Hello YouTube. In this video I’m going to explain to you how I built a two hundred dollar greenhouse, which
would cost the Justice kit alone for this new will cost over a thousand
dollars. I’ll explain how I built it for 200 bucks
and take you through it. First of all you need plastic for a greenhouse, a simple cheap greenhouse you need plastic.
Here we used a higher and commercial grade plastic a 25 by 25 foot piece cost me fifty dollars so
there’s 1/4 my cost already. Now this plastic has so many tributes to
it. It is light diffusing meaning it acts like an opaque lands and diffuses the light throughout the greenhouse evenly. I can
have a hanging plant along the inside they will not cast a shadow on the plants
below it. It is very beneficial when you are packing your greenhouse for plants and
you want everything to get light. Also it has a thermal additive to it meaning it will hold up to 20
percent more heat, thermal heat then other plastic like your
cheaper plastic like you’ve is Queen plastic. Which will just allow the heat to
dissipate faster. Also it is it has anti condensation property to it meaning the inside of the
greenhouse, once it gets very moist which typically happens will not drip little droplets of water down
your head It allows it to condense and coalesce and run
down the sides For the second part that I had to get for my greenhouse was the wood. I used a simple rectangular
frame along the bottom in twelve and a half
feet by twenty two feet It has a two by four base and on a side here
I used a one inch by 10 inch or one inch
by 12 inch. I used a combination of both and I picked all the wood up for this
greenhouse for about sixty dollars there’s a local amish sawmill who happens
the set off to the side any and their seconds any wood that has
a blemish or chips out of it or it might have a small
crack something like that and oddball reason
they don’t want it and they’ll send it out and sell it
relatively cheap so I picked it up and was able to build
my greenhouse out of it ! The door I horse trader with a friend of
mine he had and I’d trade him peace have a copper
piping for his house so that worked out really well. To
hold the plastic down I just used lath, we pulled it tight over
the frame rapid couple times in the lath and then
nailed it down. I did that a long all sides in a nice tight fixture and that seems to have worked
rather well so far we had the plastic, the wood, now we’ll talk about the metal hoops on
the inside here. I was able to pick these up there was eleven of them. I picked these up used, as you can see them, for 60 bucks and that is extremely cheap. Just by looking around I lucked out
happen to find a for sale All we did to hold the distance between the hoops, was we had some aluminum piping lying around and we lashed those into place with
binder twine. It seemed to work really well And not only that, we can hanging plants from them. Now to attach
the framing to the wood I came up with an idea of electrical
conduit clamps. That seemed to work rather well As you can see there we just put her on the hoops, drilled it into
place with some screws and it’s a it’s rather strong
there’s my worm bins, temporary chicken coop and there is the other end of the greenhouse with a
small window just an old school window hand remove it put it back into place and that’s about it so I had fifty dollars in a plastic about sixty in the wood, sixty in the hoops and
the remaining miscellaneous I had screws conduit clamps, some caulking , the lathe on the outside and that’s
about it thank you as always post comments and giving any extra ideas


  • It was 2 years ago from an Amish greenhouse supply catalog based out of Lancaster Pennsylvania. Prices may have risen somewhat.

  • I have been thinking of building a small green house myself, this video gives me some great ideas, thanks for sharing.

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  • Lucky for me the tubes were pre bent. However the one PVC section that I put in was cut to 25 feet in length for the to be arched which comes to about 12 1/2 feet in width at the base

  • Probably not. That type of plastic wouldn't be UV treated, and would break down in the sunlight after a few months.

  • greenhouse plastic coverings have ultra-violet protective formulae. I don't think bubblewrap contains and UV protection, so while it might work fine on the short term, it would probably disintegrate and blow away rather quickly.

    Commercial greenhouse plastic is quite durable.. costs a bit more but you can get a longer lifespan than regular construction-grade plastics.

    Commercial greenhouse growers can also hire helicopters to spray additional protective coatings for extra life.

  • You can buy those now for under $1/W and $15 shipping (at least to NY where I live). I'm not part of the company ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM but I would feel bad to see people pay $300 for one of them if they can get it for half.
    Dude, I like your videos but lets try to make solar more affordable!
    Go Solar! and please like this to get it up higher in the comment list…

  • great job buddy. I want to build one eventually as I get a very short growing season , had no idea it could be done so nice for so cheap. +1 subscriber

  • great job.. I am looking to build my own green house to continue grow food all winter long in my New England home.. great Idea thanks.. plus the chickens even better idea haha

  • Yeah we have got mild hailstorms that don't last long and it has withstood it with no holes. The sloped angle helps the ice to bounce off. However I don't know how large of stones it can with stand. The plastic is very durable.

