Farmers: Trump’s Trade War Leaves Industry ‘Worse, Not Better’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Farmers: Trump’s Trade War Leaves Industry ‘Worse, Not Better’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Farmers: Trump’s Trade War Leaves Industry ‘Worse, Not Better’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  • What is trully sad is that farmers are paying a price for Trump's incompetence. In the end, large corporations will take over the family farms.

  • Brazil is burning forest to make ready to take most of America's market share lost in the trade war. Farmers will never get their full market share back!

  • Farmers: "About 34 of us…..meanwhile all the Blacks and all the Latinos will be voting Trump"
    Trump in a landslide baby… —The Farmers

  • Obama told these farmers a long time ago.
    He said how do you expect a man who has never been part of your life to look out for you? To expect him to do that for you is foolish. Am paraphrasing but this is what Obama said when he was companying for Hillary.

    Also Jeb Bush told you all that Trump a chaotic President..
    You all heard this.

    Hillary said they will be deportation vehicles for people.
    See what happened in Mississippi.

    Now they are even deporting sick kids ???

  • Although he's the world's BIGGEST And BEST LIER


    Did say he was going to run and do for AMERICA

    What he did to and for his BUSINESSESS

    So now that he's Bankrupting the Farmers


  • 71% of farmers liking Trump is actually a bad number & nothing to brag about. When 95% of them typically vote republican automatically.

  • Farmers have all said “they’ll ride it out with Trump” well, they’ll soon be homeless, while Trump eats copious amount of burgers & drinks himself to Coca Cola heaven🤣😂

  • The economy is better then ever. As more stores close then ever.

    If not for all the big stock buy backs.
    The economy stats would reflect reality.

  • One of Trump's biggest donors is Blackstone. Blackstone is in the agricultural business and has a huge investmen in Brazil developing roads and clearing land for soybeans and other agricultural products. Does any of this sound fishy? A major Trump donor stands to profits immensely from a USA trade war with China. I wonder if Trump owns stock or somehow stands to benefit from his buddies investment in Brazil.

  • Regardless if farmers voted Trump in, I feel so sorry for them , for being fooled and continues to cause them damage and loss. Let’s hope they rethink working against themselves. Future decades of loss and for what? It feels like when the farmers lose we all do. But, if they don’t became aware what can anyone do for them? Nothing like an old fool.

  • The farmers should have done their research! They listen to Trump but he lies! He was not a great business man! He lost millions his father gave him before he died and lost what he left behind for him upon his death! He had casinos that failed and refused refused to pay his bills he was a crook! He filed bankruptcy 6 times, that speaks volume about his business acumen! On the other hand all these farmers thought about was making China pay more. They let their greed for more money overpower them.

  • The newest total of Trump's lies are up to 12,206 ………… 62 at one rally alone!!!!!  He will say or do anything, no morals here , anything goes.

  • Even if Trump's Trade War finally ends, some of this business is never coming back. Other countries like Brazil and Australia that filled the gap won't lose all of that market share.

  • US farmers proving to the world just how stupid Americans can be …… stubbornly supporting the guy who is running them out of business. Too dumb for words.

  • Hrs trying to improve the country, not 1 small set of workers. Find new work. Diversify and stop blaming your problems on someone else.

  • Sad. The farmers have been bamboozled and fooled by Trump. Hope they and everyone else that either blindly votes REpublican or turned a blind eye to Trump's behavior and past learned the lesson. The farmer's story is a tragic example of folks only knowing Trump is bad bad news until it effects their pocketbook. Bet they would vote for him again if they weren't having financial trouble, which is obviously linked to Trump.

  • Sad to see a great country implode. Sounds like the rot of autocracy is filtering through. When we needed stability, we got hypersupremacist pushing their agendas…and the earth NOW mourns.

  • Trump has filed bankruptcy 6 times. I'm sure Trump thinks farmers can do the same thing. He thinks bankruptcy is a business strategy. He's trying to buy back votes. Once he gets the farmers votes he will forget all about them.

  • Mr. Farmer, stop selling your farm produce to China, least you franerbeen a traitor to Americans. Selling to China is like selling Americans blood to commie. Long live Americans. Down with American farmer's for supporting communist regime.

  • Sell American soybeans to Israel our closest friend. I am sure they can help us out considering USA gives them billions of dollars for nothing and support them even though they commit crimes against humanity. Why don't Israel help the U.S.? Where are you when we need a friend?

  • America is winning. Besides China has been stealing jobs and money from USA for decades. So why not shut down the biggest market in the world from American businesses? We can eat our own soybeans and corn. Soy veggie burger anyone? We don't need China, we don't even need their money. We'll just make everything here and raise prices 400%. Tired of winning yet?

  • Farmers should have gone to Trump U. and learned how to sell their real estate in the greatest economy in history.

  • Senator Lindsey Graham has the best advice for MAGA farmers. STFU and accept the pain. MAGA farmers lost over 20 Billion Dollars in sales to China , are you guys tired of winning yet?

  • any farmer who goes under wont get pennies on the dollar for his equipment and whatever he has to auction off,and whos going to have the money to buy it?troubling times for all Americans,the farmers make food on our tables possible.any farmer who votes for trump again deserves whatever happens to them.its easy to fall for a seasoned conman onces,but twice makes you the dim bulb.

