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  • you could have talked about theories how and why agriculture emerged. there were findings of early forms from 20k years ago and theories about the use for alcohol.

  • So glad we live in a time and place where we don't have to mass kill anyone just to eat. We don't even have the resources to sustain our species growing population on a diet based around meat, dairy, and eggs.

    Thankfully we have no nutritional or biological requirement to consume animals or their byproducts.

    Our plant agricultural techniques are becoming more efficient while demanding less resources which is cool and by feeding grain directly to humans and skipping out on feeding it to all the livestock we keep breeding then we could really begin to eradicate starvation.

    This could in turn cause a spike in human population which may not be so nice lol so plan parenthood should definitely be funded. That's a whole different ball game…

  • 1:00 wow the first stone really doesn't look any different from the other stones when you think about the time difference between them

  • Doesn't look like you're going to mention beer and bread as cause for human settlement, lol. It's a reasonable explanation.

  • How do we know that before the 2nd ice age, there was no agriculture? I mean it was probably inevitable that in a population of 10ml, over dozens of thousands of years, somebody came up with that idea

  • i dont understand that why humans took 150000years to start agriculture, untill then they were different poeple ?

  • I think the reason we're destroying the planet as we are today comes from this belief that we are the most advanced humans of all time. I don't believe evolution is nice and linear as main stream archaeology makes it out to be.

  • My theory as to why humans didn't develop agriculture within the space of over 150k years is simply because our species is far younger than 200k years old. There is no way a species would take that long to develop a better or alternative way of life, especially not humans.

  • What about that hammer they found in that stone or whatever that was like 2 million years old?
    And that spark plug thingy that's just as old? I Need ANSWERS!

  • What's even more amazing is that for those who didn't know: hunting-gathering has actually been going on for nearly 2,000,000 years! All of our early relatives were also hunter-gatherers beginning with homo erectus nearly 2 million years ago.

    Now try comparing 10,000 years with 2 million years.

  • Well, here we go again, 200,000 years into the past? Who says and where is the evidence? Actually, there is know evidence because the artifacts can be interpreted in different ways. Many archaeologists have been brain washed with presuppositions based on rigorous indoctrination in evolutionary theory. We don't have the instrumentation to prove conclusively a prehistory of 200,000 years ago. Why bring it up since it's guess work at best. Scholars need to stop reading their presuppositions into things and calling it science. We really don't know enough to be presenting prehistory based on whimsical presumptions about 200,000 years ago this or that happened. It is puffed up pride and a lack of humility that causes one to parrot these assumption as if they are the truth.

  • As an educator I want to know, what program or device is Khan Academy using to present these videos? Can anyone answer this?

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