Out to Pasture: The Future of Farming?

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  • Benefits of hogs raised in buildings:
    1. Hogs are one of the more destructive animals to the environment, through soil erosion. Anyone claiming to sell grass raised pork is lying. They turn grass/pasture into dirt/mud in just a few days.
    2. Hogs raised in buildings aren't full of parasites from the earth. Having butchered both kinds, I wouldn't eat a dirt raised pig if it was given to me. 
    3. Hogs raised in buildings usually have a much more balanced diet, therefore having better feed efficiency. Better feed efficiency means less resources to grow the animal, and less environmental impact.
    4. Hog buildings collect manure in pit beneath the animals, where it is then collected and spread over larger areas to grow the next years crop. It is put on in just the right amounts to soak into the ground and not run off. In outdoor hog pens, manure piles up, until the next big rain washes it down the ditch and into the water supply.

    The people who tell you hog buildings are bad for the animal and the environment are lying to you. Hogs raised indoors have heating and air conditioning, protection from the weather, a proper balanced diet, proper medical care, and unlimited fresh water. That is better than most people live. The manure is utilized in a controlled, efficient, and regulated manner. The environmental impact/pig in a building is far less than if the same pigs were raised in a pasture. 

  •  So much of the US population can't afford to pay more, even if they wanted to eat foods that are better for them and their family.  They have spent the money the didn't spend while buying less expressive mass produced food on toys and entertainment. Their going to be unwilling to give  those up. They are going to support anything that will  force the "alternate" food producers featured  here surrender their operations to those who will go CAFO. By supporting regulation that curtails marketing directly to the consumer.  By environmental regulation that's more onerous to the alternate farmer, and favorable to the CAFO operations

  • There aren't enough farmers in the US to be able to have multiple small 50-100 cow dairies.  The reason the small farms don't exist is because it is hard job, which is why many kids leave the farm.

  • I'm a small farmer and this is the best video I've watched in forever. You people give me hope. My guy said things were way wrong several years ago. I'm glad I'm doing it my way. Long live small farmers! Vote with your money.

  • Farming just has this terrifying quality to me.  That humans can so casually exploit and grow a being – a creature – with the plan to kill and eat it.  It isn't like hunting with rudimentary technology – more fair ground.  Humans are just so capable of exploitation and usure.  It's dreadful.  If I was born a pig… or with brown skin a couple centuries ago…or in my current job (to a much lesser degree, but is that just because of laws?  The underpinning of violence keeping people from being barbaric?)  Is it weird that I think about these things?

  • All this talk about cost to the consumer.

    YES small farms cost more. They cost the true price of meat….an animal  body
    so pay for and don't buy meat every day.

    Its 20 times less costly for meat today then in 1910s….why is that…..tax subsidies, mass production and oil based fertilizers.  It all false savings, that costing the planet.

    .98 cents a pound for chicken?
    9.99 for steaks?

    Whats in them?

  • If I had a wish I would use it to make small farms the only way to raise farm animals , not that factory shot where they treat the animals like shit

  • So many posters are not mentioning anything about soil health.  We cannot keep putting toxic chemical inputs on the cropland forever.  Production practices have to change and the latest findings about the dangers of GMO's should hopefully enlighten the regulators and bring about changes in practices.  Hogs, chickens and cows are mainstays in consumption of protein for the majority of humans.  Having some moral cognizance of their quality of life seems mandatory…they all need grass, room to roam, sunlight and good water.

    Who ever came up with the idea of penning them up in masses was nothing other than a capitalistic pig!  We have a CAFO about 2500 ft from our house.  Biting flies, lots of mosquitoes and the constant putrid aroma are not very attractive when it comes to quality of life.  Money talks in this debate and it is highly unlikely that anything will happen in our life time…maybe the next generation.

  • I know that they dont clean those big chicken houses and never let them out. Its not that great. There is nothing wrong with small farmers they are not evil. Big farms dont need to have the monopoly.

  • Im done eating bacon and everthing from animals those little pigs only live for 10 to 12 months then get shipped to the skinning processand i seen a video they cut there tall and bang the head against the floor its sad when i get pigs i will have alot and not one will be killed all the little ones will grow big not have to worry about dying…..so fuckin sad how we live off little pigs who dont understand that they will die the next few months. Makes me sad. I stopped eating food from cows,pigs,chickens ashamed.

  • Good piece, but the MOST IMPORTANT THING is that none of it STARTS WITH THE FARMER. IT STARTS WITH YOU, THE CONSUMER. I see a lot of comments applauding the animal welfare and respect, but how many are CHOOSING to pass by that drive-through window on their way to their local farmer's market? Every consumer dollar spent is a vote. How are you voting? Choosing to support your local farmers that produce on pasture and open range is the only way to be an advocate. Unfortunately, much easier said and fantasized about than done for most.

  • I'm a farmer from IN and I grow nonGMO and GMO crops and raise cattle. This is NOT a documentary!! It is more false ridiculous fear mongering propaganda just like the other so called "documentaries" If you want information about agriculture get it were farmers do, not some stupid movie. Search Agweb, Hoosier Ag today or Ask the farmers.