  • Randall, love the concept, I am building one very similar, bought 10' lengths of 3/4" UPVC tubing from the Restore (enough for a 45 feet long tunnel) used lumber from craigslist, rebar from a recycling company 1/4 of the cost from a big box store. The only thing I had to buy new was the T joints and the crosses.  Plumbing stores sell the fittings (T's and four way joints for the UPVC piping) cheaper than the big box stores.  The UV resistant poly I got from an commercial grower for $20 (10mm thick).  You answered one of my challenges with the window design, so simple but so effective.   Keep up the good work!

  • Randall I love this – thanks for sharing. May I ask how secure this is in a bad storm/wind & in the winter ? I am thinking on doing a smaller version for my small yard. Love your creativity !

  • I suspect the plastic will need to be protected from chaffing during high winds, especially where it laps over the boards. I can't get that type of plastic locally just the weak and easily torn poly sheet.

  • YOU may need some type of exhaust in summer or heat source in winter some use a compost bin with 6inch hose attached to green house to pump in heat.

  • This is just another helpful information to contemplate. Growing majority of foods through this homemade solar gardening is very beneficial. The mere fact that it is very economical and the assurance for the safety of your foods is there. One thing for sure is that I can start setting up my own with the big help from you. Thank you for encouraging me to do so!

  • We live in a sustainable, food producing community in Southern Costa Rica called #OsaMountainVillage. We are building another called #SerenityGardensEcoVillage. 50% of our buyers are using their IRAs and 401Ks to purchase. A great way to diversify…. no tax penalties. We love it here!

  • Are you opposed to adding an environmental control system? PRIVA makes a pretty good system. You can manage all inputs: temperature, relative humidity, light quality and photoperiodicity, fertigation, and many others through a single computer program in your greenhouse's headhouse office. LOL!!! Just kidding. You could do those things, but I can plainly see you are doing this the "Gren" way. I love your chickens: pest control and fertilizer all in one. Happy growing.

  • Nice job! Kudos for the creative thinking!! Would love to have something like this but my HOA would never allow it. Someday I will have a little piece of land that I could do this – always love learning how others create great ways to grow foods. Thank you for sharing this video.

  • I would like to make my mom a green house were did you get your plastic exactly thank you and i like it wish i had room like that nice and roomy

  • I love this idea and how you reused things…i really really wanna make my own garden/greenhouse the only problem i have is that i live in a house that is considered a double and if my landlord doesn't like the greenhouse idea then i have to take it down…but i was wondering a better way of making a garden that i don't have to worry about making my landlord mad and having kids and strange neighbors getting into my garden…

  • how are you , If anyone else wants to grow you own tasty healthy vegetables simply it's worth trying – Banfan Incredible Organic Miracle (do a google search)? Ive heard some interesting things about it from my co-worker – excellent!

  • What an inspiration!  You have demonstrated that with forethought in planning, the willingness to scrounge and trade that we can put together a great green house!  Please keep on sharing as people need to know these things as we work towards taking back our food supply and helping each other become healthier!  Thank you!

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  • WoW! I would love to have this, but I live in a deed restricted community. Great Job! I have a hard time finding organic food, and I eat mostly organic! Great job Randall! -jessica

  • Does the grass still grow inside the green house? Do you have to go in there with a weed whacker to cut it?

  • How long did your plastic last? You used it for a temporary chicken coop. Did you have any trouble with predators trying to dig in or tear through the sides? Thanks!

  • how do I fine the plastic you used. ive been looking around this is all i could find.

  • I have began to collect used trampoline's people are giving away on FB and Craigslist, it seems there are many ways to re use them. Great Job with the green house.

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  • I’ll b making one ASAP. I have big plans and your greenhouse construction make a greenhouse easy and affordable!

  • As a beginner with woodwork, I usually feel overwhelmed with the whole plan. But Ryan's plans led me through with much clarity and simplicity [ Check Details Here=> ]. I now work like a pro. That's good!

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