NEW GREENHOUSE SAGA: FIRED – No Aquarium WATER! Species Sunday: Buce

NEW GREENHOUSE SAGA: FIRED – No Aquarium WATER! Species Sunday: Buce

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a green house saga Sunday’s
Snyder continues how’s everybody doing I hope you’re doing well in today’s video
we’re gonna bring you up to speed on what’s going on on greenhouse 2.0 we
actually broke ground sorta we’re also gonna talk about my first firing as a
general contractor of greenhouse 2.0 but it is Sunday it is species Sunday I want
to bring you all out to the greenhouse in a minute and show you a plant that’s
been out of my life but is back in my life now so last weekend was aqua shell
abroad and I got to tell you those folks put on an amazing show and I’m super
stoked to be doing those moving forward it was awesome for me to actually meet
people in person I’m actually so socially deprived that I teared up on
two occasions one was when I spoke to a woman who had actually lost her
landscaping business to a similar lady as the one that killed my greenhouse
failed point Oh everything happens for a reason I’m a better person because of it
regardless the hug a woman and have a almost cry moment with her was special I
guess I’m not the only one in the world that has people killing things that are
trying to work on the second time your boy Dee got choked up was during the
kids aquascaping contest beneath this rapidly aging 37 year old man lived the
12 year old boy is absolutely obsessed with fish tanks and I got to relive that
12 year old part of myself during the kids aquascaping contest real quick
this is Alonzo you can see the footage here okay the rules in my aquascaping
contest which are going to be free and I have vowed on camera multiple times that
I will be having an any live event that I go to
three kids live aquascaping contas I’m just going on record with that what are
the rules doing my aquascaping contest is this if you’re a kid and you’re under
the age of 15 you can borrow whatever plants you want this is Alonso Alonso
came up to a 20 high that I had stacked full of plants
he took his arm dug in grabbed the most massive wisteria that I had in the
entire tank he then took that plant over to his little ten gallon from our
friends at planet aquarium he tried to plant out he took the plant back out
dripping all the way across the floor put it back into my aquariums and then
took out another smaller one and tried it I got hit up by his dad later on he
said thank you so much for having the aquascaping contest I really boosted my
kids self-esteem folks very few of you know you’re put on this earth to do that
is why your boy dusty was put on this earth was to be the Johnny Appleseed of
aquariums so anytime I can do this with his young kids it’s truly moving I had
an absolute awesome time watching these kids just bright-eyed ready to roll
scape and tanks and poisoning them at a young age so with that said we’re back
in the box making videos talking to myself with the smash success of aqua
Shella over it’s time to head home and work on green house 2.0 now as most of
you all know aquarium there’s somewhat of a strength of mine but new
construction is not everything that I’m doing at this point is a challenge
there’s a great quote that says there’s no growth without discomfort and I never
built new construction before so we are in the thick of it with green house 2.0
what’s the first thing that Dustin I wish I was a pink dolphin would like to
have on the property its water okay my original design for this is to have six
yard hydrants similar to the ones I have next to green house 1.0 over here I
wanted to have these dug and trench and rolling water water everywhere everybody
knows with aquariums the easier it is to do water changes the more success you’re
gonna have you can apply that in your own aquariums as well as me with the
next greenhouse so I wanted to get water lines dug fortunately I had to wait on
the state of Kentucky what’s his MO I go and do it all this water here we
submitted the plumbing permits while I was on vacation it took two weeks but I
finally got my plumbing permit approved now
here’s the rub here’s the inexperienced part from your boy D the lot that I own
out there in Nicholasville is not up on grade I want to have these yard hydrants
six of them to be exact doing 32 gallons a minute all over the property the
problem is this I wanted to get these trenched 30 inches deep into the ground
and then coming up out of the ground problem with that is this
the ground is not up on grade look a wise man knows he is not wise
I do not know squat about new construction I got a father in law his
name is poppy you might remember him from some of the greenhouse FairPoint
old videos although he was overshadowed by the lady when she handed me the black
book of death regardless anything that I have to do I
run by my father-in-law papi papi doesn’t talk much but when papi talks
you listen papi told me this I asked him I said hey papi what’s a text papi papi
ain’t calling a text papi I’m like you’ll pop you what’s up man hey
question for you I’m about to do these water lines all six of them I’ll sneak
them probably shouldn’t I get this up on grade first he sends me back a long
detailed engineering mind text basically saying yeah dude you want to get that
sucker up on grade so I get my permits I’m ready to put water and then I
realize if you want to do what you got to do it right so I decide to get the
site up on grade so I’m actually still in the process of getting quotes to
bring the site up on grade because what I didn’t want to do is this I didn’t
want to put six yard hydrants out there have water running and then all of a
sudden have guys with massive equipment coming through and potentially knocking
over one of my six yard hydrants that I just spent about ten G’s to do so I’m
taking a step back taking a step slower delaying myself because I don’t exactly
know what I’m doing to get water out there so I’m gonna do this I’m gonna
bring the site up on to grade and then once it’s up on degrade I’m gonna have
them trench and put my water lines all around so what else is going on besides
the plumbing well I wanted to get the plumbing running sooner than later but
while the Plumbing’s going on I figure we’re digging trenches why not get the
electric going here’s the situation this is the plot from our friends from our
friends at banks engineering this is the property line it’s 150 feet this way
from the road to the back of the property line this is land owned by my
man Mitch can of who I actually bought this lot from he owned all the Lots
around here he’s also a builder that comes into play here in a second now
while I’m rolling here I want to get water onto the property also want to get
electric I find out that while I’m at the property the actual electric is from
bluegrass energy not kon are you familiar with Kentucky no the K u sucks
