Greta Thunberg – Inspiring Others to Take a Stand Against Climate Change | The Daily Show

Greta Thunberg – Inspiring Others to Take a Stand Against Climate Change | The Daily Show

Welcome to The Daily Show. -Thank you so much.
-And welcome to New York City. You came here
on a zero-emissions boat, and part of me thinks that’s
because you love the climate; the other part of me wonders if that’s just
your Viking heritage. -(laughter)
-Maybe it is. -It might be?
-Yeah. Tell me why you did that. Why didn’t you fly
to New York City to come and, you know, speak
at the U.N. and-and, you know, inspire people to move forward
in the climate change movement? I did it because I have,
since a few years, stopped flying
because of the enormous impact aviation has on the climate,
uh, individually. And, um, just to make a stand. And, uh, I am one of
the very few people in the world who can actually do such a trip, so I thought, why not? Wow. (applause, cheering) Wow. I, uh… I mean, I know
I wouldn’t do that as a kid, -and I wouldn’t do it now. Um…
-(laughter) But what-what is inspiring
is your determination, and what’s inspiring
is that it doesn’t just affect other young people. It started to effect
older generations in Sweden, in Germany. People are starting to call it
“The Greta Effect,” where people are taking
more trains– since you started
this movement– they’ve said they feel ashamed to fly unnecessarily
in Europe. Your mom is an opera singer
and she stopped flying, which means she couldn’t perform
the way she used to. Do you sometimes feel bad
that she can’t perform, or are you more excited
that she’s not part of, I guess, polluting the planet? I don’t care, honestly,
about how she performs. -She…
-(laughter) She… (laughter and applause) She’s… She’s doing
musicals now, so, I mean,
she had to change career, but it wasn’t that big. (laughter) And the planet is the most
important thing for you. Yeah. I mean, for all of us,
I think it should be. Why… (applause) Why do you think… Why do you think young people are so focused
on climate change now? There’s a definite, uh,
disconnect between older generations
and younger generations when talking about the climate. Why do think that is? I mean, I think it is
because we, in a way, feel like it is more
a direct threat. Others feel like, “I won’t be alive then,
anyway, so screw it.” But we…
But we, we actually know that these consequences will face us during
our lifetime, and it is already
happening now. And it will get worse. And, uh, so I think
that is why so many young people,
especially, care about this. And, uh, and, of course, the awareness is not
as it needs to be, it’s not as much
as it needs to be. People are still very unaware,
it’s my experience. And, uh, so we need to continue, but you can see
that among young people the concern is bigger. What do you think people need
to learn about climate change? Many people have heard
of the climate warming up. Some people have a small
understanding of what it means, but what do you think is lacking in the understanding
of this issue? I think pretty much everything
because, I mean, we know that something is wrong,
that the planet is warming because of increased
greenhouse gas emissions, and that might lead to– that the ice caps will melt, and the global temperature
will rise, and there will be more extreme
weather events and so on. But they-they don’t understand how severe
this crisis actually is, and it is because
they have not been informed. Um, I mean, we are right now
in the beginning of the sixth max–
mass extinction, and, uh, people don’t know
these things. Up to 200 species go extinct every single day, and, uh, people don’t even know that we have… For a 67% chance of limiting the global temperature rise
to 1.5 degrees, we had, on January 1, 2018, 420 gigatons of carbon dioxide
left to emit to stay within that target, and now we’re already down
to less than 360. If we continue at the same
emission level as now, we have less
than eight and a half years until that budget is gone according to the IPCC
from the SR15 report. And that is for a 67% chance. Wow. And, um… Wow. 67% chance, and we’re not even hitting
those targets. What do you think
people could do, and what do you think
governments should be doing? I think people should do…
should do everything, but I think right now, if I were to choose one thing
everyone would do, it would be to…
to inform yourself and to try to understand
the situation and try to-to push
for a political movement that doesn’t exist because the politics needed
to… to fix this -doesn’t exist today.
-Mm-hmm. Um, so, I think what
we should do as individuals is to use the power
of democracy that… to make our voices heard and to make sure that…
that the people in power actually cannot continue
to ignore this. That’s powerful. -(cheering and applause)
-Wow. Do you… Do you feel a difference
in the conversation traveling from Sweden to, um, America? Is-is there a different feeling
around climate change? Uh, I would say yes. Um, because, here, it’s… it feels like it is being
discussed as something you– whether you believe in
or not believe in. -(chuckling, applause)
-And, uh… where I come from, where I come from,
it’s more like… it’s a fact. -And…
-(cheering and applause) So then I-I have
to ask you this. You sail from Europe
to New York City. Um… New York City is, um, quite an assault on the senses, um, when you come
from anywhere else. What is the biggest thing
that has stuck out to you in New York City? Uh, I mean, just everything. All the impressions. Everything is so much,
so big, so loud. -And, uh…
-(laughter) people talk so loud here
as well. And, uh, because– when you are on that boat, when I was on that boat, there is nothing. There’s just the ocean and, uh, of course,
the sound of the waves crashing. -But that’s it.
-Mm-hmm. No-no smells. (laughter) -A-Apart from sweat, but…
-(chuckles) Right. So, I remember
the first thing I noticed when I… when I–
when we came into the harbor was I woke up and, suddenly, it smelled something. And, of course,
it-it was pollution. But it’s still something. And that… and that was… It was i… -undescribable, to…
-(laughter) to-to go
from this extreme environment. -You’re disconnected from
everything and everyone. -Right. You only have yourself
and the ocean and the boat, of course, um, to New York. That is a-an accurate
and brilliant description of New York. It is undescribable
and it smells. (laughter, applause) -Yeah.
-I think that is fantastic. -(cheering and applause)
-I’m excited for your journey. I can’t wait to see
what else you’re gonna do. -Thank you for making time
for us. -Thank you. The next global climate strike
will be on Friday, September 20. To find or register
your local strike, go to Greta Thunberg, everybody.

