Người rừng – Tập 51 – Primitive people live in a wild forest – Live like wild animals in the forest

It’s so delicous Long time no fruit – lâu ko được ăn quả rồi This one is delicious – quả này ngon quá

REMARKABLE GROWTH! Putin: Russia’s Agriculture Is A Driver Of The Russian Economy

Dear friends, Together with your colleagues standing here by my side, I would like to sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday – Agriculture and Processing Industry Workers’ Day. The labour of those working on land has always enjoyed and will enjoy a special respect in any country, and it has always been like that […]

Easy And Simple How To Air Layering Lime Tree

How to air layering lime tree by grafting examples 1 month later

“Easy Instructions to Paint Evergreen Trees” Pt 1 Oil

Painting With Yovette, “How to Paint Evergreen Trees”. Pt 1, Oil Well, welcome back to My Magic Brushes. My name is Yovette, and today I’m going to show you how to do evergreen trees. Okay to begin, this is a recycled canvas because I don’t like to waste things, and as you can see I’ve […]

Protect and Clothe

(upbeat music) When I was young, it was instilled in me that people should do something bigger than themselves and serve others. The military was a great avenue to get out of Raymondville, Texas, for a little while, travel the world, meet new people, get an education, and to be able to come back and […]

Potassium chlorate and sugar initiated by Conc. Sulfuric acid

Warning All content here meant to be Educational None of the above experiment should be repeated on your own. Welcome to C For Chemistry Potassium chlorate and sugar react exothermically due to Potassium chlorate oxidizing nature, and high energy value in sugar. They are stable at Room Temperature Pressure but a little activation energy is […]

Salmon carcasses promote tree growth in 20 year study

For 25 or so years I’ve been studying a particular stream very closely counting the salmon that spawn and die. Hanson Creek is about two kilometers long so about a mile and a half long. It’s about 12 feet wide and four or five inches deep. And in order to avoid counting the same salmon […]