Raking News: Trump Has a Forest Fire Fix

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  • Hello to all

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  • I can't believe James Corden has, what appears to be, a successful show.

    It's like Dave the bricklayer is a huge movie star on the weekends.

  • Also americans…

    Remember bush? Bet you'd sell your granny to have him back now… It's your own fault for mis-underestimating him.

  • Trump's "raking" idea does work. He has been raking in the dough from every Tom, Dick or Russian and please note not a fire at any of his properties.His mother is to blame for all of this, the demise of the American exceptional ism being replaced by a rising tide of ignorance and fear. Had she "managed" her birth control, had she visited an exorcist, at least consulted a Gypsy fortune teller, we would all be better off today, welcoming tomorrow. Instead we dread each new insult to our collective intelligence, the diminishing respect for our national values., as tattered as they are.

  • What amazes me that Trump knew what a rake was. Probably learned about a rake grom watching the Fox News gardening show called, Gardening with Friends. Staring Hannity.

    Also I bet Trump has never held a rake in his long and sick life.

  • I would like to comment on this but I'm just too damn busy making important calls, getting my ID ready to go cereal shopping and of course the most time consuming chore of all, sweeping and raking of the national forest floors.

  • I understood that Trump saw fire fighters raking under trees and turned that into his solution to prevent fires. He really is quite simple about a lot of things.

  • Where the fuck am I? Who the fuck am I? Paradise or Pleasure? Let the Caravan in to rake the forests and mountains! Can’t imagine many toothless white supremacists will be rushing out with a rake!

  • I can't understand the trump supporters…. He said if ivanka wasn't his daughter he'd prob be dating her. When asked on a talk show trump and ivanka were asked what they had in common…. Trump mentioned sex and ivanka laughed but didn't blush or act disgusted. They have had sex. Sick fucking pervert

  • Funny how people don't know what a rake is for forestry. LMFAO
    Youtube: CATERPILLAR D5N XL Forestry Package
    You'd be shocked to learn it's a real term. Although I do agree his phrasing was misunderstood.

  • Corden in the car with Stevie oh yeah good fun – Corden like me is not an American – Trump is a disgrace to the USA – no love  – no hope – fuck you donald

  • What's on the floor of the forest is part of the ecosystem. Only way to RAKE the forest is to use GOATS. But it's not doable aka undoable.

  • I want Trump to be held accountable for every lie he's told to the American People since he became president! I also want to see his tax returns! I am angry with Trump!!! This is MY COUNTRY and I am pIssed that he has caused so much stress in my life over the past two years. And now, he supports the Saudis after they have killed and chopped up a Washington post journalist! He thinks we will be OK with it because oil prices are going down!!!!!! what the fuck!!!

  • James please talk about the situation in Nicaragua, people keep dying under the regime of Daniel Ortega and his wife.

    All kind of human rights have been violated and it feels we have been forgotten by the world.

  • Finland has a real problem raking the forest because they are covered in snow…… donate now and stop the snow caravan!

  • Where are the concerned Hollywood Elite (movies stars) that are so concerned about the
    “illegal’s” that is trying to invade our country, but not concerned about “America’s”
    misplaced by the fires in Paradise and other locations in California? The American
    citizens are the ones that made it possible for them to “millions of dollars” a picture,
    (not the illegal’s) but they (the Hollywood Elites/James Corden) are nowhere to be found when this American brothers and sisters need help. They are all “hypocrites”.

  • Now this asshole from across the pond bashing our president fuck this guy . hey left take him in your third bathroom and bugger the shit out of him. Cornholebert is in there playing shove something up my ass and I'll tell you what it is with kenya barry.

  • Everyone, did you get that?! Trump just renamed Paradise "Pleasure" as his next resort. Yeah, he is making plans with his Freudian slip. So, all of you should go to Pleasure and bring your towels, condoms, lubes and knee pads.

  • One of the main reasons why forest fires are an issue now is actually the United States’ history of fire suppression.

    Forest fires are a very natural part of an ecosystem that clears out debris, disease, and invasive species.

    Different forest types typically have different fire cycles(intervals between necessary fires); that’s why many trees have adapted flammable components(think pine needles and certain tree saps) and why some have seeds that require fire to germinate(like red woods).

    The health of the forest is dependent on these cycles, but the US park service did not understand this crucial fact at the time total fire suppression became the official policy.

    Since then, debris that would have been cleared by the fires has been allowed to pile up. It is reaching a critical point in many forests where both fire suppression and safe controlled burnings are impossible.

    We interrupted a natural cycle and now we are dealing with the out of control wild fires that are nature’s over corrections.

    The suppression of fires is also one reason why disease is rampant in so many old forests. Typically a fire would burn out infestations and infections before they became a huge problem.

