Speaker 1: What’s up Fish Tank people?, bringing
it to you on a greenhouse Saga Sunday. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well. In last week’s video, we talked about how
I was having issues getting a building permit and engineered prints for the building that
was going to go next to the greenhouse. But in today’s video, we’re going to talk
about the actual greenhouse. Speaker 1: And just for the record, this is
actually a YouTube channel about aquariums and your boy Dusty here is going to be doing
the largest aquascape I’ve ever done. A 900 gallon Mekong River tank redo at the
Newport Aquarium up in Cincinnati in the next couple of weeks. So do yourself a favor, do me a favor, do
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of when I do the largest aquascape I’ve ever done. Some of you can actually come and check me
out doing it live as well. Speaker 1: Now back to the greenhouse. And no Greenhouse Saga Sunday would be complete
without a little bit of woo woo. Just a reminder of my affirmation part of
it anyways, starts with if I could have any job in the world, what would it be? I have the perfect job for me, doing a [inaudible
00:01:29] aquarium and videotaping it for you all as part of that. Thank you. Speaker 1: Okay, so a few things worth mentioning
and quickly recapping here to bring you up to speed on where we are with the building
permit. You recall my meeting with the evil building
inspector. But the evil building inspector turned out
to be a pretty cool dude and has one, two, three, four, five fish takes. But that doesn’t mean he’s just goin to go
and hand me a building permit. There is a process we have to go through and
we want to do it right. Speaker 1: There are three things that are
keeping me from getting a building permit at this point. One is engineered prints from the greenhouse. Check, I had that, I learned that was fail.0. The next thing we need is engineered prints
for the actual building. I am, of course, am going to rely on the builder
to somehow supply those. Not sure why it’s so difficult. The other thing we need is a foundation design. How is the building and how is the greenhouse
going to attach into the foundation? You’re truly has to take the bull by the horns
on this one. Speaker 1: Now please understand folks, anytime
you hear the word engineer, think money leaving your wallet. We have to understand we have the engineered
prints for the actual structure of the greenhouse we’re working or the builders are working
on giving me engineered prints for the actual building. But the foundation is something in of itself. How is the building going to be affixed to
the ground? This property, unlike fail.0 which was agricultural
rural, this is zoned B1, meaning business. Meaning, if I want to be open full retail,
I can, okay. Speaker 1: So there are concerns by the city,
and rightfully so, with anyone in a B1 zone where people are going to be on the property
of how is this thing affixed and how is it going to be attached to the ground. You can’t just throw up some Hoophouse. If I was in a backyard in the middle of no
man’s land Kentucky, I could basically build whatever I want. But the property is located in a good location,
a B1 location, so they need to figure out how this thing is going to be attached to
the ground. Speaker 1: Let’s talk about the actual greenhouse. Now for the actual greenhouse, it requires
an engineered foundation design. That is not included in the original greenhouse
price because every county, municipality, whatever is different, has different engineering
codes that are required for this. My only point of reference on this is greenhouse
1.0. When 1.0 was constructed in my backyard, I
was told by the seller that every 12 feet or so I needed a pier that was about two and
a half feet down from the frost line. That’s worked out well so far, I haven’t had
any problems with the concrete in 1.0. Speaker 1: However, greenhouse 2.0 is 4.5
times larger than 1.0. so I have to figure out what the heck I’m
doing. I call my buddy Kurt up, who is actually a
engineer in town. I actually dirted one of his aquariums a while
back. [inaudible 00:03:55] around here and checked
that out. Kurt tells me to get in touch with his buddy
Moe. I call up Moe. I get Moe on the phone, I talk to him about
what I’m doing. He explains to me he needs the reactions,
the loads and all the good stuff. Basically the structural stuff of the actual
greenhouse. Speaker 1: I’m on the phone, like, “Yo man,
how soon can you do this? You can get this done pretty quick? Wonderful. You can get it done pretty quick.” And then I asked the question, “Yeah, how
much is this going to cost?” His exact reply to me was, “How much you got?” You know you’re getting taken to the cleaners
when somebody asks you, “How much you got?” I’m not going to say I was charged to do the
foundation [inaudible 00:04:31]. Lets just say it was way more than I was looking
to spend. However, I did haggle him a little bit and
get him down about 300 bucks. Regardless, anytime you’re dealing with engineers,
you’re going to expect to pay more money. But you got to pay the cost to be the boss
and time is money when it comes to mind, taken in blood, he could do it quickly. So he got it moving, he got me the foundation