  • This is why republicans are stupid. Party over their livelihoods lol. You can’t respect stupidity, GOP full of stupid.

  • All Trump's farmer supporters need to commit a massive suicide as the ultimate sacrifice to their god of trade.

  • By framing Democrats as socialists who would take away their lands, Trump had enjoyed the American farmers’ frenzy support to make himself the 45th president of the US! But such delusional imagination of the US farmers has gradually unfolded into the world of Trump’s lies. The damages from their mistakes made for themselves will take years to recover.

  • Do not worry. Our pound shop Trump called Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, will give Trump a "massive" trade deal with agriculture on the table. And that would ruin the UK farmers who have still high EU standards.

  • Russian (agent Orange 45) has a plan, once he bankrupt this country, he will simply go to Russia for loans😊 you see how easy that is😳 you people worry too much !!

  • The only way Farmers will understand what's going on, if they use camera tricks, like special effects to make Trump look like a Black or Mexican man !!

  • Farmers will lose everything; homes, land and business because of Drmpf, and yet still vote for him again because they like the way he runs the country. He still has their support. He could shoot someone on 5th Ave and not lose a voter, He could ruin the trade markets and farmers livelihood and still not lose a voter; yep, he was right. You reap what you sow, idiots! Sucks to be you!

  • Farmers will be broke but trump will have filled his pockets and the one of his family….farmers will eat nothing but Melania will buy new design clothes…

  • These farmers still vote for the GOP n mr trump. How stupid people can get? I am sorry for the hard word but I couldn’t think a better word for these farmers.

  • When did Rural Farmers fall in LOVE with "Billionaire" New York Real Estate "Moguls"??? Why would a Big City Million/Billionaire love or even care to think about them?

  • So ?. If trump looses 2020 elections " which it seems close". Who is going to bailout these farmers? Those Republicans do care about farmers going banck rup.?

  • Farmers will continue to vote for Trump cause he gives em subsidies and kickbacks that's why. All that fake news about farmers hurting is just not true.

  • We have been getting ripped of by China for years and it needs to stop, look at the long term, of course it will hurt a little now but the end game we will be much better off, stop looking for the easy way out for now

  • Farmers should learn a good lesion. If you already satisfy what you have you should not change the president and the party in the house.

  • I heard a joke made by trump's guy the other day, he said "what do you call two farmers in a basement? A whine cellar!" Then laughed in all the farmers faces who were in attendance!? This happened and they booed him after a few initial giggles, which I'm pretty sure wasn't from any farmers! And most of them still support this administration???? Well I guess having a "self proclaimed nationalist" as POTUS is more important than preserving your children's future's??!! Smh

  • Who cares! You guys voted for this monster in office. Why on earth are we giving Trump voters welfare? Aren’t you guys against that?

  • Farmers should stand by Trump against China's greed and opportunism. China is hurting twice more than America at least, China has been screwing America for 3 decades, and it is time to stop this stupidity.

  • The farmers are receiving 16 billion dollars of socialist welfare subsidies from the government. I don't know what they are whining about. Regular working class citizens can't receive money like this.

  • 👋 👋 trump get out so we the peoples can decide who we want for this big job so far no relief in
    sight so wasteland welcomed h
    e dont ❤ so have fun ✌ out

  • Its not china who has troubles trusting Trump, its the whole world who has trouble trusting China. It's all a ploy of China, first they say go through the WTO, but the problem is that China already places itself above international organizations, and donald trump sees through China's ploy to buy time while escalating their technology transfer. Case in point, China just rejected the ruling made in 2016 regarding the south china sea. Link is below
    By the way by the end of this year every company doing business in China is mandated to install video cameras so the Chinese can overtly COPY every single thing. GET OUT while you can!!!! There are no bridges to be formed with China. Any politician who supports the anti china rhetoric is doing the right thing, regardless of whether its Trump or not.
    As for agri sales, anyone forgot that Japan just opened its agricultural market to US???

  • Looks like that white rural vote only likes socialism when it bails out their farms from being liquidated by the banks. Trump sold you fools out to the banks no doubt about it, they lent you loans on equipment that costs over $300-500K and now they are coming for the collateral after using the stooge in office to orchestrate the tariff war.

  • 71% of farmers still want to vote for dump. Farmers are NOT independent. They just think they are. And that's plain stupid. Farmers are as interdependent as everyone else. That's all. 

    Let me ask you, if I'm the citizen of a country which does not grow enough to feed itself, how can I trust the American farmer with food security of my country? The next time some crackpot President says, "don't sell to XYZ, I'll give you money to not plough your fields" how do I know you won't jump at the opportunity and thus threaten my fellow citizens with hunger?


  • The problem the world fails to recognize is that they are destroying land from over fertilization. Not only that, it's now well established that one acre of hydroponics can produce far more per acre and is far more profitable than conventional farming methods. Apparently according to University of Florida research, an average acre of traditionally farmed land will earn a farmer between $20,000 and $30,000 per year. An average acre of hydroponically grown crops will earn between $200,000 and $250,000 per year. If farmers seriously want to stay profitable, they need to be using the most advanced farming technology available. i.e. Closed Loop Hydroponics.

  • People Trump thinks ur stupid…Trump is trying to get everybody to not trade I internationally but I bet he's continuing to do trade and business secretly with our governments money

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