🤔WRONG COLOR? ENTIRE New HOUSE PAINT REVEAL | Large Family Fixer Upper Empty House Tour!

🤔WRONG COLOR? ENTIRE New HOUSE PAINT REVEAL | Large Family Fixer Upper Empty House Tour!

(mellow music) – Okay friends, I know
I’m gonna have to register a trademark of this hat because this whole week
that we’ve been moving, I have made all my videos
with me in this hat. Anyway, I can’t believe it. So, the painting is done at the house, the kitchen painting is
done, all, basically, all this wonderful interior painting. Exterior painting needs to happen too, but we’re trying to
get, like, moved in now. We’ve owned this house for five days, we’ve been moving for seven days, we still have not slept here. None of our stuff is unpacked because we’ve had wonderful contractors that are helping us out big time. So today is the first day. Now, our contractor does have to come back and he’s gonna paint the
basement stairwell for us. But today they got my cabinets back on and they got the interior
of the garage painted. But they have done a big list
over these last five days. And they’ve done more cleaning
than I have so far here. They cleaned up all their messes, cleaned their way out. I, just a few minutes ago, started to put cleaning
spray on the kitchen counter and I thought, “I better
do a tour of this house “before I do anything else,” so you can really see the changes. Hey sweetie, did you see the kitties? We brought our kitties over last night. – [Child] Except for one of them. – One, yeah, Daddy’s still
looking, Daddy will get him. That’s Travis’s ninth child, we say, that cat loves him, anyway. So here’s a house tour
of what it is so far before we move any furniture in and before I do a deep mama cleaning, which I’m getting ready to do now. But here, let’s do this. So here is the foyer. Yesterday at Lowe’s I got,
I’ll show you the beautiful, I just love this light. This is gonna be the light in the foyer. Those are like little rocks. Kinda reminded me of
seashells or so but, anyway, it’s gonna go up there. It’s gonna be beautiful, foyer area. No major plans in here yet
because I wanna get moved in. Then this is, ta da! Our living room. This is furniture the
previous owners left. There is a really cool,
like, red velvet chair. My mom was telling me how I
can clean it and stain it. See, I haven’t even dusted. This is, like, paint dust and stuff. A couch, that we’re gonna get rid off. The bench goes with the organ, Zion has a plan with the organ, so we’ll clean that up and keep it. I don’t know if it’ll always live. This is where we it was setted. Don’t know where it’ll live permanently, but hey, I got a basement. So there’s all kinds of room and Zion has his own room, yay! But, anyway, see how beautiful? Now, if you haven’t,
look talking ahead here, if you haven’t seen my “before” video, the walls were digi white, and all the trim in the whole
house was an olive green. So here we are, you can tell I want the
beautiful gray color. It’s, I can’t tell you
the color name right now. I think it was called classic
silver, Sherwin Williams. I’ll have to double check
that for you, though. Anyway, furniture pile
will be disappearing. Right now, the only light in here is this lamp that they left us, but I’m super excited with how
that fireplace mantel looks, ’cause one of the things I
loved with our forest house was the fireplace we never
used, but it was still pretty. And I love the mantel, so I
still get to have one, yay! Hope that color shows up
and then all the ceilings of the whole house, lovely white, then glory of glories. This window is gonna be big
bucks to replace, it’s original. So, 60-year-old window. One of the things the
contractor did, though, was go through and do some
caulking and sealing for us. But you can kinda see some
of the colors on the exterior are, like, just a yellowy tan color. So exterior painting’s a-coming. You can see we’ve got
a whole bunch of trees, whole bunch, yard stuff and the van. But we’re super excited. Our spring project will be to paint. But I do like how, on the
front porch, is the arches. Liam’s playing around,
they’ve been getting the kitties used to everything. I’m just excited to have plants in here. So, yes, living room, back into the foyer. Now the hallway, the light is out. I tried to change the light bulb, and then the metal part
stayed in the socket. So hello, Mr. Electrician. But I got one of these, just one of these LED lights for the hall. Then, the other LED light is
gonna be for Zion’s bedroom. I guess I’ll show you
my lights real quick. That cool stained-glass
light I got for the kitchen. And then this beautiful, beautiful thing, let’s see, I guess this
is the best picture, that’s gonna be the
light by our front door. I just love it. My last few houses, I’ve
done a lot of black accents, this house I wanna do a lot of brown. So, and then I got us, this is just, like, a big LED
light for the living room. Yes, okay, so, and I need to get another switch plate for that. But that’s why there’s
