Montana’s Changing Climate: Session 3 — Montana’s Climate Assessment: Agriculture

Hi. My name is Anna Tuttle. I’m the program manager here at the Institute on Ecosystems and I work with Bruce Maxwell for the Montana climate assessment projects that we’re on. Before I introduce Bruce I just want to make sure you guys have an understanding of this web layout in front of you in […]

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Rolling Sky – Forest v2 | Fanmade

Rolling Sky – Forest v2 | Fanmade

[4K] Hammock, basket and farmland, survival in the forest, episode 15

After the rain, it’s bright again A big wild palm tree Like bamboo, palm tree is a very useful tree Their leaves can be used to thatching the shelter or used to weave hammocks They are firm, durable and soft A forest rattan bush with a lot of thorns but these new shoots are eatable […]

Multiflora Greenhouses

– [Narrator] I’m a sucker for plants and tend to buy them even when I don’t need them. I find it difficult to walk past without picking up a plant and studying the name tag. To consider the possibilities of where I could squeeze it into my already crowded garden. For Multiflora co-owners Julie and […]

Ce jeune de 20 ans veut inventer l’agriculture de demain