Ants vs Giant Millipedes

Greetings, AC Family. On this channel, we delve into the awesome and often shocking world of ants. But today’s video is just one of those videos that can be summed up in a four letter word – EPIC! AC Family, today I made the decision to take my chances and see what would happen if […]

Diamond and Silk – Liberty University Convocation

>>DIAMOND: Liberty University, make some noise. [AUDIENCE CHEERS]>>SILK: Yes!>>DIAMOND: First of all, we would like to say thank you to President Falwell, to all of the pastors, the student body. Thank you so much for the invite, we are so excited->>SILK: It’s amazing.>>DIAMOND: About being here. And it is amazing, Silk.>>SILK: It’s amazing. Yes.>>DIAMOND: It’s […]

Reconstruction and 1876: Crash Course US History #22

Episode 21: Reconstruction Hi, I’m John Green, this is Crash Course U.S. History and huzzah! The Civil War is over! The slaves are free! Huzzah! That one hit me in the head? It’s very dangerous, Crash Course. So when you say, “Don’t aim at a person,” that includes myself? The roller coaster only goes up […]