and blueberry’s energy should be a better way to go there is a pole over
here that is where the electric comes in from Blue Grass energy coincidentally
way over here is one from K use so I lucked out I got bluegrass energy now we
got to dig a ditch all the way across from here I hit up Mitch I’m like yo man
I got to bring I got to bring electric across your property in order to get it
to mine Mitch is cool Mitch’s down mitch has been Alaba dude the work with you is
like yeah no problem man we’ll split the cost that’s dope with the cost right so
Mitch gets out there he says when you gonna start he text me at 7:45 in the
morning he’s like how we’re gonna start today I said can you hit me with any
more good news this morning I go out there at 8:45 at night on a
Friday night you want hustlin that’s hustlin I’m at 8:45 and night the Sun is
going down I go out there and there is a man named duck yes this man introduced
himself as duck duck is sitting on the back of a machine that has trenched
about three-quarters of this line back here along the back I’m super stoked
duck is getting it done meanwhile I’m still battling with the person who I
have contracted haven’t given any money to but have contracted to do the
plumbing duck is out here digging ditches okay Monday I called the guy who
I wanted to dig the ditches for the water now to be fair I have now adjusted
my plan because I wanted to bring this site up on grade the guy that I was
gonna have bringing the site up on grade wasn’t calling me back so on Monday I’m
looking at this and I’m going now wait a minute here ducks been out there he’s
dug three quarters of a trench and I’m about to get power why can’t this guy
come out here and even give me a quote I’m bringing it up to grade then dig the
ditches for this I decide in a quick caffeinated rant that you know what if
he’s not calling me back and he’s not giving me prices and he can’t
communicate he is now first firing happens before I even get water on the
property he’s out Mitch’s in I go out there on Monday the trench has been dug
all the way out there and bluegrass energy the lady Tonya is actually
standing there I don’t talk to her cuz I’m on the phone with somebody else she
gives me a look I give her a thumbs up in an on my head like this she goes yeah
you’re so we have an electric line trenched all
the way from here mitch is now the person that I’m probably going to have
do the digging on this property right here but I’m still about to get it up to
grade no I’m not a builder I’m a fish tank dude if any of you all know
anything about bringing a property up on the grade or have any advice please let
me know here’s where we are at this time I’m actually gonna bring this property
up on to grade at the highest point it only needs about 8 inches dirt at the
lowest point it needs about two and a half feet of dirt I’ve gotten a quote
for about 6 G’s to get this done I also asked my father in law and my paid
engineer should I get this compacted they said absolutely so we’re going slow
and we’re gonna get it up on the grade sooner than later folks
I could talk about the greenhouse 2.0 all day long I got one last thing to
tell you and that is this I don’t talk about my wife much but she is good at
designing stuff as far as colors we have elected and I’ve actually paid the
deposit down on the new building for green house 2.0 we’re gonna roll with
ash gray and we’re gonna roll with ivy green or as I like to call it Dustin’s
fishtanks green on the roof so some decisions are being made but it folks it
is Sunday it is species Sunday can I talk about
some plants with you instead of the green house let’s do it
but it’s Sunday it’s species Sunday where does your boy dusty go when he’s
stressed out about playing general contractor in greenhouse 2.0 he goes to
greenhouse 1.0 and he sits like this and he stares at plants and he watches the
plants and folks this is this is a plant it’s all good this is a a plant that I’m
excited to have back in Busa philanderer named after Alexander the Great’s horse
busie phallus where he conquered almost all of antiquity this is why we play the
game folks because boost unlike a lot of other plants gives you this crazy
iridescent look that simply can’t be beat I gotta tell you this stuff I used
to get it and it was wild collected and it was a lot cheaper than it is today
now this stuff is actually farm raised how can you tell simple it’s got like
longer growth a little bit better growth on here
it’s been underwater for quite a while it’s not as
raggedy-looking but boosah Flandre oh my goodness when I advise people on how to
take care of boosts and simple think of boost like you think of anubias I like
higher calcium content in the water that’s one of the benefits of living
here in the bluegrass is because we have higher calcium content in our water
anytime generally speaking with like a bacopa or a boost or an anubius or any
other like Burley stem plants you want to think higher calcium content we have
higher calcium content here in the water in Lexington which is why the horses run
so fast around here but this boost right here is simply
can’t be beat you can notice the long root growth on
it now I like to attach boosts if Alandra to a rock or to a tree however
it can handle its roots like anubias its roots can go down to the substrate not
its rhizome but I want to just show some of these on here I do have what you see
is what you get boost available on my site
these are portions that will be available as well but you can check
these out boosts has this just iridescent shimmer
to it that I really like but it takes a while to get that out we do daily water
changes on it just to make sure any of the missing trace elements are added
back in it daily but you’ve got so many different varieties they all have fake
names like this is called Theia or whatever this one right here is called
red stem obviously it’s got a red stem so the names are basically made up if
you can see some of the varieties of this but I’m super excited about this
because in greenhouse 2.0 I’m actually going to be cultivating and growing this
out on my own because I don’t like the fact Etowah it’s been so savagely taken
out of the wild it is what it is these may have alternately been wild collected
but they haven’t grown out in captivity which i think is nice so yeah folks do
me a favor drop me a comment on what you think about busa Flandre how you keep
boost I keep loosing highlight you can see new growth popping already here in
here I use highlight good water flow it’s a slower grower so you want to have
good water flow that’s the same thing with anubius but drop me a comment on
what you think about busa fletcher let me know if you’re a general contractor
and you have any advice on getting greenhouse to
point o up on grade I’m in a good time with these hit the like button subscribe
button and share button if you like what we’re doing and tank on everybody later

