Hey, it’s officer Heiner with the Lexington Police Department just seen it this is a best in one day What’s up fish tank people House we’re also gonna talk about the return and wrath of the Keep me motivated I was late JFK said only those who are willing to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly Richard Branson founder of Virgin Airlines said I rely more on my gut instinct in researching huge amounts of statistics and Oprah Winfrey Says follow your instincts That’s where your true wisdom manifests itself did he just quote Oprah, dude So I’m under contract on a bear piece of property in Nicholasville point six acres And I’m paying about fifteen grand more than what I was gonna pay for 1.5 acres in Fayette County with the greenhouse already built on it And that sounds like a lot of money When you factor in the fact that you do not lose money when you buy a good deal in a good location and given that The other location had a bajillion other neighbors that wanted nothing to do with me And I could not be open for retail sales if I wanted this location is zoned Be one that’s business one that means I can have all you beautiful people around and not have any problems with the neighbors And you might recall why I’m just a little bit gun Shy when has anything to do with? Zoning on this property you see I had to send out letters when I was applying for that conditional use in Fayette County Then I sat and listened to one two three four five six seven eight nine ten Eleven of the neighbors one by one each show up including one of my favorites the lady Who lived across the street who bought her house in 2011 even though the green house. It’s at theirs in 2006 and this lady had been in front of the Board of adjustments 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 times With their gripes about the green house across the street more on her in a minute And as you might recall that deal fell through Dustin cries on camera and we’re back to square one note my neighbor epic Street Who is on the Board of Adjustment said Dustin doesn’t know how big of a bullet? He actually dodged apparently everybody on that street is crazy, so we’re back to square one We’ve learned a lot of things But we’re not entirely back to square one because of the lessons that we’ve learned We’re gonna take this and we’re gonna move it on to the next property oh Did I mention that I paid? 1,300 bucks for the appraisal on that first greenhouse that I never got as well as a two hundred dollar tighter search money. That’s bye-bye Yeah, so we lost a little bit of money my Barty Quarter JFK already quoted Richard Branson. I’ve already quoted Oprah now I’m gonna quote the legendary hip-hop lyricist mr.. Nasty knives when he says on his album It was written you all should check it out because that was back when hip hop was good He says quote time is money when it comes to mind take it in blood guess. What Dustin’s not gonna waste I’m not gonna waste any more time I’m gonna do whatever I can possibly do To make sure I’m not wasting any more time or money on this next property get myself locked up Okay, so I don’t want to waste any more time. I’m figuring what the heck I call up Jasmine County Planning and Zoning Board, and I talked to the wonderful always helpful Melissa I explained my entire sob story of what happened up in Fayette County She didn’t come out and say it, but she had probably heard similar stories before She looks around. Thanks for a second She goes you know what why don’t you just come down to our Planning and Zoning meeting and just preliminary Tell them what you’ve got going on so you don’t have to waste any time Brilliant Thank You Melissa god. I love her All right, so I roll into the meeting of the planning Zoning in Jasmine County It’s a bunch of guys around my dad’s age one young guy in the mix Everybody who’s scheduled to speak speaks then they give me time to talk I’m not even scheduled to talk to Mike receive public thing whatever no yeah, young man come up like hey How’s it going? My name is Dustin I every Sunday for the past five years. I’ve looked into a camera god What’s up fish? Tank people Dustin’s fish tanks bringing it to you on a Sunday? I’ve turned my youtube channel into a business, and I’m looking to move my business and expand out into Jasmine County I passed them out a bunch of you know pictures. Hey, here’s the property Here’s what I’m trying to do And I kind of explained in advance what I’m looking to do now these guys are all going around They’re asking questions about my business They’re asking what happened to you in Fayette County Which I was happy to divulge all that information to them and what I’m going through all this my phone is blowing Up like my phone is just ringing and ringing and ringing like multiple times And I’m not checking because I’m in the middle of telling these guys what I’m trying to do while that’s going on I’m getting a real good vibe from these guys. I go to this meeting just to get this vibe I think that if I had been scheduled. They would have voted on it and passed it right there on the spot I had to go through the procedures to do that But they’re like you know and the oldest guy Erika looks to me goes you know man I don’t think there’s any reason why this wouldn’t fly air said cool So I roll out you know I’m feeling pretty good about the situation and as I’m walking to my car I hear this on my voicemail Hey, it’s officer hunter with the Lexington Police Department just seen it this is a Destin wonder licked See the call from our Lisa in regards to I guess maybe you post in her home and It was at one point her address and then her name was associated with it on a YouTube video And I’m not exactly sure this is the Dustin I want to look that I’m looking for but it ain’t anything you can give me A call back and just talk back for a second But I’m just gonna want to get in contact with you and still let you know to take the video down And that she appreciate that. Thank you Bob The lady’s back how great is that as I’m presenting in Jessamine County? the lady Calls the cops I’d be about the whole green house hit subscribe button find out where the sagas going sorry You can guard

