Discover Rotorua, New Zealand || Geothermal Pools + Redwood Forest

Discover Rotorua, New Zealand || Geothermal Pools + Redwood Forest

Good morning, guys, how are we doing today today? We’re heading to Rotorua Rotorua is known for its sulfurous geysers and thermal baths There are also a lot of places where you can take baths So if you’re into that kinda thing there is a lot and there are beautiful Majestic redwood forests as well and a ton of beautiful lakes in the area. We’ll see you when I get there One of the viewpoints for Lake Rotorua and I just found out it is the second largest lake in New Zealand And it was formed from a volcanic crater. I did not know that until just right now The color is sort of like a milky white-ish And there’s like really rough sand around the area It’s really cool We have stopped at a Tunisian cuisine place for lunch and I’m really excited cuz I’m super hungry after that walk and We ordered some lamb and chicken kebabs. I Got the lamp one with the garlic What kind of yogurt? for the yogurt sauce spicy chilli and in a berber Garlic We’ve made it to Wai O Tapu The thermal wonderland So there’s about 23 different points of interest that you can explore here The ticket to enter was 30 NZD no 32 maybe let’s go check it out. Okay Let me see what it looks like this is the rainbow crater Oh Smells like doodoo here smells like rotten eggs 98 degree don’t drop my camera So just arrived at the highlight of this place and it is called artist palette and it really does look like an artist palette there’s so many beautiful colors It’s really cool because you get this like hot wave of rotten egg smell and wind from the thermal pools But you also get like a cool breeze from the regular wind. So it’s like the strange like sweet and salty Mixture but warm and hot I don’t know It’s hot as balls and I’m so Tired. I feel like I’m getting a heatstroke. The last time I felt this hot was maybe in Thailand But we’re at the pretty much the last stop in this place and there’s this like neon green colored pool It’s called the devil’s bath. Let me show you this is so cool. It looks it looks like a toxic waste dump So this is our final stop of the day in the woods and it’s so beautiful here So with the redwood forest behind me I will say bye here stay tuned hit the like button and subscribe if it’s your first time here Sending you lots of love from the redwood forest of New Zealand

11 thoughts on “Discover Rotorua, New Zealand || Geothermal Pools + Redwood Forest

  • Hi guys! this is the LAST episode of the New Zealand Road Trip series. Unfortunately this time around, we aren't able to explore the south island, but not to worry, I'm sure if it's meant to be the universe will send me back to NZ in the future!😝 Less than a month till Indonesia!

  • Lamb and chickie kebab 😛 yashhh
    I really like the names around nz – wai o tapu (its like tofu lol) –
    Its hot as balls… LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Wow the devils bath! Dont wanna be swimming there haha,

    Redwood forest seems great for cinematic

  • Aaahhh ! You ,guys just missed floatchella there this weekend!! Loved the video lol but asoon as you said Rotorua, that sulphur smell hit me😂

  • When you said “Rotorua is know for…”
    I said
    “…Smelling like fart” 😂

    Despite the smell there’s a lot of good spots there with a lot of interesting history.

  • Toxic waste dump?? How untactful. You could have compared it to pea soup or even radiator coolant. Just yanking your chain. That was a novel observation.

  • woaaa so many gorgeous spots! I loved when you said "it smells like doodoo here!" totally made me laugh out loud.

    omg you're hilarious.. "more like the hulks bath" giiirl, you're making my afternoon just JOYOUS! Oh! and those redwoods def remind me of our home California Redwoods<3

  • The red wood forest is so pretty. Geothermal pools have that weird effect, pretty to look at but the smell and breeze is something else.

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