Gig Log #003 Forerunner Entertainment: The Orchard Event Venue, DJ Tips for a wedding

(“Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins plays) What’s up guys!? DJ Jeff here from Forerunner Entertainment and today we’re heading all the way down yonder to a little place called Azle, Texas. Out there is an awesome venue called “The Orchard”. So The Orchard is one of my favorite places in all of DFW and the […]

Koh Samui Thailand Bike Tour – Secret Beaches Away From It All – Deep Progressive House 2019

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main Island Road Somewhere off the main island road Lamai Beach Maret Region These roads can be very steep sometimes at an angle of 30 degrees. Worse coming down so watch out. Make sure your breaks are good. To a secluded beach at by the Lamai Bay […]

Agro-tourism in Phukhieo, Chaiyaphum, Thailand

What’s heppening with the car? I don’t know. What we should do? Let’s get off the car and look. Alright, let’s look Excuse me. Is there any garage nearby? What happened with your car? I don’t know either.

LBCCD – Board of Trustees Meeting – April 27, 2018

I like to call to order the meeting of the Board of Trustees for Long Beach Community College District for April 24 2018 Madam Secretary please call the roll jenny baxter jeff kellogg here vivian mallalieu here doug otto here it’s an easy ax here Thank You Adam 1.3 public comments on closed session items […]

The Iron Orchard features local ASU student

then adapt it for ourselves” AND WITH EVERYTHING THAT IS LEARNED THE GOAL IS TO BECOME ONE STEP CLOSER IN ENDING HUNGER ACROSS THE STATE OF TEXAS(Mary Herbert-Regional Director, Texas Hunger Initiative)”we’re all in the fight against hunger, there’s plenty of food in the state of Texas and it’s just a matter of distribution so […]

In the orchard today, Ep 23; Shells

This is the shell that we produce every day, well.. . almost every day during the week. A lot of people use this for Landscaping mulch and it’s really good as a driveway ground cover for dust control and stuff like that. You can see we’ve got it all around us here. We have a […]

Travel with Scenic | Explore a continent of colour and vibrancy

Let Scenic take you on an unforgettable journey to discover the adventure and uniqueness of South America. From the long lost civilisations of Peru, to the colour and vibrancy of Buenos Aires and Rio, and the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon River, Iguazu Falls, and Patagonia. You will be astounded by the […]


I’m in a pickle and it’s all for you! Today is one of my most favourite days at the cottage. I get to make Bread and Butter Pickles. Now, I’m all for heading to my favourite grocery store and picking up a jar of prepared pickles but every once in a while you want that […]