Moringa Oleifera from seed to tree – The complete guide to growing the superfood Moringa

Moringa Oleifera from seed to tree – The complete guide to growing the superfood Moringa

So these morning seeds have been
sitting overnight in this bowl of water And as you can see
it’s nice and soggy are ready to germinate now so let’s set it up…
You will need a box Where you’ll germinate the seeds,
Some paper towels Where the seeds will actually send out roots and its interesting to see how that
works So what we’re going to do is
push this paper towel down into this box and we are going to
moisten it a little bit but we’re just going to see
if it fits properly and then of course you know
we’re going to take it out and Just moisten it a little bit
Just take a few drops of water and moisten it
For the seeds you need to remove the flanges I’ve noticed that ones the flanges are removed The Moringa germinates a lot better And you’re going to see a big difference
in the way it germinates So you are going to remove the flanges
throw it out…Let’s take a just going to use this paper towel
to collect the scraps Just remove the flanges for all the seeds
And keep them aside Just like that! so we’re going to take all the seeds
you might want to experiment with some of the flanges on Because up it might help you with the
germination sometimes but I just noticed that with the flanges removed, it’s a lot
better So there we go, it’s all done…
I’m just going to take some water from this bowl and try to
wet this so that we can re-use some of that water That didn’t work out very well
So let me try doing that again There we go…that looks much better Aright just lay it down Just make sure its like evenly wet
And then lay it down That should be good
That looks good Alright…set it up properly
And put the seeds inside When you’re putting the seeds inside
Just lay them so that they are a little bit don’t have to be too particular about …but give them some space to grow That way they just don’t over-crowd So once you set the seeds in
Close the lid and this will create a humid environment
for the seeds to germinate it so that’s about it…
In the next step, we’re going to see how the seeds germinate so what we’re going to do is keep the seeds
next to a nice sunny location And keep it sealed inside the box
so it retains the moisture And these should start sprouting pretty soon It’s been about a week now
So let’s open this up and see how those seeds are doing They seem to be doing well
It’s already started germinating so let’s open it up and check So as you can see the seeds have started sending the shoots up
And the roots have actually started developing in the paper towels inside there
so I think its looking pretty good we had about a 50 percent germination rate as you can see there are three that have sprouted
out of… the six seeds that we started with So in the next step we’re going to make a seed starting mix
The seed starting that I use has one part each of
compost, worm castings Perlite and Peat Moss So I think that’s a good combination
for a seed starting mix But you can always use your own you know we just need to make sure
that it retains moisture and it supplies nutrients because the worm castings do supply nutrients
So let’s put in in these pots Its a good idea to pre-moisten
the seed starting mix But I’m just going to put it in the pots and water it later If you want to make it a little easy
You can just make it a little moist and work your way that way
Its just a little easier as you can see from the video now
When I try to water these pots they’re not gonna be very very consistent as far as the water level goes We’re now going to water these pots
Making sure they are nice and moist I noticed my watering can had a spillage…I fixed it later…but in this video you will see that
its still broken Anyways as I said Its a good idea
to pre-moisten the potting/seed staring mix We’re now going to take our seeds or germinated seeds
and put them in the the pots that we just created
That one looks little soggy so Let’s try the other one Let’s put it inside this one…
That looks good Add a little bit of soil around the plant…
and that’s it! that’s all we need to do
to get this plant started After this is done I would suggest
placing the plant in a semi-shaded location
That way it doesn’t have a lot of stress while it tries
to grow into a small plant This is how the plant looks like
after about a month As you can see
it’s growing pretty good and… because it’s warm here in August
it’s got a good head start here It’s been about nine months now And this plant has survived the winter
and it’s actually going pretty well If you can see the trunks
are a little thick..and Its doing a good job growing up through the spring
This is the same plan that has grown thru Spring and thru the summer months
Its now August so its been about a year for this plant
And for a year’s worth of growth This plant looks pretty good
Its got nice lush green leaves Pretty good structure…and The stems have started developing well too
If you look at the base of the stem
Its nice and let’s try to get a closer look here
there you go its nice and woody so this Moringa plant will fruit inside this pot itself. And as you know Moringa is a SuperFood
Its one of the best foods which you can grow
It actually a vegetable but forms a fruit It has long pods and seeds
The leaves are very nutritious… The fruit is nutritious
So its really a wonderful plant to grow

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  • We're actually using this amazing tree for a small reforestation experiment in the Dominican Republic. I made a short video about a little Moringa power planting session we did recently. Check it out if you feel like it!

