as life did not begin as humans. And you are an ignorant fundamentalist for saying that the Bible is definitely true. Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I have better things to do than to continue an argument that ended months ago (it ended in what, 2009?).

  • @polishdread Gravity is a theory. Why don't you go refute that, and please do it away from me. And I'd hate to be rude, but you can go fuck off and preach your shit elsewhere, I don't need you to save my soul. Fuck off, now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go sacrifice a baby on a Pentagram and feast on it just like all atheists (although I hate that term) do.

  • @TheGenie132 Actually, I had no intentions on a religious argument. Probably over a year ago, I noticed racist comments, so I argued with the user, and that turned into a religious conversation somehow. Then, probably a year after I said all these things, some person tells me that I need to be saved. I have no intentions of debating with them because I'm tired of it and realize it is pointless. So cheers for being a dick.

  • @TheGenie132 I didn't engage the guy in debate. About a year after I debated a totally unrelated person, he decides to debate me which I have no interest in. I have better things to do, as I am a busy person, so I don't bother conversing with people who are trying to "save" me from my sins. And I have better things to do than respond to your comments. And are you offended by my language or something? It seems so, even though I said nothing most people would find offensive.

  • @TheGenie132 Don't you think that's a bit of a generalization that people who swear are uneducated?

    I made it clear that I was not interested in debate, I used to debate with people, but now I couldn't care less about it and I don't try to.

    And why have you called me an atheist repeatedly? I'm not an atheist.

  • @ccdesmith George Bush ended third term abortions. This country will never allow abortions to be outlawed completely but taxpayers should not have to pay for them.

  • So these people do not care about the 100's of 1000's of civilians being killed overseas by the U.S. military involvements but they care about a fetus. Fucking stupid people.

  • Theres a good argument abortion shouldnt be taken so frivolously or so lightly. And its for each individual to decide if they think what they carry is "more" than a bunch of cells. If they decide its precious and they dont have the right to interfere, Id say thats a fair and caring standpoint. What these assholes do is make people believe anti abortion is only supported by nuts like these. Because it isnt. I say that as a non religous, non political (Id like to think thoughtful) person.

  • Listen f*ck anti abortion ppl. And there racist and putting on masks and shit whipping babys. He isnt hurting the babys. He is allowing ppl to make there own choice if they want babys or not. Personally I think (SOME) Abortion is ok if its less than 18 days its fine cuz the babys heart doesnt beat til 18 days. The one abortion that is messed up and should be outlaws is the leathal injection into the head thats just wrong all around. Well thats my peice.

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