88 thoughts on “NEW GREENHOUSE SAGA: FIRED – No Aquarium WATER! Species Sunday: Buce

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  • To add calcium and magnesium and few other trace elements for your plants, take egg shells boil them to remove the inner albumen lining, crush them up into a powder. A coffee grinder or spice grinder works well for that and sprinkle them into the tank or bag them up in a filter bag and float it in your tank or in your filter. They will slowly dissolve and act as a beneficial bacteria growing medium in the mean time. This is great if your water is expensive and you have a lot of tanks and you don't want to buy remineralization stones or additives. Doesn't change the hardness much if at all good for your fish too, and great to add if you are using RO water which is demineralized.

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    Really depends on the existing grade and soil type there and what youโ€™d truly need done. If itโ€™s sand/ stone he could grade all that out and add more crushed gravel to build up where needed. Otherwise you definitely donโ€™t want to build on clay or organic matter(loam/ topsoil) as itโ€™ll cause drainage issues, possible heaving or settling. And yea definitely need everything compacted but unless done with large rollers like used on roads/ highways everything will have to be compacted in small lifts (up to 2โ€ or so at a time depending on the plate compactor). That said what works in same areas of the country/ world wonโ€™t work everywhere or in cases may not be needed. Not sure whatโ€™s winters are like by you but definitely have to really worry about freezing/ thawing where Iโ€™m at.
    AlwAys wanted my own greenhouse. So been checking to see how this is comin along
    Good luck

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  • I do dirt work, I would have helped if you were in Texas! And I agree with compacting make sure that the cushion sand used is clean also. Dont want to end up with things like tree roots in there cause in time it breaks down and you end up with empty space and everything shifts.

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  • Not a general contractor but I did work for a regulatory agency in the mining program and was exposed to the effects of improper grading of land on structures. You have one advantage, your maximum fill height is not that great, the fill should probably be put in no larger than 12" lifts. (12" of fill, compact it to proper specification for your area and soil type then place the next 12" of fill, and continue to repeat the process until the land is at the proper grade). By doing this you reduce the chance of uneven settling of the ground once the structure is built.

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