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  • Its easy to plant this tree, just get the branch and stick it to soil, and in 1 week or a month  it will start to leaf.

  • Why all this trouble. The seeds germinate and grow much easier. I get some small disposable plastic cups that have been use. Punch some holes in the bottom. Fill the cup wish soil. Stick the seed in the cups, shell and all bout 1/2 inch down. Add water. In 1 week it will send shoots up and roots down. It grows an inch per day. in 2 weeks, cut away the plastic cup and transplant with the soil you set it in. It will continue to grow and inch a day. When it reaches about 6-7 feet. Cut it and it will spread. Allow 3 month interval to reap and cut again. Each time you cut a branch it spreads. If you want pods, cut it less frequently.

  • I started some seeds in march and had 8' trees in august. I have tried several methods of sprouting but always get about 50% sprouting. Be very careful not to expose the roots if you are transplanting the tree from another container. Either cut the container or use 2 spades to transplant. Once these tress reach 6" or so it is very easy to kill them if the roots get exposed. I have been working with plants for 50 years and this one is easy to grow once your transplant takes hold. Also morninga does well in sandy soil, full sun and does not need a lot of water. Fertilizer and special soils are unnecessary. If the leaves turn yellow it is getting too much water.

  • I'm growing some seeds inside, by a window and heater (because I'm in France) and after watching a few videos online, I'm wondering what's up with my plants. They're growing, but they aren't growing big leaves like yours…. It's like they're little bean stalks that keep getting taller, and then too heavy to hold themselves up… I wish I could attach a photo here. I'm wondering if they're OK. :-/

  • just cut a stem from a mature tree and plant it. It's that easy to plant and grow this plant. just don't overwater it, but it has to have a source of sunlight

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    Live in San Jose, CA area. What month would be ideal to start the seedling ?

    Thanks again.

  • Just viewed this moringa video. Truly eye opening. As a comfrey grower and an avid user of Effective Microorganisms (diy rice wash fermentation) fertilizer. The EM has been incredibly successful throughout the garden. My source for info on EM was a YouTube search starting with Korean natural farming. Highly recommend this excellent fertilizer which is easy to produce and organic. I was stunned the first time that I sprayed diluted EM on seedlings and saw them react as if I had used Miracle- Gro with leaves reaching for the sky. Also use as a soil drench.

    I immediately ordered moringa some seeds for long term growth and powder for ongoing use in my small vegetable garden.
    I like the seed germination video by Organic Freak. Efficient and space saving and effective. I substitute coffee filters' smoother finish in place of paper towels.

    Many thanks for your informative and useful videos.

    Mary in Dana Point

  • Love all your videos… do you have any information on how to overwinter a Moringa?  I am in zone 7B and worry they will die.

  • Hi I love your videos!! was wondering if this will grow well in warm but shady area? I have a patio which is quite bright and warm but we only get 1 or 2 hours of direct sunlight

  • HiI planted a moringa seed in a small pot and now I have 2 sets of leaves already but the roots are showing under the potIts not at all as big as your plant so do you suggest I leave it for 9 months like you did or move it into th ground ?