designs for the greenhouse. Speaker 1: Let’s talk about the greenhouse
because oh my lord is it beautiful. Okay, the greenhouse itself is life goal of
mine. It was actually about six years ago we built
greenhouse 1.0. now I’m working with a clean canvas, if you
speak, on greenhouse 2.0 and I have to figure out exactly what I want. No, people in life don’t get they want because
they don’t know what they want. Let’s talk about what I want and what I’m
going to get. After fail.0 I had to figure out what I wanted. One of the things I learned from fail.0 was
this, I wanted galvanized steel columns and I wanted polycarbonate panels. Look, that place has been sitting there for
over 10 years, the thing is still standing. That’s what iced it for me. I was over there in the middle of winter last
year and it was warm inside on sunny day with nothing going on. Speaker 1: For greenhouse 2.0, I envisioned
it to be 36 feet wide. Why 36 feet wide? [singing 00:05:41]. You want respect to how big greenhouse 2.0
is? This is messy Mya’s room, that’s a tape measure
basically at the wall. That’s 35 feet right there. All wonderful woo references aside, 36 feet
wide was the width that I had envisioned. In fail.0, I had been in there a number of
times, I had seen the way the light had come in there. There was no obstructions of the sun with
any like middle support poles or anything like that. Speaker 1: Speaking of sun. Speaking of the sun, let’s talk about the
sun. Someday I’m going to give you a deep history
lesson about the sun. For now, we’re going to stick with greenhouses. Greenhouses get extremely hot in the summertime
because they keep the heat in and sometimes it’ll magnify it. I had been in fail.0 and I believe the reason
the guy actually went out of business, because he had zero vents in a 180 foot long, 36 foot
wide greenhouse. I was actually going to have to retrofit vents
into the ceiling of the existing fail.0 greenhouse. Speaker 1: What kind of vents does Dusty want? Let’s talk about that. Once fail.0 failed, I realized it’s a nice
silver lining that I can get whatever I wanted. No, look, fail.0 was good deal but didn’t
work. So I’m not made of money but I still have
to figure out what I want. People in life don’t get what they want because
they don’t know what they want. Now, I’m making a long-term life decision
here. This isn’t like a one year thing. I’m moving into this thing for the next 20
probably 30-40 years. So I have to think about what I want. Speaker 1: What do I want? I want the sunshine. I want the sun but I also want good ventilation
of that heat out of the greenhouse. A lot of greenhouse manufactures use huge
fans at the end of greenhouses. The problem with fans is this. Problem one is that they make noise. Problem two is that they take energy to run. Just like with my aquariums, I do not like
any equipment that makes any sort of noise. I want it quite, I want it zen, believe it
or not, despite what you’re seeing here on YouTube. Speaker 1: Fans are out, vents are in. This is where it gets really sexy folks, I
promise. Folk, greenhouse 2.0 has a 30 foot long, 8
foot wide atrium style roof that opens like a volcano to the bright blue skies on my old
Kentucky home. And yes, I look forward to frolicking through
that greenhouse in the full sun either by myself, with Josh, or perhaps, even with you
someday. Dude, are you like socially deprived or something? Speaker 1: All right, now I know some of you
all, you work in greenhouses or might have some opinions on this. So do me a favor, drop me a comment on what
you think about my vent design. I think it’s pretty awesome. But if you have any sort of input on keeping
greenhouses cool or heating them, drop me a note in the comments would ya? Thanks. Speaker 1: But we’re getting ahead of ourselves
here. We can talk about the greenhouse all day long
but if we don’t have a building permit, we got no greenhouse. Meanwhile, while Moe is working on my engineered
foundation prints for greenhouse 2.0, the greenhouse itself is delivered to the property. Let me tell ya folks, it was something special
seeing the greenhouse coming as the sun was rising along with my whole team there with
me, it was awesome. Speaker 2: What’s up dude? Speaker 1: Group hug, oh my god. I’m so happy. Fail.0 had big galvanized steel. Fail.0 had the big galvanized steel that sat
for like 12 years. So this is why I knew that’s what I wanted
just by watching that one sit in rot and not rot, not rot. Speaker 1: So when I was talking with the
manufacturer that actually said I had to have somebody there and some sort of fork lift
or something to unload it. Actually had to pay him $225, my man Ron,
to come over unload this sucker. It was worth the money though. Speaker 1: But just because the greenhouse
hits the property, doesn’t mean I have building permit yet to build it. Actually makes it worse. Do me a favor folks, drop me a comment on
how you think greenhouse 2.0 is looking so far. And make sure you hit that notification button
and that subscribe button so you’ll get updated on the 900 gallon aquarium were doing up at
the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati. Everybody make it an awesome week and tank
on. Later.

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