  • Organic farming is God's way that the modern dirt farmers haven't a clue…They only care about how much money they can make and to hell with how many people they kill or put in wheel chairs.   Farming is no longer a proud profession…

  • Wow, I was shocked to hear Iker dismissing productivity, and crediting a real farm with being a way of life. The farmers existential satisfaction doesn't keep the people in the city from starving to death, their productivity does.

  • I wish to do sustainable farm in US and not sure where to start… I am here in Birmingham AL and I want to start with a backyard farm and grow from there…

  • So I live in Utah and am very interested in getting back to my farming heritage. Any advice or resources that I can leverage here in the west?

  • Great video. As a person who does not have a multi-generation small farm to take over but dreams of a life commitment like this; what resources are out there to get started? I am close to middle aged, have a family, am a few years into my 2nd career and live in a mostly urban environment. With my little piece of ground I grow a garden and compost my vegetable waste either in backyard composters or with my basement vermicompost set-up. I would gladly trade this for a situation like any of these farms. I know I could do it if I had a successful plan to get started and it isn't some crazy idea that would hurt my family.

    If there are those resources that anyone knows of please pass it along.

    Again, great video.

  • At 12:40 "Grass roots people voting with their food dollars every day". Mr. Kim Seeley is also a political prophet as well as a farmer. He describes the most powerful tool of the American people to set this country right. Let's do it !

  • How about this; we all get 10 acres; those who don't want to don't have to, but then we can all become self-sustianed and then we can sell our surpluses! I love this idea, but I think everyone else will hate it!

  • Damn I liked to crapped watching this that Jeremiah Jones I bought hogs from him when I was living on my land in beaulaville NC and David Whitman was in the hunting club that hunted the surrounding land and my farm too.

  • I was going to build a business like this; Then gather homeless people to help me, so I don't have to pay for others lol! but it look so complicated, must be a billions of dollars to raise a big field, n not very much experience with a big huge farm anyway; if I did hire homeless ppl. I have 2 build, shelter for them, pick n choose who I hire, get security people for my protection, & maybe pay for for someone to teach them how to plant, feed & all of that, & if I did live there, I would rather move, because I don't want those homeless people, to come to my house and steal, break, disturb me, etc. & it's hard for me to tell them what to do because I'm tiny & small, but anyways I like what I'm watching, thanks for sharing this video

  • I was going to build a business like this; Then gather homeless people to help me, so I don't have to pay for others lol! but it look so complicated, must be a billions of dollars to raise a big field, n not very much experience with a big huge farm anyway; if I did hire homeless ppl. I have 2 build, shelter for them, pick n choose who I hire, get security people for my protection, & maybe pay for for someone to teach them how to plant, feed & all of that, & if I did live there, I would rather move, because I don't want those homeless people, to come to my house and steal, break, disturb me, etc. & it's hard for me to tell them what to do because I'm tiny & small, but anyways I like what I'm watching, thanks for sharing this video

  • I agree, small farms but more of them is the future. but even the cities and towns need to transform everyone helping to grow or manage the animals. people must learn to be sustainable farmers again. good documentary

  • I don't know how I feel about this> I mean, certainly organics and small scale farming is better than conventional livestock. But what about verses a vegetable farm? When I look at a grazing land all I see is the opportunity for there to be a forest and real biodiversity. I think we should scrap animal agriculture.

  • i grew up on a 30 cow dairy, when i turned 17 i went to work on an industrial size dairy, and i immediately could see that cows in confinement are not happy, nothing puts a truer smile on my face than when the cows follow me out to the far gate, then i open it and they run and kick and play like you wouldn't believe, it's beautiful

  • And that's another problem, modern dairy cow breeds need grain or they'll die, if you can breed a cow that can live well on just grass, that will be a good breakthrough

  • I truly believe livestock who were raised happy in a traditional farm set up taste better than the livestock who were raised in factory farms. I'm from a small town in Oklahoma we have cows everywhere and a couple smaller pig farms so I'm kinda familiar with the industry and I think the meat compared to what you get in the store is much better.

    I recall hearing animals who are stressed out before slaughter produce lactic acid in the meat and that causes the meat to be of leaser quality.

    I don't know if that's the truth but i can taste the difference.

  • If you can produce a lot more milk with a little bit of grain applied with grass, then I would do that and the cows also loves it, but it can easily become to much grain.

  • Feel good laws and regulations ….just another joke …. the whole system is run by $$$$$. Low priced food required and expected by the average American runs the economy….

  • More like hog hell where they're going to get their throats slit and guts sliced open to turn into bacon. Hogwash bullshit!!

  • So what your telling me is that the original way and letting Mother Nature take care of herself was the most healthy and sustainable for everyone….
    Such a grand fucking idea

  • I'm vegan but I'm very glad to see improvements like these in animal agriculture, these farmers definitely deserve support.

  • This almost brings tears to my eyes. Watching the care and love that many of these farmers show for their animals is beautiful and really highlights the difference between pastured animals and confinement animals.

  • Those big farms, were at once small farms. They grew into big farms because of the law of Supply and Demand. When
    farmers were able to sell more food to more people further away. Such as other freakin countries… The farms had to grow to meet those demands.