no light in this hallway, but I will show you, we got
all new silver doorknobs. I figured the contractors were taking the hardware off and on, might as well have it,
replace it with new. There you go, the only
little mishap, as you see, this closet has a lock. And so, you know, I bought out all that the little local hardware store had and I guess I didn’t buy enough, like, just closet doorknobs. But anyway, another
nice, big, look, shelves. So many, so many wonderful things. And then these closets. Kids already knocked these
off the tracks last night. They were running around playing. Big empty-house fun. But looks like the contractors,
they were done this morning. They fixed those for us. Hallway, so this is like the bedroom wing. Here’s one bedroom. So we’ll have two loft beds in here and then, as you can see, I did not think far with the color. Anyway, here’s another closet. These are nice, big closets. I know I could’ve, with the color, I was thinking through, having a palette, having certain rooms be certain colors, but I also knew, and if you,
oh yeah, 1960s bathroom. So this is it, nothing’s
changed in here, except, now, let’s see, I better do my, stay on my train of thought here. So, attempting to stay
on my train of thought, I’ll tell you about the bathroom next. I was thinking about picking some grays, I mean, some tans or some other shades that went well with this bluish gray. It got a little overwhelming with everything else I was juggling and I thought, “You know what? “The paint looked so awful, originally. “If I just had the whole thing painted “this wonderful base
color and everything else, “all the trim and ceilings, bright white, “it’s gonna look 1000 times better.” And I think it does. So the bathrooms will be a
project for another time, but they did paint the
window trim in there for me. They went ahead and got the walls at least this gray color on it, painted the closet, the doors. And so, those things are at least fresh. Then I’m gonna clean this bad boy later, and get it, like, set up
and functional for use. And then again, projects to come, us redoing these 1960s
bathrooms in the near future. Whoop! But then, let’s see, I could
turn a light on in here for us. Yay! So there we got pink and gray. Pink and gray, let’s see, focus. But, like, this closet,
it’s a nice closet. It looked scary before. But now, everything in
here is at least fresh. And then you can see,
like, the door, new knob, you know, everything new’s replaced. So, got some things off the list. Then here, we have another bedroom. This is a mattress and some curtains and odds and ends that were left. Paint cans, but I need those,
anyway, to say, but, yeah. So here, this is the room,
we’re gonna do two loft beds. Loft bed here, loft bed here. And then, for the littler boys, we’re gonna do a cute mini bunk bed here. Love how big these windows are. Anyway, so here’s the boys’ closet. Again, nice and deep, freshly painted. Goes way up. (light switch clicks) A little more light. So, we could do another pole here, which would be a good idea that way. Littler boys could have their clothes, and I think in this house,
I’m gonna do a lot of things on hangers, and
not as much folding, since we have closets. Everyone will just have their closet area. So this is the master bedroom. Ha-ha, but that’s okay. ‘Cause, as I joke, we
don’t also have to have it be a living room. So we’ll have our bed here. We have another couch I
think can fit in here. And then, here, my closet
is all painted in white. (light switch clicks) Yep. And our painter was smart, he said he didn’t wanna paint the poles or anything in here for us because, obviously, they chip
all the time with the hangers. So, yay. And then, in here, super
excited, family room. Probably hear kids
calling in the basement. And then, the kitchen. Glory of glories. So I’ve mentioned I’ve always wanted that pressed metal backsplash. And, okay, and this light’s going too, by the way, that kitchen light. I’ve always wanted a
pressed metal backsplash. I know they’re not,
like, the super hot thing in kitchen design right
now, but that’s okay. I picked it up, my
contractor got that up too. Yesterday at Lowe’s, I
ordered a new stove top, mini RV oven, a new microwave that’ll probably have to fit there. And I’ll just use that
microwave hold for, like, pots and pans storage. Refrigerator’s coming,
dishwasher’s coming. They did get, I got this. This is a Delta faucet. And I just, I love it. I loved the one at the other house and how it detached, it’s super for pots. The sink is another story,
but that’s okay for today. So I just sprayed the
counters, it’s drying. But I decided to do a video. And then the contractor
told me they ran out, I got 20 of these knobs, I just wasn’t sure, ’cause
when I bought the knobs, I’d hardly been in the house that much. So I’m gonna go back to Lowe’s, my new favorite store right now, and I will buy 10 more knobs, but I just love how these turned out. Love the color, love it all. Love it, love it, love it. I’m glad that we were able