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    The madness (and autism) is right in the title. And the thumbnail speaks volumes. Especially if you can read body language.

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    This issue is something in you beLIEve or not all OVERSEAS! Regars from Spain…

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    ..someday the Demo-rats will figured out a scientific formula to make baby kittens talk about their fake news agendas…


  • Great idea! And easily implemented by the DEVELOPED world, aka less then 20% of the globe. What about developing countries? Africa for instance, or Asia. How are they going to implement this extremely expensive revamp with zero infrastructure to support old technology to begin with? So we are supposed to tell them hey starve and be poor for the next 50 to 100 years so we can implement these changes. And maybe one day when it will be cheap like todays mainstream technology you can continue develop and be like Sweden one day. Super idea. Very great. You want a example of white supremacy. This little bitch is the poster girl for it.
    P.S. the only way to change the world is for the Western world to start colonizing and taking over developing countries. So yeah lets create a Global Empire on western values and trump all the rest so little Greta here wont bitch about living in Sweden.

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  • You can't take stand against Climate change… Climate change is imminent and there is nothing humans can do about it. It's just the earth's cycle and the natural pole shift happening every 500 years or so.

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  • I think the media value of this child has been higher than the environmental protection activities themselves, he has not done anything directly related to environmental protection, but it has been highly touted by the media.I know a Dutch boy of the same age who invented a very cheap and easy to use marine garbage collection system, and there seems to be little media attention for him, and no one invited him to the United Nations.

  • Honestly, I don't think she should be on this programm. I like her very much. But there should not be so much pressure on one 16 year old girl. I think it was great she spread her message in the original video. Bu why doesn't Trevor have an actually climate scientist on his programm instead of a young girl?

  • Honestly I don't even think that Climate Change is entirely to blame on humans. The climate has shifted from cold to warm to cold to warm again and again in the long history our planet has. There's oil on the North Pole, how do you think that ended up there? Because it once wasn't filled with ice. Sure animals die out and that's all extremely sad, I agree. But look through our history: Mammoths, Whooly Rhino's, for God sake Dinosaurs. Many creatures have died out and many will, because climate will never stop changing. Did we affect it? Yeah probably. We probably sped up the process of warming up the earth, but in thousands of years when even the youngest of us are long gone, it will turn around again.

    I'm more worried about what we do with the animals while they aren't extinct. The Amazon burning, the killing of wolves in Belgium and The Netherlands. The hunting down of majestic animals by silly dentists that proudly pose with the corpses. That is what we need to work on. Those are the problems we are 100% fully responsible for. Our society created the monsters like Bolzonaro, Walter Palmer, Trump. Those people that don't care about all the lives that are ruined but only think about their own pleasure or about money.

    Dear Greta, you are an inspiration and your determination is admirable, but you are fighting for the wrong cause. Climate Change is unavoidable, no matter what anyone tells you. Things will change in the world in our livetime but that's life! We can do things like stop using the plane or take a walk for once, but it's taking extreme proportions and it has to stop. I hope you can find happiness in your live and that you can find goals that are not only reachable but also useful.

  • She certainly didn't go to Trump University. In America we have young people like her, but they are mocked and put down ,because they want a future. Example. March For Our Lives.

  • The Native American tribes, the indigenous people from Mexico and all over the world have told you people this before these white peoples decided it was an issue!!!! Our people have been living naturally before there was even a global warning of extinctions, but they decided to continue with their foolishness as they still do!

  • Greta I love your noble deed, and will support you! It was about time that somebody told the politics of this world the truth!

  • I love how Trevor talks to her as an equal, that’s probably because both of them have about the same mental maturity.

  • I can believe that Ney York smells bad. When I visited Austin the air felt so thick and almost ”spicy” compared to our air here in Sweden.