    Since the fires were less intense when the cycle was intact, these fires would leave the well established trees virtually unharmed while cleaning out debris and spurring the recruitment of new plant growth in the area.

    Right now, there aren’t really any good solutions to the US’s fire problem since suppression is just putting it off for a worse fire later.

    As weird as it is to say, hypothetically speaking if we were able to remove the excess plant debris that has been building up over the decades, it might be possible to have more controlled burns. But raking is still not a properly thought through solution.

  • This is the raking he is talking about https://i.imgur.com/slVsLul.jpg but go ahead and make fun because he got the name of a town wrong but excuse your own ignorance. Liberal mentality is what has fuck this country up.

  • Trump denies Climate Change but Global Warming driven drought is driving force behind the wild fires

  • Ok….ill dumb it down for you hard lefties. Has anyone ever seen a proper forest rake? It requires a dozer/tractor and is many, many tones of hard steel. Can we please stop playing this fucking stupid, immature, spoiled game that by "rake the forest" trump meant people hand raking the god damn forest floor.

    You only make yourselves look so spoiled and sheltered when the first thing that pops in your mind when the concept of raking the forest on an massive scale is coined is people by the millions taking to the forest with plastic rakes. Thats like a rich mans idea of a poor mans tools

  • Actually, Trump has a point here, clearing the forest floor with all the felled trees will remove a lot of fire risk. He just didn't articulate this very well, we need to get the temperate rainforest back to what it was to avoid the drying out of the forest more moisture less fire risk.

    I'm not a Trump supporter but I do have evidence of what forests were like prior to the US and Australian early settlement, very thick canopy, very wet and nothing on the ground, no logs thick loam and none of the scraggly underbrush which is a fire risk. Get rid of the forest ground rubbish by chipping it all, favour the bigger trees to promote and form a canopy, water the forest with treated greywater systems, make swales to keep water in the landscape to make trees grow quickly and you'll reduce fire risk. Seems simple but its not there is no money to be made and there needs a large political will.

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  • Fire Raking 😑 https://www.helpi.com/Feuerwehr/Ausruestung/Waldbrandausruestung.htm Stable special tool for applying a "wound strip" on forest floors. The one hand sharply cut hue cuts through roots, the rake digs effortlessly even in dry and hard soil. https://www.google.de/search?q=feuerrechen&prmd=mvin&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjCyKzWtvPeAhVKL1AKHWgtAiYQ_AUoA3oECBMQAw&biw=1280&bih=800#imgrc=OwaZubdPL5M7YM:

  • Do they send these Democrats to school, so they can learn to be so ignorant? Trump was referring to large rakes that get attached to tractors to chop down brush. Does this Corden even know what a rake is?

  • There is no President Trump. This has to be one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s satirical characters. Pull the mask off soon Sacha, the joke isn’t funny anymore!

  • Remember when we thought that GWB was the most disconnected, privileged, stupid, unawares, incoherent and arrogant president in recent history?
    And that his lying, frowning, condescending tone was disrespectful?
    We lacked imagination of how far lower American politics could descend…

  • Just to show how completely IGNORANT you damn liberals are…a FOREST RAKE is a CATAPILLAR BULLDOZER with a blade attachement capable of removing tinder, brush and small sapling from the soil of the forest floor .

    This entire uproar just cements the knowledge that you fucking dipshit millenials and liberals are in fact, with out challenge, the Most Ignorant generation of Americans EVER!

    Fuck you , all you twats, here is a link to a video of a fucking FOREST RAKE……you moronic dildo loving asshats.

  • A team of D-9 Cats with a 5 ton rake on the plow ,first they thin out the trees, limb them and cut them to 20 ft length 1 machine can do they in under a minute… Then the skiders haul out the logs. The stump puller goes in and rips out the stumps, then in goes the dozers and rake out the leftovers and debris…

  • I see a lot of criticism of trump . So if you are all so smart you should be able to fix the problem yourself. Time better spent.

  • how about some fact checking??

    The “confusion” over what President Trump said unfortunately came initially from the Finnish side, as even our media thought “raking” meant only light removal of leaves, pine cones and other debris from forest floors. Even Finnish president Sauli Niinistö did not understand that the practice really involves “raking” with heavy machinery that removes extensive amounts of combustible material. Mr. Niinistö simply told Mr. Trump he could rely on advice from Finland to prevent catastrophic wildfires.

    In Finland, after clear-cutting a forest area, crews use heavy machinery (similar to what is used in this video) to “rake” or gather tree harvesting residues, tree roots and other material into huge piles. The biomass is then chipped onsite after it has dried up sufficiently, and chips are hauled to local heat-producing plants to generate warmth for local residents.



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