to reuse this vent hood, I’m just gonna leave it. It’s still working,
still, you hear the fan. Yeah, but I got the light on right now. But, yay, and this stove is functional, it does work, so I’m gonna clean it and use it for a little bit. That’ll be interesting, huh? And we’re actually, we are
going to take out that cabinet so I can get a bigger fridge there. But here’s the kitchen, and
so, I need knobs for there. But these knobs, they sold in 10-packs, so I just need one more pack. And then this little building, let’s see if my camera will focus, there’s this, like, little
A-frame shed in the backyard. That is going to be my new chicken coop. So the door actually broke on it, that’s something else Travis has to fix. We’re bringing the chickens
tomorrow, and the dogs. We’ve been going back to
the other house every day, so don’t worry about that. We’ve been slowly, oh, there
goes Liam with a kitty. They’re showing Biscuits around the yard. Oh, and Daniel has Gravy. Anyway, so, chickens are gonna go there. And then, coming up, once
we’re settled and moved in, we will be table-shopping and I’ll probably get a couch
for along that wall too. And then, this is Zion’s room. And if you hadn’t heard me say it yet, the contractor built a wall there. This was the original dining room, but we needed a fourth bedroom. So this will be a great bedroom for Zion. Then, I already mentioned
we got him a new light so he doesn’t have to have chandelier. And then, something I
don’t think I’ve shown yet. This house, in some rooms,
it has little pocket doors. So, not that we’ll use it that much, but we got a little pocket door
there for the laundry room. And then these closets, I don’t have my cleaning stuff put away, so I have to clean the closets out. This is gonna be our next adventure, with our stackable washer-dryer,
I ordered those yesterday. Let’s see, I’m sure I have, do I have a light switch in here? I do. Okay, and I need to get
another switch cover there. But I was excited, I’ve
got 30 inches from the wall to the utility sink, and the stackable washer-dryer
I got was 27 inches. I was thinking, “Worst-case scenario,” and I know that installation
and stuff is a mess. Travis got what he needs to fix
all that, carrying on there. And he’s gonna put in a dryer
plug and all that stuff. Anyway, I was thinking,
“Worst-case scenario, “I would have to go down
to a smaller utility sink.” But I’m so excited to have one. And, anyway, I don’t have to
go down to a smaller one now. And then, in the garage, this is where they just painted the walls. Just a garage, and then
the old washer-dryer. So, the walls are at least painted. There’s the freezers and refrigerators we’ve gotta move around. Super excited, and then you can see, like, grubby door but we’ll hit that whenever we have the exterior painted. I’m really just trying to, like, it’s a beautiful exterior. I love a brick rambler. It just needs some paint
and then it’ll be all fresh. And then I get to do garden stuff and hostas, which I love,
all my plants again. That’s the thing about moving. I didn’t take, I got
one of my giant hostas, the rest went with the house that we sold. But like I said, it’s okay, ’cause we get to do it again this spring. It’ll be lots of fun. And I love how, now, we’re
not gonna use this wood stove. That was a little blower they had set up, so we definitely have to
take some things apart, but love how those shelves turned out. I went ahead yesterday, I did start placing some
little signs around, but these rooms here is
where we’re gonna live. Everything else is extra. Then, here’s the other bathroom. And so, you see, basement
door painted, yay. Here’s the other bathroom. Again with the pink tile, but that’s okay ’cause it
will at least be clean. Like I say, projects are a-coming. And then, if you go through here, you’re back in Mom and Dad’s room again. So I hope that you have enjoyed this freshly painted empty house tour. Now I’m gonna start cleaning, then I think, I made myself a list this morning like, “Okay.” I will say, it is wonderful, absolutely wonderful having
everything in the basement and not a pressure of, you know, just everything up under my armpits when I’m trying to clean and get settled. So I think the first
project I’m gonna start on, we have the hotel for one more night, so I still don’t think we’re
gonna sleep here tonight. I think tomorrow night will be our first official night here. But I think the first project, once I get everything cleaned today, I’m gonna start working
on clothing organization. And then from there, I’m going to, I guess whenever I need breaks from that, I’m gonna work on unpacking the kitchen and getting the bathroom set up. So if I get those things done
today, I will be thrilled. I’ve got, there’s a kid
knocking on the basement door, I’ll get used to that. So thanks for watching, I’ll talk to you in those comments below. Can’t wait to share more of
our fixer-upper adventure. (soft guitar music)

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