“Easy Instructions to Paint Evergreen Trees” Pt 1 Oil

Painting With Yovette, “How to Paint Evergreen Trees”. Pt 1, Oil Well, welcome back to My Magic Brushes. My name is Yovette, and today I’m going to show you how to do evergreen trees. Okay to begin, this is a recycled canvas because I don’t like to waste things, and as you can see I’ve […]

Protect and Clothe

(upbeat music) When I was young, it was instilled in me that people should do something bigger than themselves and serve others. The military was a great avenue to get out of Raymondville, Texas, for a little while, travel the world, meet new people, get an education, and to be able to come back and […]

Salmon carcasses promote tree growth in 20 year study

For 25 or so years I’ve been studying a particular stream very closely counting the salmon that spawn and die. Hanson Creek is about two kilometers long so about a mile and a half long. It’s about 12 feet wide and four or five inches deep. And in order to avoid counting the same salmon […]

How to Get Citrus Trees to Bear Fruit

♪ [music] ♪ – [Beverly] Hi, welcome to The Arbor Gate. I’m Beverly Welch here with my dear friend, Angela Chandler… – [Angela] Good morning. – …of the Garden Academy. She is our partner in education. – We are partners in education. – So, we’re here today to talk to you about these beautiful fruit […]

Mr didi Checking the Christmas tree 【round 2】

Here’s the Christmas tree made recently… Hmm..have to get into it to know if it works or not… Ooppss it’s too light, topple over with just a single bump… It seems it suit to be my cot too… Working so hard, Will be rewarded some mealworms later… Mum should have seen I am working hard… […]

How To Grafting Mango Fruit Tree | Benefit of Grafting Mango

Step 1: Cut the rootstock like this This is scion where i will graft from adult tree and different varieties with the rootstock Step 2: Slice the bark on the rootstock like this Step 3: Slice the scion like this Be careful with your knife Step 4: Paste the scion on the rootstock and tie […]

Spray Gun Nozzles for Power sprayer for Agriculture

This Spray Gun Nozzle useful for Spray Pesticides Use in Various crops Like Sugarcane, Mango and Other You can Choose various types of Nozzles for your use Set Spray Capacity from lever It is working with Pressure Pumps only For long range sprayer you can use this Spray Gun in Agriculture For heavy usage in […]