100 thoughts on “NEW GREENHOUSE SAGA: She Called The Cops

  • Her baby sacrificing days will soon come to an end… Evil likes to operate in the shadows and now that the light is shining and her, her hemroids are flaring up…… Ouch… Can someone be so generous as to send her some preparation H……

  • I knew she was going to be a problem when you first mentioned her. Thank God you didn't get that greenhouse! It sounds like she may still try to insert herself in your business no matter where you go. She has no claims! Stand your ground. I can't wait to see the new greenhouse go up!💚🐠💚

  • ….but all that info about her was censored out… and I see that vid is still up. Including that info would’ve been a huge mistake but you bleeped it out…. poor cop was probably like, this is beyond ridiculous haha

  • You dont have to take the video down. They cant force you. She spoke in a public forum. You have the right to record her and disclose her name.

  • Hope you can Return the favor of that sweet ummm lady, if that!! I would name her after a DOG, nothing against dogs mind you. Lolol😄

  • Gotta love those Melissa's 😁 That crazy laaaadaaay is probably secretly hooked on your channel and giving you lots of views. Lol 🌱💚🌾

  • That Narcissistic lady needs to get a life. She'll never stop, if it's not the greenhouse it's something else. Doing lawncare, when I have customers behave like her, I tell them to mow their own lawn. We don't tolerate irrational people. She will call the cops any chance she gets, but remember making a false report is illegal. At what point does it become harassment, she goes out of her way to watch your youtube. She probably doesn't have a great understanding of the law, my grandpa was a detective so I'm more familiar with the law than the average bear. I can tell you she is borderline harassing you. If it gets worse get a restraining order, if she even likes a video of yours it will violate the restraining order. Either way document what she does! You can video tape her house and upload it, what do you think google earth does? If they punish you, they have to punish google too. Sorry I'm ranting!

  • What a trip!! Be glad that you are not around her… she would have made your life a living HELL!!! Hey, thanks for showing your support for firefighters (your t-shirts)…. we're a firefighter family here!! 🙂

  • Bro you didn't just drop a take it in blood reference…… are the goat of golden era hip hop references. My favorite album and track by Nas by far!!

  • “The lady” has it coming. Like your a person who wants to do well for the community and give the town a positive name as well as bring the publicity to the town in a positive manner. She doesn’t understand that what you are trying to do is help yourself to help others make their lives more enjoyable through aquatics. People will be one way minded and sometimes will just be blind to what positive changes may happen and just are sometimes afraid of changes. Also that lady just doesn’t understand that the chemicals used in your tanks are not going to hurt anyone’s well being or health if a pipe or something breaks in your greenhouse if you were allowed to do your thing in that greenhouse. Well what ever but don’t mind her bro your better than her and you keep on doing you.

  • Had no idea you were in Fayette. Really cool. I’m down here most of the time for school at UK I’ll definitely stop by once you have things up and running

  • maybe you shoulden't share all this with us till it's done? and don't you have to ask her before you film and put her in the video? just some questions I came up with 🙂 I love you sometimes Dustin <3

  • Have to admit the "Lady"has given us all more material to run with. You could do a spin off of your page and dedicate it to the "Lady" keep us laughing

  • Freedom of speech bro!!! You didn't post her address, you posted your green house address, it just so happens that monsters lives across the street….monsters don't have human names…so it could not have been you who posted her name and address on YouTube.

  • The spread of civilisation may be likened to a fire; first, a feeble spark, next a flickering flame, then a mighty blaze, ever increasing in speed and power.