    I'm not against small farms dotting all over the place. But you can't feed the large cities by ripping down a block in a
    neighborhood, and making a small farm… its just not realistic. A byproduct of feeding the world, as the world population is growing… 7.5 billion people as of may 2017, is more and bigger farms.

    Farms are not exclusively self substantial, they require products from other business to operate. A farm is a business, they produce a product for profit, and require substantial supplies from other business, especially the larger they get.

    Sure the small 40 cow, 50 chicken farm is very picturesque, and such a wonderful thought, I do not disagree.
    However they cannot produce enough product to feed everyone.

  • I really liked this video, one thing they failed to mention though is suburban sprawl. To much farm land is being paved over. I really think if we spent our taxes in a more logical way, we could revitalize the cities and get more people into farming especially the young. I also believe when we do this we can bring back the butcher shops. This would also have the added bonus of bridging the communication gap between rural and urban populations. Just my thoughts on this would like to know what you fine people think.

  • 16:55 And that is real treasure. Spending time with family and people you love. Many people people don't understand it any more it is not all about money.

  • I want to own a dairy farm someday. What will I do with the cows after 8-10 years ( 7-9 for sheep)? I'll send to place where they can live another happy life. What about bulls and rams? Same thing. Will I take the calves away from the mothers? I hate to say this, but yes. Now vegans do your research on why farmers do this before you call out animal abuse. Not all farmers do it to be cruel. A quick Google search can give you the answer, and besides it will only be for a month or two and mothers can still visit their calves.

  • This is good. Sorry vegans but some people won't go vegan, so we need stronger animal welfare for farm animals. Also there have been people who went vegan, did the diet right and still end up feeling worse. Can't wait for lab grown meat. I also hope that they come out with indoor crops. Why indoor crops? With indoor crops no larger herbivores can eat them. What about the animals who finds their way in? A nontoxic spray will do the trick or should. I also suggest robots to take the slaves place. I'm suggest this because animals will still be suffering even if everybody went vegan. The vegan diet is not more humane>https://farmingtruth.weebly.com/why-veganism-is-not-more-humane.html
    Farm factories should change their ways. Give the cows, sheep and goats their natural food. Give them more room.

  • Those chickens in the large scale house look much cleaner, healthier and happier than the red hens with their feathers plucked out running around a delapadated old chicken house.

  • Arsenic? In chicken manure? If there is arsenic in the manure, then there was arsenic in the feed. So why didn't it kill the chickens? Sorry, but I call BS on this!

  • Just an amazing wonderful video! It's so supportive for us people who want to be that back to the Earth Farmer. Thank you for this video! )))

  • Just an amazing wonderful video! It's so supportive for us people who want to be that back to the Earth Farmer. Thank you for this video! )))

  • Why don't they bag the chicken poop and sell it in different areas of the country so it is not contained in the same area?

  • Die in hell you disgusting monsters we are not even in the food chain! now the planet is getting destroyed because you

  • Again a bunch of bla bla from people that have not to much knowledge of agriculture. Sure there is a market for pigs and poultry that is kept outside. It would however be a huge environmental disaster if all livestock would be kept outside 24-7-365 without controlling nutrient runoff. Manure lagoons may not be pretty but they provide containment for just that.

  • When I was a girl being raised on a farm in eastern North Carolina some 55 years ago, pigs got a few acres of mixed pasture, forest/wood lot with lots of nut trees including oak and pecan trees, a mudhole on one of the low sections where we had a spigot we could turn on for them in the heat of summer and no shelter at all except for the pigging house where the sows pigged. Pigs can take care of themselves. The trick is to make sure your fencing can keep them in…pigs are escape artists. Winters they got feed in addition to forage and when the sows pigged we got the pigs separated and got in there with needle nosed pliers and picked the tusks from the front of each little jaw, upper and lower. They ain't got roots yet, at that age…can save a farmer a nasty hog cut later if you flip those tusks out within three days or so of birth. That's also when you introduce them to the vet.

  • Do a Google and YouTube search for " Polyface Farms , Joel Salatin " runs a permaculture style farm rotating pigs, cows, chickens and a few other things on sections of pasture the organic way! It helps the animals, soil and plant life and the people eating it. YouTube search Justin Rhodes also. He learned a lot from Joel Salatin.

  • I'm vegetarian atm, but it's good to see support for better practices, even if they lead to the same eventual end.

  • Unfortunately, in the end, everyone will be killed. Well-treated slaves, still slaves. But I undestand that is less worse…

  • Hello my name is David Kuhn I have been gardening for around 30 years and I have 20 years construction experience and it is a dream of mine to become a farmer without debt to the government or big business so if you could help me get the word out about my idea "Restore The Land, Restore The People" I'd greatly appreciate it. My goal is to raise livestock and restore land in the process wholistically. Thanks in advance for anything you could do to help me follow my dreams.

  • If you look at an old recipe book(cook Book)
    You'll see where they'll call for a whole fryer 3and 1/2 to 4 lbs. Most you can find are in the 5 lb. Average and that was my Mom and Grandma would have started to call a Broiler or Stewwer

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