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  • My conclusions from her speech:
    1. In order to stop pollution I offer to do something, like not really do something, but just to talk and stuff..
    2. I came here on yacht not to pollute the air, but my crew members had to go back and forth on a plane to get my ass back to Europe..
    3. I come from a country that borrows trash from Norway to recycle, because it recycled all of its own litter and I am still dying from pollution!!!

    Girl, come to Ukraine and you will see some real life:)

  • Why do you think young people are so focused on climate change now?:

    Me (a 16 yr old "young person": because they are being manipulated by liberal media…

  • ther was a young girl from nantucket who told donald trump he could suck it and later that day when it weht on e-bay some guy paid 3000 dollars for her bucket   lol

  • Age doesn’t define your intelligence it’s crazy how much time we don’t pay attention to the damage we have done to this planet (guilty)

  • i really love this girl, she is right , and she comes up direct to the people….she can very good articulate herself…
    Thumps up Greta !

  • Enough with this bullshit Greta. Go to China and preach. Go to India and try to explain to them the climate change problem. It’s not western world that is backwards with emission and pollution.
    Go ahead – show us what you got.
    Hey Trevor – how is South Africa tackling end of the world? Elon has to get away from there to start an electric car revolution. So shut the f up. You both got nothing. Start talking when developing country wants to forgo the oil. You think US is gonna be main cause of air quality in 20 years? Cos’ I see Chinese people wearing masks already.

  • She cares a lot about her short life on this planet but does she care about her resurrection and the judgment day..? I guess not because shes Swedish atheist troll just like most of them!

  • Show facts please… its obvious that she is just being used.. for sure she knows the questions before hand… throw in some un-scripted questions and lets see how she handles it.,..

  • I like her I like wat she is about which she could go to Jamaica 🇯🇲 an help us stop them from mining out our cockpit country.

  • If you told me a few years ago that a teenager would fight to protect the environment and grown ass adults would laugh at her, I would never believe it. It sounds like the plot of one of those weird, old german folk tales.

  • I would like to know why Greta does not say anything about the Venezuelan oil spill on Brazilian coast that occurred this week. Dozens of beaches were contaminated and seabirds and turtles are dying. Maybe because it is not a political topic?

  • I don’t inspired from this teen for any reason. Because it seems like her intention is different and shady.
    The stunt she pulled on sailing the Atlantic was full of waste. That yacht has been taken back by team of technicians who travelled through plane.

    If she really thinks about minimising carbon footprint, why didn’t she and her parents just travel economy seats on plane ?

    Actually, many countries including America are thinking all the REAL means that could prevent tons of carbon being emitted into the atmosphere.

    So, stop being puppets for these kinds of people and start saving atmosphere by using modern technologies such as LED bulbs, front load washing machines, solar panels and of-course tesla cars.

  • Advance the interests of liberals who have all been confined to the issue of overpopulation of the planet-the"superfluous men" if it is easier. This is an attempt to provoke "ecological genocide" among the countries, as they say "third world"… Yes, like of which mankind has not seen in its history. Tell Greta how much CO2 is emitted by active volcanoes, about cycles of solar activity, about ice ages on the planet…look and calm down the child…

  • Meanwhile 3d world countries are the biggest gross polluters on the planet..go over there little truant from school girl and yell at them as to why they are shitting on the planet. No amount of money will change anything except for a few politicians bank accounts. Look up the biggest gross polluters…greta…before you bitch at developed countries.

  • Someone is behind this girl innocent, you can't stop the progression on technology but they have an agenda creating for Climate change project for what? Research on it they wanted a political goal on these thing.

  • The girl is a clown. No real solutions, just aggressive comments. It's like here in the Balkans. Only talking, no real actions. A frined of mine created an initiative and planted more the 1 million threes, but nobody talks about him. This girl talks trash and digs for popularity and everybody is mesmerized by her. How stupid man can be?!

  • 💗love and so much respect for you Greta. Growing up with a dad that wouldn't stop smoking because he decided it was to late that it wouldn't fix anything so why stop. Seeing him go to Dr. after Dr. and knowing as a child that he wasn't going to stop. Deciding to give up not only effects you but the children who are watching. I guess what I mean is she is so brave and incredibly fights through so much just to keep trying to show us it's not to late. It shouldn't make us feel like giving up or that it's already done. We can still try. We shouldn't just get scared we should fight this for our children and our home. Thank you Greta🤘❤

  • She is such a retard. She has not a single clue about the environment nor will she ever. She's just doing a she is told and what she was trained to do and say

  • Inspiring others to stand against climate change, which has been happening long before humans and industry existed, and much more extremely. Up to 200 species go extinct every day? Give me a break!

  • OMG.. the crew had to fly to make the trip possible… this is all a hoax…. if she just flew it would have been better for the environment…

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