    – Nikola Tesla –

  • Everyone dissing the police officer needs to stop. From his message, he is following up on a complaint, in other words, DOING HIS JOB. He was polite, stated the issue, and ASKED Dustin to call back. Chillax, people. Let D make that call and see what it;s all about before the howls of police stupidity go up.

  • and the Laaddyyyyy saga continues lol karmas going to bite her in the A one of these days D we all got your back id nail her for personal harassment

  • Oh you, you cliff hanged us! You jerk! LOL You know, one thing I love about you are the way you tell you stories. But you're right brah, them people are nutz. The new layout seems way better anyways so it seemed to be a good thing the other place didn't work. (yeh, I totally Brah'd you!)

  • Lol the "lady" needs to stop being an old bitty and get a life. You won and now you can deal with the shitty green house. Also fun fact all adresses are public record so it only takes a google maps serch to find anyones house. Please get a life old lady. Go yell at someone on your street for being late to trim their lawn.

  • Your getting the final word Dustin, let it eat her away, she defiantly has seen your videos since the whole incident with her, she just one of those people that will bite her own nose off out of spite, I'm happy for you, get it in

  • Best part is we know she is following you here on the YouTube and spends way too much time reading all the comments about her…… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • oh my gosh wow i have dealt with some crazies but this one take the cake must suck to go through life that bitter

  • So if she knows about your videos and what content was allegedly put there she had to sift through the video to find it. (Me watching your videos didn’t find anything leading straight to her) Point I’m trying to make here is she’s watching your videos which is adding to your views which is helping you anyway lmfaooooooo a like or a dislike of a video is still hitting a button. Tank on bro hahahahaha the best revenge is living well my friend

  • She is one of those people that just have to have something to complain about. When your life is miserable you need to take others with you. She will stay miserable and you will move on to bigger and better things.

  • NEW GREENHOUSE SAGA: I Called The Cops Back

  • Shoot, one would have no difficulty figuring out who the LADEEEE was and where she lived from the public hearing. Google maps! Is she going to go after Google maps next? Property tax records?

  • Hi , Master D
    I may not know what I’m talking about , but can you sue the lady for definition of character?

  • I recently seen when reading the comments section of a video I've watched where it said basically 'Them want you to take the video down to sell your soul.'

  • So some crazy women leader of street full of crazy people that rather have a greenhouse breeding rats soon to be dump sight and dropping property value is still making problems for you. It may have been hard on you but you much better off not having to deal with that nut job every day all day till you drop dead from the stress or leave it to rot and walk away like the last people did. I say that is win.


  • Dustin,please be aware that the "hypocrisy and hate"you've encountered and are currently experiencing, is because of your personal demeanor.The simple-minded,with their petty prejudices and dislikes;will ALWAYS view you as a" stereotype"and Not as a young enterprising,astute,entrepreneur.By ALL MEANS STAY STRONG AND BATTLE ON for"ALL FISH TANK PEOPLE !!!!!!

  • By the way you did nothing criminal so the police should not be contacting you.If anything it is a civil complaint,tell her to get a attorney.I am a retired Deputy Sheriff and that is what I would have told her.

  • Haha that cop couldn't care less if he tried, meanwhile i bet that cackling LADY thought you were gonna be in real trouble.

  • Looking like the lady wants the town to make that property a local playground park at the town's expense of course usually blaming the town for not having a park sooner I've seen a lot of small town politiics like this unfortunately or she has a use for the small lot as an office or well there's a few options on that street it seems that you interuped for sure . I'd like to see in a few years what be-comes of that lot, bad karma, bad,bad, karma, Tank on bro it's always good running into you guys at the fish shows

  • Just found ur channel tonight (the ghetto tank) I subscribed then saw this. Haha were like neighbors. I’m down around lake Cumberland. Just come down here n open ur place up. Then gimme a job. 😁

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  • That's no LAAADEEE. That's Cruella Deville. You really did dodge a bullet by not having a business in Fayette County. The city council and various bureaucrats in Fayette County might as well be communist commissars and politburo members. I was in a meeting last night and a friend in Woodford County told me about how awful Fayette County was every time he dealt with them and how wonderful Woodford County is by comparison. I have a friend who lives in Jessamine County and I don't think you'll have any trouble there. I need to move out of Fayettenam.

  • I am in the UK, so don't know who the lady is in question. I don't want to know. Lady you are anonymous. Why not grow some tall bamboo to cover the view of the greenhouse.

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