  • Would you be prepared to send me some moringa seeds to the United Kingdom I would pay you for postage and the seeds my email is [email protected] my address is 13 Newsteads, Aiskew, Bedale. North Yorkshire. DL81BD best regards Paul

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  • Thanks for the tips… I germinated 100 seeds in August, 2017, and transplanted the shoots to 1 gal pots 45 days later. They continued to grow through Nov. 1, to an average of 22" high… very lush growth. I did bring them in our Florida room during Hurricane Irma and brought them back out after the storm. We had a few very cold spells during Dec – Jan 2018. It is now February 20th, 2018. They saplings lost their leaves but the stalks are still green and solidly rooted. I need some advice… now that the weather has turned warm again, (low to mid-80's F) can I snip off the very top and let them continue to grow. Also, I have watered them with Epsom Salts. Dr. Jones, Ocala, FL

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  • Hello. I was able to grow some moringa plants following the above method. One of the plants has small white spots on the leaves. Can you please advise why this is and what the remedy is? I live in Canada, and it was not easy to grow these plants as the weather is cold most of the time. I grew these plants indoors and lost quite a few. I still have them indoors as it is not very warm outside yet. Thanks and kind regards.

  • I've done better feeding my worms and got high quality worm shit for my tomatoes.. But growing this moringa from seeds? I gave it up it just kept dying once the seedlings are at around 6" . Just want to share that. I've finally grew one from a cutting mailed to me from AZ it's quite healthy.

  • I just planted some, they are 10-12 inches. I just want to know if they should be in partial sun because now they are getting about 5-6 hours sun.

  • Thanks for the video. I’m fascinated with morenga.

    Newby here. I just threw my seeds in the ground and they grew. I don’t know dick about farming and I was able to get things to ‘germinate’…whatever that means.

    I’m not trying to stifle your video. Mad respect…but I think these things were engineered to be fool proof. They’re a gift from God.

    There isn’t a more perfectly engineered tree for humans. Fast growing. Most nutrient dense plant on Earth, can make cooking oil or bread from the seeds, purifies water, multiple medical applications to include a topical antibiotic, branches can just be stuck in the ground….poof a new tree. Every part of this tree is edible or useful. It’s

  • Here in India, with in a year of planting moringa tree we will have two or three crops.May i know why the tree had a small growth ,due to the climatic conditions or else due to planting the tree in the pot?

  • Dr. Phil was conducting a therapy session with four young mothers and their small children.
    "You all have obsessions," he observed. To the first mother he said,"You are so obsessed with eating you've even named your daughter Candy."
    He turned to the second mom: "Your obsession is with money. Again, it manifests itself in your child's name, Penny."
    He turns to the third mom: "Your obsession is alcohol.This, too, manifests itself in your child's name, Brandy."
    At this point, the fourth mother gets up, takes her little boy by the hand and whispers, "Come on Dick, we're leaving."

  • Hi, I need your suggestion. My two years moringa tree is almost 7 ft tall, it has very few branches and less leaves. I fertilize this tree regularly still flowers are not converting in to fruits.

  • One suggestion: I always line my pots with coffee filters: Fit up around sides & carefully add potting soil to hold filter in place. If using a large pot, just use more filters. Cover drainage holes & add the soil. Dampen soil, add plant, add more soil. Perfect drainage w/o losing soil and making a mess, and doesn't degrade. I've been doing this for…eons! 😀

  • Hi, this is definitely much much helpful video for a first time gardener. I actually did some seed starting for other plants before watching this video. I used Miracle gro potting mix in small seed starting containers and placed seeds. will they have trouble in germinating ? i actually checked in a nursery and that guy suggested it really doesnt matter if i use potting soil or seed starting soil. Little worried now.

  • Here is a link to an audiobook on Moringa seeds
    press play at the bottom of the picture to hear a Sample

  • I put my seeds straight into the ground 2 weeks ago and now have trees over 3” tall. No special treatment required.

  • Thanks for this video. Please, can you provide a more detailed video on how to care for it from the 1 month to 6 mth stage. i have found they die after they reach about 15 to 20 cm. they are sensitive. what to do?

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  • Thank you very much for sharing your video, it’s very helpful and informative. Thanks for your efforts. I appreciate it.

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